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virginblue 9th Aug 2008 18:08

STN and MOL would be a perfect fit - how one has to fight one's way through the shopping mall maze in order to get to the planes at STN is pretty similar to the Ryanair website :}

Seat62K 17th Aug 2008 08:31

In your opinion, should Stansted remain as a BAA airport or would it be better if ownership were to change? Insiders' views particularly welcome!

carbootking 17th Aug 2008 19:30

it all depends who buys it stn should only expand for long haul not ryanair short haul. if ryanair buys it then heaven help the area. come to that anybig airline group will expand aggresively or try to , but the town of bishops stortford is geared up for the airport with lots of people renting there , lots of passengers waiting on their next flights go there , as for the new area currently being built that should have been done years back , so someone else owning stn and with deep pockets will do these projects a lot quicker.

Musket90 17th Aug 2008 21:23

I think it's right for BAA airports to be split. The investment needed for the SE airports alone based on Government's future airports policy is surely beyond BAA's means without significantly increasing charges and maximising income from wherever possible. As for Ferrovial, BAA has gone from bad to worse since this involvement - more departmental re-structuring, more key experienced people either being made redundant, leaving or moving to areas where there skills and knowledge are not being fully utilised.

If STN is sold off then the main problem for the new operator's will be how to get new and different product airlines attracted to the airport to supplement the LCC product which currently accounts for a large percentage of the traffic. Something BAA has tried very hard to achieve but as long as LHR and LGW are around then it will always be difficult. If the second runway is given the go ahead then airlines may look differently at Stansted however the new operator will need to find ways to fund the massive development.

As regards the airport itself, I can't imagine it'll change very much whoever operates it as most of the BAA operational people are likely to remain but in different uniforms and the Terminal building and airfield aren't likely to change.

Seljuk22 25th Aug 2008 13:13

heard that Air Berlin will cancel TXL-STN flights. Is it right and what about the future of Air Berlin at STN? Maybe it is a reaction cause FR increasing STN-SXF from 2 to 3 daily this winter.

Hollymead 1st Sep 2008 20:58

Air Berlin bringing back Glasgow route ???

Air Berlin To Begin New Glasgow Airport Flight Route - Compare Airport Parking

tommy212 3rd Sep 2008 18:06

that link doesnt seem to show any info about air berlin bringing back the glasgow route, if anything it seems like air berlin are reducing services from stn rather than adding. latest appears to be MUC on top of the TXL cuts, though FMO seems to be goin twice daily? any more info on this?

tommy212 3rd Sep 2008 20:11

o and also forgot to mention, the daily WIZZ air flight is also leaving stansted end of summer schedule

jack_essex 4th Sep 2008 09:23

No surprise to see WIZZ leaving, what with Ryanair flying to Katowice daily from October, and with the current 10 each way including all taxes.

daz211 6th Sep 2008 12:43

Air asia x
I have been told that the AirAisaX contract for flights to STN have been signed and flights will go on sale soon for a 2x weekly flt to Kuala Lumpur.
The Aircraft to be used is one of two A340's.

we will also be able to book flights from Stansted to Melbourne with a A/C change in Kuala Lumpur, the Melbourne leg of the flight will be on a A330.

TUGNBAR 21st Sep 2008 13:01

Just been passed on the A120 by 4 police cars and two fire engines heading towards the airport.

Anyone know what the emergency was?

Avitor 21st Sep 2008 16:40

BBC Look East...'A Cyprus bound aircraft reported a security alert on board. Given permission to land at STN, met by armed police who stated that there was 'no security alert' No further information.

Charlie Roy 24th Sep 2008 21:54

Brussels BRU
From the end of October Romanian LCC will introduce flights from Stansted to Brussels (BRU).
Initially the flights will operate on Wednesdays and Sundays, later a service will be added on Thursdays.

The aircraft will operate BBU - BRU - STN - BRU - BBU, arriving in STN at 1410, departing at 1500.

FEROMAN 25th Sep 2008 06:24

Re Emergency last Sunday
Apparently it diverted in because a passenger found a bomb warning written in the in-flight magazine and showed it to the crew. It was parked on a remote stand and the passengers offloaded until things had been checked out.

nt639 8th Oct 2008 07:31

Aegean to Athens
Looks like Aegean must be doing well

Greek airline adds Stansted flight frequency : Stansted Airport News Stories

A4 9th Oct 2008 09:41

Stansted capacity increase approved
Just announced......

BBC NEWS | England | Airport expansion gets go-ahead

Increase in pax from 25 million to 35 million per year. Kind of ironic that after nearly two years of consultation and Public Enquiries etc etc it gets the go ahead as the whole industry is contracting and the global economy is on the verge of meltdown!

Can't see the second runway getting the go ahead in the current climate..... give it another 10 years.


Powerjet1 9th Oct 2008 11:34

Passenger Cap lifted


LGS6753 9th Oct 2008 19:56

Yet another political decision to support this white elephant airport which is quite simply in the wrong place.

Geoff Hoon MP (Massive Prat), the new Minister of Transport, said that London could not fall behind hubs at Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, etc. He obviously hasn't mastered his brief or visited Stansted, as almost all its services are point-to-point, not hub-and-spoke.

Still, he won't be in power long, we hope.

TUGNBAR 9th Oct 2008 20:02

Sets Stansted up nicely for 2012 though.

Buster the Bear 9th Oct 2008 21:33

Runway 2 has not been approved.

The de-restriction on passengers makes it easier for the BAA to sell with the Olympics coming up in 2012.

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