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rutankrd 27th Mar 2017 20:13

Kuwait Airport has apparently failed to meet the levels of sterile security demanded by the TSA and associated US agencies in addition to the Israeli Passport issues.

As such they are currently prohibited from flying none stop services TO the US

For some months KU117 has transited Shannon westbound however with no traffic rights.

At Shannon everyone is trooped off and re-screened to US standards however problems are twofold

1. What to do with anyone failing re-screening in Eire (and this does happen)
2. How to manage crew hours since no base is near by.

So Kuwait have been looking for alternative solutions and the most ideal would be to reinstate the LHR transit of KU101 however those slots are now used for an increased frequency LHR-KWI service.

MAG group were approached and Manchester considered for the transit operation as the airport has experience with such operation with PIA

However the problem remains how to handle those failing screening and there return east

The home office were not convinced by escorted mini busing south to return those to Kuwait, or of the legality of routing them back through third country such as Doha or UAE direct from Manchester .

The best compromise seems to be Stansted it meets the security standards required and can be relatively quiet at sometimes of the day

Passengers can be trooped off re-screened and trooped back on. Any one failing screening can be detained and returned east after a nice escorted mini bus ride round to Slough Windsor and Hounslow regional

Same for crew change other way round M25.

davidjohnson6 27th Mar 2017 21:23

Seems like KU are going to an awful lot of trouble and expense if their home base airport cannot get security standards up to scratch. Could the Kuwaiti Govt not step in and get the airport to find a way to solve the problem ? Secondary screening at the gate is not impossible for the rest of the world if needs must...

stuinn 28th Mar 2017 16:14

Jet 2
First aircraft at Stansted (G-JZHW) ready for Thursday's launch.

FRatSTN 28th Mar 2017 17:07

Both of the initial two aircraft are at STN now for the launch on 30th March. The second, G-JZHU arrived around 1/2 an hour ago in Jet2holidays livery. G-JZHW arrived yesterday. Will eventually build up to seven based aircraft by the peak Summer season.

LTNman 28th Mar 2017 21:47

What is happening at Stansted as Luton is taking many diversions?

eggc 28th Mar 2017 21:58

Protesters on the runway I think.

LTNman 28th Mar 2017 22:32

Seems that protesters who believe that no one should be deported and that the uk should be an open house have surrounded an aircraft that had deportees aboard.

davidjohnson6 28th Mar 2017 22:38

We're a democracy and people want their right to public protest, even if the time and place of the protest makes life (temporarily) awkward for others. The pain-in-the-butt nature of this protest makes society in the UK healthy in the long run.
Now if Mr/Ms Plod could kindly remove them so others can carry on with their flying activities...

LTNman 28th Mar 2017 22:45

They should deport the protesters:mad:

mikkie4 28th Mar 2017 23:02

AGREE 100%......Questions will/need to be asked how they got onto the airfield...by passing security ...not good

Buster the Bear 28th Mar 2017 23:11

Inside job? Gaining airside access should be impossible, but recently a 'chap' was picked up allegedly walking along a taxiway at Luton! I don't think that event was widely reported?

fireflybob 29th Mar 2017 07:33

No doubt the "alleged" protesters will get a few hour community service.

It would be great if the airlines brought a civil action action against them for their losses but I don't suppose the protesters have got that much money in the bank.

dc9-32 30th Mar 2017 06:33

Cancel their benefits with immediate effect, then prosecute for making illegal entry into a secured area.

southside bobby 30th Mar 2017 07:36

Anyways......moving on...Good to see the inaugural Jet2 flights ALC/FAO leave within 40mins of each other this AM....

Habana2118 30th Mar 2017 13:36

Whom is doing Jet 2 ramp handling?

Double Hydco 30th Mar 2017 13:50

Whom is doing Jet 2 ramp handling?

Navpi 3rd Apr 2017 11:15

Kuwait Airways-tech stop

Is it still coming?

Suggestion is that Manchester are demanding it reverts to that airport after an internal spat!

LAX_LHR 3rd Apr 2017 11:38

Not sure of any internal spat but looks like it is going via MAN now.

whitelighter 3rd Apr 2017 20:04

Originally Posted by LAX_LHR (Post 9728108)
Not sure of any internal spat but looks like it is going via MAN now.

According to someone on the MAN thread only until May 19th when it switches to STN

LAX_LHR 3rd Apr 2017 20:08

May be incorrect, as a lot being done to set up the MAN stop, just for a months operation
, the whole thing seems very confused right now.

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