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FRatSTN 17th Dec 2014 19:23

But +26% also means that MAG look as if they are going to get a good return on their investment.

whitelighter 17th Dec 2014 19:38

With the development of a new mini terminal for prestige passengers Long haul (or mid haul) is where the growth will come

Watch this space

rocket_dog 25th Dec 2014 12:48

STN-MBJ February 2016
Can any one shed some light on the flights being operated out of STN in Feb 2016 to Montego Bay by TOM on a 787??? Sold out as well...

Skipness One Echo 27th Dec 2014 23:59

Given that growth is Ryanair passengers, it would be interesting to see how that return on investment is generated. It can only be via % of retail profits rather than market rate airport charges?

LTNman 28th Dec 2014 03:45

Plus all those 2 the airport picks up when passengers are dropped off or picked up by car.

carousel 28th Dec 2014 14:39

2.oo ?
Stansted haven't charged for pickups or drop off from the terminal for months, as long as it takes no longer than five minutes (or the ANPR cameras get you)

bmaviscount 29th Dec 2014 05:19

Flew from Stansted for the first time in years just before Christmas. It was like hell on earth. People everywhere, not enough seats. Horrible forced flow through a shopping mall. Even the No 1 lounge is closing down. The Stansted Express is also not fit for purpose. No wonder EZY are abandoning . Ironically FR was a lot better than expected.

Superpilot 29th Dec 2014 08:17

If only you could experience other airports at the same time. Try the horrid experience that is Luton right now. It's pretty dire everywhere at this time of year. Busy terminals, large amounts of employees on leave, construction.

ericlday 29th Dec 2014 08:45

Here we go again....ours is better than yours, please lets not start sawing sawdust again. Accept bmaviscounts experience without having to start gocompare and become all defensive.

EI-BUD 29th Dec 2014 09:43

Incredible that contributors to this forum explain that EZY should be expanding at STN, that they cannot compete with FR.

I think what we have here by easyJet that their unit cost is higher than FR. Equally they are not will to get into a price war where FR will stick it out. Such activity is unsustainable and make commercial sense, typically to avoid.

It's dog eat dog , there is a pecking order, and carriers avoid picking spats with bigger competitors. easyJet won't put it up to DY, FR, Wizz and they are on the fence with VY.

Equally easyJet are happy to fight hard where they can win, eg v EI, BE etc.

Easyjet compete comfortably with FR on markets where they are well established and the 2,have a stable yet sustainable frequency. Eg common routes ex BRS, LPL, MAN etc. worth nothing that in many of these UK markets easyJet is bigger.

FRatSTN 29th Dec 2014 10:45

I accept that people are entitled to their opinions but this is taking the p*** isn't it? I think people should consider the fact that STN is still undergoing a lot of construction work before coming on here and mouthing off about what a terrible experience they've had or making ridiculous statements like "no wonder EZY are abandoning". Anyone who genuinely thinks that reasoning is at all true is deluded.

By the end of the project there will have been:
An increase in Security lanes from 18 to 22
70% increase in seating compared to the original layout
A broader range of shops/restaurants to suit more passenger markets
a brand new Escape business lounge

Continuous efforts to improve rail links with support from the Davies commission
A new 329 bed hotel being approved from Uttlesford District council.
Plus almost a 12% year-on-year increase in passenger numbers.

Oh yes, those are the facts!

Those of you who's airport experience is made so outrageous by a 5 minute walk through a Duty Free shopping area really need to get over yourselves! You are not "forced through shopping malls". Hundreds, if not thousands of airports do exactly the same thing.

Also note that bmaviscount's experience was "just before christmas", I'm just curious but was it 22nd December??

NickBarnes 29th Dec 2014 15:25

Stansted is getting better, but has a hell of a long way to go:ok:

LTNman 29th Dec 2014 15:32

I see Stansted is getting a shed load of Gatwick diversions.

wallp 29th Dec 2014 15:45

I guess STN is best placed to accommodate most diverted flights. A few going to LTN also it seems

Captain_Caveman 29th Dec 2014 19:37

FRatSTN: General public do not think about the long benefits when they are inconvenienced by building works. They think about what's best for themselves at the time. If they think they had a bad experience last time then it generally has an effect on their choice for their next decision. Just ask shop owners / shopping malls... (Some might argue STN is already this) it can take a significant length of time and advertising on behalf of the shop/centre to get the trade back once redevelopment work has been completed.

STN Ramp Rat 29th Dec 2014 20:04

Captain Caveman ~ price determines almost everything at the low cost level. the passengers will easily forget.

as to EZY reducing the STN flying program, they have a finite amount of aircraft and will put them where they can make the best return, they have a lot of LGW slots to use and for them LGW is better than LGW. RYR cant get the slots at LGW so will continue to focus on STN for their London hub, they will operate some flights at LTN just to keep STN on its toes or to extract route development money from the LTN Airport.

personally I dislike the shopping centre but if STN has the best price/schedule then I will live with it as the alternative is a two hour journey to another airport.

Bagso 31st Dec 2014 07:49

Is there a site which lists all the DIVs that Stansted received the other day from LGW ?

Im also curious as to how many stands STN had avalaible over the timescale of the incident

and whether the increased volume affected RYR movements ?

Just curious !

MANFOD 31st Dec 2014 07:55

Is there a site which lists all the DIVs that Stansted received the other day from LGW ?

Im also curious as to how many stands STN had avalaible over the timescale of the incident

and whether the increased volume affected RYR movements ?
I think I can guess why you might be curious. Me too!
Possibly one of the spotters forums will have the information.
It was mentioned on another site that STN did eventually shut up shop.

commit aviation 31st Dec 2014 15:02

I can tell you STN took 9 diverts in total - all narrow bodies.
No major impact to the operation but it was challenging dealing with the additional baggage offloads & arranging onward transportation.
We have taken more during previous incidents & have suffered for it.
So there is a policy & once we hit the agreed level we NOTAM no more except emergency traffic.
Hope that helps.

Bagso 31st Dec 2014 15:14

Many thanks.

Most confess I thought it was a lot more than that.

Just quite suprised that LTN took 12 given the size of the place compared to STN. Even BOU took 5.

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