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aeulad 8th Feb 2008 18:26

Apologies if this has already been reported, but Aegean twice daily A321 Athens service starting this Spring.



Alan Tracey 9th Feb 2008 00:16

Also FlyLAL (Lithuanian Airlines) daily 737 from April

airhumberside 10th Feb 2008 17:16

Are FlyLAL moving from Gatwick?

CH Aviation reporting Transavia are pulling out

Musket90 10th Feb 2008 18:25

According to Transavia web site STN flights are not bookable or in timetable after 30th March, so it appears they are pulling out.

Stanstedeye 11th Feb 2008 05:12

Today is their first departure for Ovda as TOM8725, after pulling Las Palmas.

jack_essex 11th Feb 2008 16:03

Sorry if this has already been posted.

Eos Airlines will start flying from Stansted to Newark (already on the Eos website) on May 5th and daily flights from STN to Dubai on July 6th. Flights will be bookable mid Feb for EWR and March for DXB.

Xcircustiger 14th Feb 2008 08:55

FlyLAL service starting May08 through to end of S08. 1 flight 7 days a week and additional to their LGW service. They operated briefly around Christmas and New Year and loads pretty good by all accounts..

Shame about Transavia ... If it wasn't for the web we'd have no idea what's going on !! (Blue 1 departure confirmed same way)

FEROMAN 21st Feb 2008 20:18

American Airlines
American Airlines have announced that they will be delaying their second STN-JFK daily service until August 2008. Apparently due to pilot shortages.

Shyted 21st Feb 2008 21:31

American Airlines
Sounds like the honeymoon period is over.

My feelings tell me that they only came to STN to get rid of the likes of Maxjet and EOS. AA main hubs are ORD and DFW....not JFK. I have lost count on the amount of flts between London and New York, but i reckon there is close to 30 a day. I really do think that AA are scaremongering and using the pilot shortage as an excuse.....

Maybe im wrong, but open to discussion

egnxema 22nd Feb 2008 07:50

Well you are certainly close with the number of flights.

Wed 05MAR08 there are 33 departures from all apts in LON to all in NYC.

oncemorealoft 22nd Feb 2008 09:29

Shyted - absolute rubbish

The pilot shortage is a major embarrassment to them as you can read elsewhere on PPRUNE and very real.

Work starts in the next few weeks on AA's dedicated Business Class lounge replacing the temporary facility they’ve been using at Stansted since service launch. AA wouldn't make this sort of investment without being committed to the route.

I also know for a fact that they are in the middle of recruitment in anticipation of the additional service.

ORD and DFW may be their main hubs but JFK is the principle UK transatlantic destination and you might want to take a look at the new Billion dollar investment they have made in a new Terminal 8 at JFK

Speaking to one of AA sales team before Christmas, Maxjet wasn't even a fly in the ointment, although she was a bit reticent about EOS.

carbootking 22nd Feb 2008 17:17

every day i go by their check in, some days they are queing round the corner, it looks a busy flight .

Skipness One Echo 22nd Feb 2008 23:12

As regulars of pprune know, it's not about load factor, it's about YIELD. American are believed to be moving their last Gatwick flight to Heathrow in November. Consolidation would make more sense.

spanishflea 22nd Feb 2008 23:19

Considering LHR flights were mved to STN at the time LGW flights were announced to be canned its not as if the two airports are in the same situation here.

AA are in STN for the long haul, unless the pilt situation goes OTT.

Skipness One Echo 22nd Feb 2008 23:25

How do you figure Heathrow flights were moved to Stansted? They dropped a JFK rotation to accomodate Gatwick to Dallas and Raleigh / Durham, and put pressure on Maxjet. Now they have got a slot to move the last Dallas flight from Gatwick, Gatwick yields are higher than Stansted.....

spanishflea 23rd Feb 2008 12:08

DFW-LON yields are high, it has nothing to do with the service operating to LGW, LHR or STN.

The STN flight was setup when an LHR frequency was dropped. The STN services have anticipated high yields as they are being actively supported by some of AA's big corporate customers who want to avoid LHR.

D-ABAA 24th Feb 2008 11:04

Eurocypria are to operate flights for TOM this summer from STN. Couldnt find any other info. Anyone else with info on this?


airhumberside 24th Feb 2008 17:55

Think its a weekly Heraklion charter

FEROMAN 29th Feb 2008 21:22

Eastern Airways
:D Eastern Airways are upping their weekday service STN-MAN to four a day from mid April and will offer a low cost option - from £49 One Way all inc .:ok:

FEROMAN 29th Feb 2008 21:39

Attn Sat 1
Quote -
An airbridge update for Stansted
Yes, the airbridges on Satellite 1 are long past their sell-by-dates and maintenance has been a little sparse, but there will be 10 new airbridges on satellite 1 early next year. Even A10 will be replaced despite it being a relatively new one. All brand spanking new from Thyssen - 5 in March and 5 in May I believe. :ok:

http://www.pprune.org/forums/images/icons/icon15.gif Flying Pigs
Hey Feroman, does Ryanair fly to the planet your living on? 'cos clearly you aint on planet earth. 10 bridges!! all brand new!!
On a more realistic note....does anyone know who has got the cape verdi contract? people are suggesting its servisair.

So, as I said back in October - 10 new Satellite 1 Airbridges are coming with the first install starting the week after next. Should all be completed by the end of June. Of course, whether anyone will be trained on them by the end of Summer will be another thing entirely!

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