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sinbad73 19th Sep 2016 14:55

They need to invest in some cleaners - the place was absolutely filthy last time I was there.

daz211 19th Sep 2016 15:27

That has really surprised me I went through last week twice and noticed how spotless the airport was I was very impressed with the whole experience the security area was very easy and the time it took to get through was amazing in peak time it took me 15 mins but back to cleanliness SAT1 looks very impressive and was also spotless.
Not sure why we both had so different experiences of the same Airport

TSR2 20th Sep 2016 00:34

[QUOTE]Not sure why we both had so different experiences of the same Airport[/QUOTE

Maybe because you both travelled through in different centurys.

BFS BHD 20th Sep 2016 12:10

Jet2 routes on the timetable on their website.

Falcon666 20th Sep 2016 12:24

Looks like just sunshine routes, 16 destinations at present but no City breaks as yet!

FRatSTN 20th Sep 2016 12:52

Flights are now available to book - with inaugural flight leaving on 30th March 2017.

Total of 21 destinations across Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal and Spain with 83 weekly departures on six based Boeing 737-800s.

Alicante - 7x weekly (daily)
Crete (Heraklion) - 3x weekly
Dubrovnik - 3x weekly
Faro - 7x weekly (daily)
Fuerteventura - 2x weekly
Girona - 2x weekly
Gran Canaria - 3x weekly
Ibiza - 7x weekly (daily)
Kos - 2x weekly
Lanzarote - 4x weekly
Larnaca - 3x weekly
Madeira - 2x weekly
Malaga - 7x weekly (daily)
Menorca - 3x weekly
Palma de Mallorca - 9x weekly
Paphos - 2x weekly
Pula - 2x weekly
Reus - 4x weekly
Rhodes - 3x weekly
Tenerife-South - 6x weekly
Zante - 2x weekly

LTNman 20th Sep 2016 12:57

Wow, that is a lot of routes. MAG must be delighted.

daz211 20th Sep 2016 13:01

This news is amazing for Stansted and will work well for Jet2
Well done Stansted for gaining such a massive schedule and so many routes :D

pamann 20th Sep 2016 13:08

Whilst no major surprises, that's a pretty impressive network of routes! Nice to see Madeira and Pula in there. :ok:

FRatSTN 20th Sep 2016 13:38

I'm surprised to not see Corfu on there and would've thought maybe 1x weekly to Dalaman or Antalya.

Madeira is definitely a welcome addition and Pula perhaps the biggest 'surprise' in there.

Great to see them filling in the much quieter afternoon period around 14:00 / 15:00 too.

Some decent frequencies as well. Unusual for LS to not have a single route at just 1x weekly.

pamann 20th Sep 2016 14:10

Bookings to Turkey are down in some cases by 40% with the tour operators. Given the current offerings by Thomson/Thomas Cook, something tells me this is a wise decision as the travelling Brits are reverting back to the traditional package destinations seen as a safe bet.

I too was surprised at the lack of Corfu, would have been nice to see Thessaloniki too, but let's give them scope for expansion in the future. Such scale as we see as a base launch is impressive to say the least.

Keyvon 20th Sep 2016 14:42

Looks like another nail in the coffin for EZY's ailing presence at STN as they will compete with LS on AGP, PMI, IBZ, ZTH, DBV & possibly GVA + GNB over the winter.

pamann 20th Sep 2016 14:48

Originally Posted by Keyvon (Post 9514003)
Looks like another nail in the coffin for EZY's ailing presence at STN as they will compete with LS on AGP, PMI, IBZ, ZTH, DBV & possibly GVA + GNB over the winter.

Or is it time for easy to up their game? Why assume it's a nail in the coffin?

_aax1 20th Sep 2016 15:21

With regards to EZY, I very much doubt this announcement is a 'another nail in the coffin'. If you compare other regional airports across the UK; FR, EZY and LS competition is far heavier than what will be STN.

EZY won't close their base at STN because if anything it used as a bargaining chip to get lower rates at Luton/Gatwick. The growth agreement signed by MAG and EZY back in 2013 was used for EZY to get a better offer at their home at Luton.

Load factors and yields from STN on EZY's routes seem to be extremely good on all their routes, even on EDI and GLA with stiff FR competition.

I'd put a bet on EZY expansion at STN in the near future. With LTN and LGW full and still many unserved or underserved routes from STN. EZY could tap into Paris CDG, Rome FCO, Venice VCE, Barcelona, Gibraltar, Zurich, Geneva, Tel Aviv etc (to name a few).

I think this announcement is a blow for Southend. I reckon at the end of the 10 year agreement with Stobart, EZY will pull out. So many failed routes... EDI, BFS, NQY, KRK, SXF to name a few and with BCN and VCE ending Q1 2017.

compton3bravo 20th Sep 2016 17:44

As I mentioned earlier, that is an awfully large programme to start off with. Other operators and/or Jet2 are bound to suffer because there are not the extra punters out there. Very interesting times ahead as I cannot see especially MOL giving in lightly!

AvGeek1 20th Sep 2016 17:54

Great news from Jet2! easyJet will definitely have to step up at Stansted if they are to keeping a base there, maybe try serving routes that aren't currently operated like Paris CDG for example which I think could be quite a popular route and could offer different times from Luton. What other routes could EZY try?

I'd like too see Jet2 introduce some city break destinations but we will have to see what they bring in W17/S18

AirportPlanner1 20th Sep 2016 18:01

Compton3bravo, true that is a lot of additional capacity but having endured the 'Luton experience' I've heard so much about for myself last week I could see them attracting a fair number of people who might otherwise have used EZY/MON/TOM from LTN.

The impact on SEN will be interesting - though I personally would rather use SEN given the choice. On the one hand it will also compete with SEN's market, on the other EZY coming under pressure at STN could see them move an aircraft or two over.

gilesdavies 20th Sep 2016 18:32


Jet2 have massive confidence in the launch of their STN base being a success!

I was expecting 2-3 aircraft and just a handful of routes, or a larger number of routes with lower frequencies... They have done both, a decent number of routes with decent frequencies.

A base this size is immediately bigger than Monarch's base at Luton, and for some reason I consider both airlines to be very different. Offering similar destinations and having a loyal following.

Just out of curiosity, how many aircraft does easyJet base at Stansted?

daz211 20th Sep 2016 18:42

Regarding EZY at STN
I have never understood why they don't fly to LPA, FUE, TFS, FNC and ACE
As they are a good year round route.
I'm not sure what response EZY will have to Jet2's Stansted base but things look as though it's going to get interesting.

FRatSTN 20th Sep 2016 19:05

EZY is currently sitting on 6x A319s and 1x A320 with a few others flying in on the domestic routes.

Whilst only one more aircraft than LS will have, it's worth pointing out that EZY will still be by some margin Stansted's No.2 carrier... providing they don't downsize any further of course.

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