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tommyc2005 21st Jan 2008 18:14

The Israir JFK flight has been dropping in a few nights a week for fuel for the last couple of weeks, not sure if it is a permanent arrangement or not. Similar to El Al in the old days.

Stanstedeye 21st Jan 2008 20:05

Thanks for the info

Musket90 22nd Jan 2008 07:43

Is TLV-JFK schedule and continuing strong jetstreams/headwinds over Atlantic presumably occasionally requires fuel stop.

Stanstedeye 22nd Jan 2008 18:43

That would explain why East-bound flights were running early today.

Mr Flaps 24th Jan 2008 15:52

Old maxjet lounge
Very random question. But what is happening to the old Maxjet lounge. Is EOS going to have it? Or is AA going to come across from Sat 2?

Stanstedeye 24th Jan 2008 19:36

The old Maxjet lounge
In early January VR were using it for their flights to Cape Verde, but it does appear that their flights have now stopped.
Any more info on VR from STN?

Keyvon 25th Jan 2008 08:59

Centralwings has decided to withdraw all flights operating from Stansted, eff. from March 31st.

LGS6753 25th Jan 2008 10:57

So how many operators have left Stansted now, presumably as a result of the BAA charges increase?

Blue 1
Sky Europe
Maxjet (receivership)
Air Berlin domestics and Leipzig
Ryanair reductions (7 aircraft?)

Any others?

sam dilly 25th Jan 2008 13:19

Lourdes Flights
I noticed at Aviance today that TITAN are operating 4 Lourdes flights in
February.Its a long time since we have seen winter traffic on this route
not since BRITISH WORLD,and certainly not since a low cost carrier has been offering Pau.
Lets hope that this is a sign of more charters coming back to STN since the FR reduction and cut backs.:):ok:

Avitor 25th Jan 2008 13:25


Any others?

XL have moved to EMA.

Stanstedeye 25th Jan 2008 19:41

They were back today with a TFS. Was this a one-off?

Shed-on-a-Pole 26th Jan 2008 01:23


No-frills airlines enjoy the opportunity to whinge about airport user charges when circumstances permit (more free headlines), but these are just one of many factors in determining the viability of an air service. Fuel costs are still historically high with crude oil around USD$90 per barrel of oil; USD$100 has already been breached once and will no doubt be seen again afew months down the line. And the likelihood of recession is also a major concern for airlines; discretionary travel is very much in the firing line as consumers tighten their belts. High energy costs, instability in the banking system, "credit crunches" and faltering property prices all point to a difficult year for the airline industry. STN is not alone in suffering cutbacks and I suspect that the user charges at the airport are not the most significant factor causing them; look at examples of cutbacks listed on other airport threads where airport charges are not the "issue du jour".

All the best. SHED.

LGS6753 26th Jan 2008 11:36

Shed -

Fair comment about general economics, with which I agree. However, Stansted does seem to have lost a lot of business of late, whereas the likes of Luton, Bristol, East Midlands and others have experienced growth. These other airports have had setbacks too, of course, especially with the consolidations in the charter market.:ok:

Mr Flaps 26th Jan 2008 14:24

Airlines that have left STN
Besides the others already posted. CSA pulled out back in October. BRS keep using STN bassed easyjet planes because they dont have enough.

Chopper69 4th Feb 2008 23:01


I'm afraid that the ecomnic realities that you have correctly identified will also apply to the strip on the hill as well!! MInd you, at least the 'rounbabout' might be a little lest congested!!


PAXboy 6th Feb 2008 01:43

If anyone gets excited about a licence apparently being granted to the South African company 'Civair' hoping to trade as 'Redair' operating from CPT to STN - don't!!

This may well be a re-run of a similar attempt that the same man tried in 2004 that went nowhere and many prospective pax say they never got their money back. He has no a/c but says that he is shopping. The thread running in another website forums says some very nasty things about him.

D-ABAA 6th Feb 2008 08:40

Next time ICTS ask to check your I.D just think about this for one minute.

Taken from Mirror.co.uk

Illegal immigrant Stansted airport cleaner jailed for two years

An illegal immigrant cleaner has been jailed after she used a friend's passport to work on the cordoned-off air side at Stansted for two years.
Amanda Banda, 21, admitted using a false passport, in a security breach "almost defying belief", a court was told.
The Liberian borrowed the document from a Portuguese pal to be vetted by ICTS security firm and got a cleaning job at the Essex airport.
Banda, of Harlow, had been given a security pass.
She was jailed for six months at Chelmsford crown court.


Hollymead 6th Feb 2008 15:16

6 Months for being a cleaner , isnt that longer than the Afghan hijackers served ??

PAXboy 7th Feb 2008 19:27

She was jailed - what about the people who did not check her passport correctly and GAVE her the air side pass???????? :*

carbootking 7th Feb 2008 19:41

that would be the overpaid baa staff in enterprise house,theyr loosing their jobs anyway as its all being moved to scotland i think. if any more airlines pull out or decrease their flights at this rate well all be out of a job.

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