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spirit of the age 2nd Jan 2009 11:54

Merger talk
With servisair putting the part timers onto nil hours and aviance downsizing(with added work) is it time for the two to merge with a view to protecting what work they have? Obviously servisair would need to make some redundencies,but that would be only short term.

spirit of the age 2nd Jan 2009 19:46

Think you'll find its a done deal,7 redundancies imminent

sat1 3rd Jan 2009 08:35

Why is this only coming out now? Those redundancies have been on the cards for several weeks now.

newscaster 4th Jan 2009 18:08

PIA rumored to be returning to STN.

mickey71 5th Jan 2009 03:42

good to see things havent changed to much from 2008 into 2009!

'alice in wonderland stories are still rife'!

lets all see what happens over the next few weeks,withouth making wildcard assumptions!

daz211 5th Jan 2009 17:58

PIA to fly to Barcelona, Stansted | Pakistan | News | Newspaper | Daily | English | Online

nt639 5th Jan 2009 22:21

Some humble pie needed there micky71 me thinks!:)

mickey71 6th Jan 2009 23:47

when i are they suppose tostart flying then,as i work in stansted there hasnt been any news of this going around as yet,unless the person who made the post works at stansted and knows something,since pia pulled out rumours have circulated time before that they were coming back but as yet,nothing!

and there has been rumours of other airlines coming,mentioned in the press before and its all blown away,so until the airline make an official announcement and the aircraft pulls on stand i think given the current climate we will wait and see,if it does come off then all well and good as it be good for the airport.

GRIZZLER 11th Jan 2009 14:07

Good News For Pub.
I have heard rumours that when the new runway has been built at STN,the little thatched pub that is at mole hill green is to be left standing and will be used as the new airport social club.....I THINK THIS WILL ADD A NICE LITTLE TOUCH.. and keep all the anti airporters happy...as they wont be able to use it , because it will be airside.....cant wait to sit in the beer garden(drinking iced tea) watching my next job come in.......roll on the long hot summer days.

Hawker Demon 11th Jan 2009 15:53

Grizzler.... How would you see your next flight come in on a long hot summer day when you only work nights

GRIZZLER 12th Jan 2009 13:51

only work nights
as i sit in the beer garden(with my iced tea)time around 18.30 ish....plane flys over broxted to the hiss and boos of the so called locals.....i could be on my bike and clock in for 19.00 ready for the offload.....cheers make mine a double.......you can dream.

Dr747 16th Jan 2009 09:13

Just read in a Pakistani newspaper that the PIA's lahore to Stansted flights will start from 01/04/09. These will be twice weekly indirect flights via Dubai. Does anyone else anymore info on these?

tommy212 17th Jan 2009 18:15

yes it is confirmed p.i.a is resuming flights into STN effective 1st apr

Stanstedeye 18th Jan 2009 18:51

yes it is confirmed p.i.a is resuming flights into STN effective 1st apr

Will PIA be using the 310 as it did when it operated from STN before?

bazzab68 26th Jan 2009 05:50

Runway shut
Anyone know why the runway is currently closed at STN. (0644/26jan09)??



Scottie Dog 26th Jan 2009 06:50

Runway lighting U/S.

Reopened 0710.

Scottie Dog

FEROMAN 26th Jan 2009 21:42

Yeah right. The real reason's so much funnier :O

TUGNBAR 26th Jan 2009 22:09

Come on FEROMAN tell all!!!

FEROMAN 26th Jan 2009 22:26

Well I guess they closed while they were busy checking the runway to make sure there were no more nuts lying around. Or any more wheels!

Just after the runway de-icer truck driver noticed one of his wheels overtake him :eek:

Jamie-Southend 28th Jan 2009 23:25

Ryanair FR465 Diverted tonight to EMA ?
Ryanair FR465 Diverted tonight to EMA ? Anyone know why, was meeting PAX off it, i gather it was in the decent to STN.


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