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pabely 8th Jul 2008 23:31

mattcam - sorry but I find your comments very funny! Haven't you heard about the price of oil recently???:ooh:

wantabe_crew 8th Jul 2008 23:55

Is That Aircraft On Compass Point An New Cargo Airline this evening?

TUGNBAR 9th Jul 2008 12:43

wantabe_crew - There is an Antonov sat on the Compass Base at present are you talking about that?, if so it is operated by Ruslan International ex Volga Dnepr.......so no is the answer

sunday8pm 9th Jul 2008 12:58

It looks as though Stansted is about to be granted permission to expand to 35m passengers.

However, it served 23.4m in the 12 months to May, down 1.6%. Who thinks it likely STN will ever reach this level given the current climate?

Stanstedeye 16th Jul 2008 18:09

Good news for Stansted
London Stansted - Malaga
London Stansted - Basel
London Stansted - Fuerteventura
London Stansted - Ibiza
London Stansted - Katowice
London Stansted - Tenerife South

Barnesy2006 16th Jul 2008 18:52

Who are these routes operated by?

daz211 16th Jul 2008 19:02

Looks like Ryanair to me !
lets hope so :ok:

Barnesy2006 16th Jul 2008 19:16

No news on there website though!

daz211 16th Jul 2008 19:23

All info on the Ryanair (THREAD):ok:.

FA10 16th Jul 2008 19:53

now also on the RYR website - no dates / times yet.

carbootking 17th Jul 2008 18:18

i heard yesterday long stay is going to be run by national express group

Seat62K 17th Jul 2008 18:40

At last! Someone responding to my earlier post (no.685). Thanks, but do you have any further information? (I'd heard that BAA was going to take over directly, so as to keep all the profits, not that I imagine the current operators make much money anyway:}.)

Seat62K 24th Jul 2008 16:04

Trying to resuscitate this thread (again)!
As a frequent user of Stansted, I must say that the cloud of Ryanair and easyJet's reduced flying programmes this winter has a silver lining: a less crowded terminal:}! I'm looking forward to quicker transits through security (unless, of course, BAA disproportionately reduce the number of lanes in use), toilets which you don't have to queue to use and being able to get my morning 'paper at WHSmith's without having to join a line which snakes all around the store (not to mention getting back into the country more swiftly)! Can't wait until the summer rush is over!

mattcam 24th Jul 2008 16:47

seems that it might be a more pleasant experiance flying through stansted this winter. on anouther note do you think this will make the goverment decide to not let the airport expand to 23 mill pax a year , let alone a new runway to expand even further, i did notice on wiexpiedia{sorry about spelling} stansted airport ,that it had air asia x as one of the airlines serving stansted starting march 09 .

mattcam 24th Jul 2008 16:49

sorry 35 million , not 23

Musket90 25th Jul 2008 07:10

I don't think the drop in traffic will impact government decisions on whether or not to permit Stansted to increase passenger throughput from 25 to 35 mppa. Stansted is part of the south-east airports future transport policy. Stansted's immediate problem is their traffic is dominated by two or three airlines and therefore are more at risk should any of these customers cut back.

stuinn 29th Jul 2008 17:31

Air Asia X
I see an article today in the telegraph indicates that flights between Stansted and Kuala Lumpa are looking to start next year and final talks are taking place now. Anyone have any further information as this has been ongoing / rumoured for some time and would be good to see a new long distance airline into the airport.

Todays article here:- Air Asia X to launch UK-Malaysia flights - Telegraph

Is it :ok: or :ugh:?

pee 4th Aug 2008 10:43

BAA has begun legal action against Ryanair to force it to pay it a recent 15% increase in airport charges at Stansted airport in London, writes the Irish Times. Ryanair wrote to the BAA in May to inform it that it would be withholding the increase in airport charges at Stansted, which took effect on April 1st. As it's already known, FR claimes that the increase constitutes "excessive pricing" and is an abuse of BAA's "dominant position in the London market and contrary to the public interest".

Ian Brooks 4th Aug 2008 11:00

This could get very messy with a very big punch up and maybe someone
throwing a lot of toys out of the pram


fireflybob 8th Aug 2008 16:32

Ryanair's O'Leary eyes Stansted takeover
Ryanair's O'Leary eyes Stansted takeover

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