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Planespeaking 26th Nov 2014 18:29

Reminds me of Saturn's early stretched Dc8's operating affinity charters out of STN to LAX. I was in my car at the end of the runway when one took off and took the frangible boundary fence out with it's gear.

whitelighter 26th Nov 2014 19:03

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought there were no free slots at Heathrow (hence Cyprus selling theirs).

What the position at Gatwick? Could AirAsia get enough slots there assuming that's where they want to go?

TartinTon 26th Nov 2014 19:08

Plenty of slots available at LGW outside of AM and PM peaks.

Flightmech 26th Nov 2014 19:12

They last left LGW so maybe they will go back there. Was Interesting to see the A340 going "all the way by road" on departure from STN and maintain a climb rate of about 100 FPM :-)
The A340-300, the only aircraft that can suffer a bird strike from behind!

whitelighter 26th Nov 2014 19:30

Ok, you here people saying Gatwick is at capacity, I guess they mean 'at capacity during peak hours'

I suppose they will have a descision to weigh up based on more prestigious airport (?) at Gatwick but at the back of the queue for slots and unfavourable flight times or potentially a competitive deal from MAG with their pick of the runway.

No doubt MAG would like to take them back from GIP at gatters. I wouldn't like to bet which way it will go to be honest.

Buster the Bear 26th Nov 2014 19:49

They have 19 out of 25 A330-300 airframes in service, a far more frugal airliner than the 4-pot A340.

EK77WNCL 26th Nov 2014 22:02

It was suggested on Airliners.net, could they not op to somewhere else more sustainable, because LHR has 2 A380's and 1 77E every day from MH/BA which is risky for those two in itself. D7 would most definitely lose out.

The suggestion was x3 weekly DUB, however I thought that MAN could work better 3/4 weekly. Either that or operate both, x3 KUL-DUB-KUL, x4 KUL-MAN-KUL or even x4 KUL-MAN-DUB-MAN-KUL

Fairdealfrank 27th Nov 2014 00:50

Blame for the ridiculous situation cannot be laid at MAG's feet, but at those of Her Majesty's Government and their mindless pampering to the xenophobic tendencies of the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Express et al who can't bear the thought of people crossing the UK border in the same, uncomplicated way that they do virtually all other (western) european borders.

With the level of border control that people in UK (seem to) want the price is delays, delays and more delays.

Key difference being there's millions more displaced young men who want to come here mate. Look at Sangatte, the reason the UK is a magnet for randoms to vanish into the black economy is that there's enough Africans,Pakistanis, Iraqis and Afghans here already that can support them quite against the law. Not quite the same in rural Belgium now is it? If you have an out of control immigration policy, you're not going to fix that with open borders!
We all need to be careful what we wish for. The existance of the camp at Sangatte is all the evidence that is needed that France's borders are clearly not secure.

France is a member of the Schengen arrangements.........

Another reason that the UK is a magnet is the English language, most of these chaps have at least some English as a second language.

FRatSTN 28th Nov 2014 00:40

TOM to bring long-haul to STN?
TOM have now released their long-haul holidays for the winter 2015/16 season.

There is a one off flight on sale from Stansted to Montego Bay, Jamaica departing 23rd February and returning 8th March 2016.

Good to see both TCX and TOM now trying long-haul from STN. I wonder if they have plans to operate any long-haul services for the Summer 2016 season?

Tranceaddict 28th Nov 2014 07:08

France's La Compagnie to start London - New York business flights
La Compagnie (B0, Paris CDG) will take delivery of a second B757-200 next month ahead of a planned launch of direct London to New York flights in March next year.

CEO Frantz Yvelin told the Nasdaq newswire that the decision to move into the British market was taken following an exhaustive study. While the airline has applied for London Gatwick slots, it is also considering London Stansted and London Luton operations, he said.

Launched in June, La Compagnie operates a single B757-200 wet-leased from Icelandair (FI, Reykjavik Keflavik) on flights from Paris CDG to Newark with a second due next month. The aircraft is configured with 74 business class seats.

France's La Compagnie to start London - New York business flights - ch-aviation.com

LTNman 28th Nov 2014 14:28

While the airline has applied for London Gatwick slots, it is also considering London Stansted and London Luton operations, he said.
Plain speak for if they can't get into Gatwick they have a plan B

aerobat 1st Dec 2014 07:49

Stansted closed 30.11.14
Coming back to Stansted yesterday afternoon we were told that it was closed to all arrivals and departures due to a security alert, with no idea for how long.
We slowed down and just before handover to Essex was told it had reopened.
Anybody know why ? nobody on the ground knew.

jolihokistix 1st Dec 2014 07:56

Nothing to do with this, I hope:

Al Qaeda Planning Christmas Terrorist ?Spectacular,? Five Passenger Planes Targeted

GAPSTER 1st Dec 2014 08:07

Stansted closed 30.11.14
People on the ground did know.Has also been reported in the news.

Del Prado 1st Dec 2014 08:11

let me google that for you


wiggy 1st Dec 2014 08:22

Thanks Del P.

It certainly got our attention since we were trying to get into a very backed up LHR and suddenly lost our best "bolt hole".

I gather there were similar problems elsewhere in the UK yesterday....given the terror level seems to have been raised to "run away and hide" I think it might be a good time to carry a bit more than Flight Plan fuel if you're inbound to the UK.

papazulu 1st Dec 2014 09:37

let me google that for you
Great stuff! Can't wait for a bill to be passed that forbids you walking your dog around the airport perimeter and carry a smartphone with HD camera at the same time!

Let's keep going with knee-jerk reaction after trusting every semi-paranoid citizen-report!

GAPSTER 1st Dec 2014 13:30

I understand why you say that but be assured this was much more than a paranoid report.Not at liberty to say more, however if a report is received and not acted on and subsequently an attack is made where would you stand on that? These days I'm not sure a healthy level of paranoia is necessarily misplaced.

daz211 1st Dec 2014 14:42

From the mirror online
Flights were grounded at Stansted Airport earlier today after reports of a 'firearm' - but it turned out to be photographic equipment.

Police were called out to Mole Hill Green, near the airport, after a member of the public reported someone under the flight path with what looked like a firearm.

Flights were suspended accordingly at the international terminal as Essex officers attended the scene.

But soon after they arrived they discovered that far from carrying a gun, the man spotted was actually carrying camera equipment.

daz211 5th Dec 2014 19:32

New Route from Ryanair
Ryanair are starting ponta Delgada (AZORES) to London Stansted in March 15
One weekly on a Saturday.

Ponta Delgada will be Ryanair's 72 base they will base one aircraft
And introduce three new routes Lisbon, Porto and London Stansted.

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