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sat1 12th Mar 2009 08:39

My guess is that keeping BAWC will have cost Servisair financially.Standby for some serious cost cutting measures.

lefturnout 12th Mar 2009 13:27

It was very, very close to it being your nightmare

Stanstedeye 13th Mar 2009 18:18

New Coach service to STN
From May 1st, First Essex are introducing an X40 route from Basildon which will run via Chelmsford to Stansted..
Vehicles for it will come from Colchester due to its X22 being reduced in frequency.

Capot 15th Mar 2009 00:07

Air Cargo News....

BAWC keeps Stansted as freighter base
13/03/2009 http://www.worldaircargoevents.com/i...Freighter1.jpg
FOLLOWING a tender process, British Airways World Cargo (BAWC) has chosen to continue operating its longhaul freighter programme from London Stansted.

During the evaluation procedure BAWC investigated a number of options, including a possible relocation to Kent International Airport (KIA). Up until only a few days ago sources within BAWC and oweners of KIA - Infratil - had told Air Cargo News that the move was almost finalised.

Jude Winstanley, BAWC's head of network and freighters, said: “After careful evaluation and taking into account a number of factors including the need to provide the best product for our customers, cost effectiveness, service quality and speed of connection, Stansted remains the most attractive longhaul freighter base for BA World Cargo and our customers.”

spirit of the age 15th Mar 2009 13:35

reference last post...Was'nt it one of their aircraft that got whacked at Stn?

GRIZZLER 15th Mar 2009 14:19

Spirit Of The Age
i think you will find it was a self inflicted wack........got all the way from hong kong ...but the last ten feet where a bit tricky.

is it just me.......or has anybody else noticed,that pilots are good in the air.....but as soon as they get onto a bit of cement they become instantly lost.

MUFC_fan 16th Mar 2009 14:13

I have been looking and to fly from LON to KUL it is not much different, sometimes cheaper to fly with other carriers such as EK and BA which offer a much better level of service.

Unless you can get one of the cheap flights then I would rather go with one of the other carriers if I am being honest.

FEROMAN 17th Mar 2009 07:01

Stansted to get new runway.........
Well not physically, but changing from 05-23 to 04-22 at the beginning of July 2009

daz211 19th Mar 2009 20:39

I hear [people] from a major US airline were taking a tour
around STN this morning, anyone know who it was ???

I was told it may have been US Airway but not sure :rolleyes:.

virgin_cc_wannabe 19th Mar 2009 22:02

Dont think it will be US airways.

They downgraded LGW to a B752 as part of the move to LHR, and in turn LHR has been downgraded from an A333 to a B762 due to lower than expected loads.

On top of that, the new daily service to BHX has been downgraded to 5Xweekly, and now MAN has the only UK-PHL A333 this year.

So, seems like US are struggling to fill planes as it is, so doubt that they would want to bring a new station online bearing that in mind.

spirit of the age 20th Mar 2009 09:33

Thanks for the intel Grizzler,so,now that the BA is staying at Stn,is there any truth in the rumour that it will be now be handled by a different agent--part of the package of staying????

GRIZZLER 20th Mar 2009 14:21

who is going to do ba cargo
who knows!!!! things change by the hour.:eek:

newscaster 20th Mar 2009 18:03

El AL relaunch top STN from June.

sat1 21st Mar 2009 18:36

Oh dear, I hope Servisair don't assume the're gonna keep the BA contract like they did the PIA!!!

airhumberside 21st Mar 2009 19:26

Re. El Al

Dont they already have a weekly STN flight, so its a major frequency increase rather than a brand new service?

GRIZZLER 21st Mar 2009 21:11

SAT 1...OH DEAR....ba cargo
don't worry sat 1,you won't have enough men left to do it anyway.

is there anybody left that could do it?????????

Hounddog1 21st Mar 2009 21:29

Big difference between pax management and cargo management, these guys tend to have their fingers on the pulse of everything that involves Cargo, they tend not to get a contract and then leave that airline on the shelf to collect dust and ignore the airlines problems. Those that presume, tend to fail, classic examples PIA !!

daz211 22nd Mar 2009 19:47

I would love to see a STN-LAS route one day :}.

terrain safe 22nd Mar 2009 21:45

I would love to see a STN-LAS route one day http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/badteeth.gif.
You are about a year too late, Maxjet did this one.

Skipness One Echo 22nd Mar 2009 22:25

I would love to see a STN-LAS route one day
This was so succesful for MaxJet they went bust. A definite winner....NOT!

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