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Musket90 14th May 2007 18:43

If you removed Ryanair and Easyjet movements I think variety of remaining operators is still good. There is always something unusual and adhoc to see each day, particularly on Northside. It's just mentally filtering them out from all the usual stuff, which in the "old" days didn't need filtering. Airports in the UK have aircraft which are regulars to them but can be very rare elsewhere. Where else would you see two or three Eos and Maxjets on the ground at the same time, and for that matter nearly 40 Ryanair B738's (albeit between midnight and 6am!).

D-ABBT 14th May 2007 18:59


I agree, there are a awful lot of FR and EZY flights, but Sat 1 often has a nice mix. Eos, Maxjet, FCA, Thomsonfly, SkyEurope, CSA, Norweigen AS, Monarch, Thomas Cook and a few adhoc charters, now the summer is coming keep you eyes peeled, there will be plenty of unusual things for STN, Maybe even the Balkan 154 again on Saturday afternoons.


MUFC_fan 14th May 2007 19:19

Why don't MAN and STN swop for a month!;)

We fed up with TOM, FCA, XL, MON, TCX, MYT and we would love to see EZY and more FR at the airport!

sat1 15th May 2007 07:47

ok....mufc,trust me you DO NOT want to see mickair turning up at your airport.Mattcam.........GET OUT MORE OFTEN!!!!!!!!

and now for something completely different.Not so long ago everyone was slagging circusair for messing up on the Airmedditeranean,well,now that Aviance have the contract,yes you know where this is going, the foul-ups continue unabated.The question is..........WHO LEFT THE INBOUND BIN OF BAGS ON THE A/C WHICH DEPARTED AND HAD TO RETURN TO STANSTED SHORTLY AFTERWARDS!! Ooooops bet someone had to put pen to paper. Just a rumour of course,probably no truth whatsoever...NOT!!!!!

sat1 21st May 2007 10:13

the silence is deafening!!!!!!!

Harods 21st May 2007 11:00

Well im sure it was some pikey ditch sleeping hippie:rolleyes:, and really since when has cirusair ever messed up ??? ;)

Unionjet28 21st May 2007 12:56

"ok....mufc,trust me you DO NOT want to see mickair turning up at your airport"

No, much better have chavjet eh sat1? ;)

DONTTELLTHEPAX 22nd May 2007 11:34

I was talking to a friend today who says Maxjet have some big
plans for STN in the next 4 months,
with 3 or 4 new routes and based crew at STN.
can anyone add anything to this ??

tommyc2005 22nd May 2007 11:58

Maxjet are indeed to open a crew base at STN. Its more efficient than basing small nos of crew at the various US cities they serve.

They are launching on the UK stock market to raise money for expansion, and Dubai/India have been rumoured as new routes. For this of course they would need a UK AOC like Zoom, so don't expect those destinations too soon.

Since this seems to echo the plans of Silverjet, my gut feeling is that a merger of some kind further down the line wouldn't be a great surprise.

Mr Flaps 25th May 2007 16:50

Dulles Back
The Dulles is back after a winter break and news of new routes from Maxjet.
Hmm cant rule out something happening between Silver Jet and Maxjet but its a good one to watch.
Does anyone know how the new GSM route is going?
API on all flights to Spain, oh what fun. Are FR going to open more desks 3hrs before STD just to do the API or is that wishful thinking. Scrum in Zone F highly possible.

TUGNBAR 25th May 2007 18:26

An aircraft flap was found on the runway today, :eek: Airfield Ops have instructed all companies to check round their aircraft.

DONTTELLTHEPAX 26th May 2007 08:32

BAA flight-tracking
The BAA website has today started flight tracking.
using web track.:ok:

DONTTELLTHEPAX 28th May 2007 11:11

Air Asia X
I was looking on the Air Asia website today and noticed that
they have a link ( Now everyone can fly Xtra long),
If you follow the link is shows routes and says comming this year 2007
48 cities, 8 countries, Europe STANSTED, BERLIN, MOSCOW, PARIS, PRAUGE, no mention or MANCHESTER, this is all shown on a route map
along with the new A330 aircraft in AirAsisX colours,

So do we take it that STANSTED is the UK route ?

MUFC_fan 28th May 2007 17:39

As we see with many airlines, until the plane lands on Stansted's runway, rely on nothing!

jack_essex 4th Jun 2007 12:47

Fire alarm at STN
Has anyone got any more information on the fire alarm at STN this morning. Pretty much all departing flights delayed by at least an hour? Ryanair website says flights delayed due to fire alarm in the main terminal.

rusty_c 4th Jun 2007 16:43

Whole terminal evac! Was caused by some welding smoke going into the air con and hey presto the s**t hits the fan

Stanstedeye 4th Jun 2007 18:16

New route for MaxJet
Starting on 30/08/07 STN-LAX. Four weekly.

carbootking 4th Jun 2007 19:57

what a lovely smell it was at first thought good old alba has burnt the toast again , least got an hour off work,pity the pax dont move fast enough when u tell them to move.

burn the mullal 5th Jun 2007 12:01

22 Baggage Handlers Arrested at Stansted
Im sure that I heard on Anglia news today that 52 ramp rats at STN have been arrested on suspicion of theft from passengers luggage. Firstly I would like to ask if anybody knows if this is true and whether or not it was a recent operation and secondly did the agents bat for the orange side or the blue side or a mixture of both. If this is true then the implications must be heavy on the handling agents, as theft from passengers must be an instant dismissal offence not to mention the amount of section 18 searches Essex Police must be doing as I write.

J.O. 5th Jun 2007 12:18

The number quoted in this story is 22. Not as many but still a significant number.


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