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STN Ramp Rat 9th Dec 2014 11:39

No1 Lounge
I noticed passing through Stansted yesterday that the No 1 lounge in the Ryanair satellite has a closure notice on it looking at the website they have the following note

This lounge will close permanently on 25/12/2014, it will operate normally until that time.

I suppose it was always a large ask at 25 a pop especially when the airport would not confirm the departure gates until so late

toledoashley 9th Dec 2014 20:01

Lounge staff said that they are moving to a new facility in the main terminal, not operated by No1.

insuindi 10th Dec 2014 18:58

Darwin's last flight on DUS-STN will be on 07JAN15.

STN Ramp Rat 10th Dec 2014 19:01

so what's happening to the route then?

NickBarnes 10th Dec 2014 22:02

Good old Germanwings will continue to operate it

davidjohnson6 10th Dec 2014 22:10

Will Germanwings really continue the route or will it be dropped a month or so after the competition has dropped the route ?

southside bobby 16th Dec 2014 12:15

Blimey...Stansted pax figures for Nov`14 +26% for a total of 1.59m for the month.....Cargo up too in November +15%....

pamann 16th Dec 2014 12:47

+ 26% is great! No doubt this will get spun around to a negative by the usual suspects on here.

Well done Stansted :ok:

FRatSTN 16th Dec 2014 14:02

Very impressive. If they can get an extra 250,000 for this month compared to December 2013 then STN will break 20 million passengers for the 2014 calendar year. Was not expecting that just yet. Fingers crossed.

LTNman 16th Dec 2014 14:45

+ 26% is great! No doubt this will get spun around to a negative by the usual suspects on here.

Well done Stansted
Well done Ryanair:} Only joking! Nice one Stansted

wowzz 17th Dec 2014 11:19

The figures are good from a business point of view, which is obviously what MAG are interested in, but from a pax point of view the airport 'experience' has deteriorated as the pax numbers have increased. My recent transits through the airport have been far less comfortable than the case three years ago. Less seating [or the same amount of seating but for a greater number of passengers-comes to the same thing - nowhere to sit] longer security checks, and horrendous queues for passport control. I now actively look for flights from other airports, whereas before,STN was my preferred choice.

Skipness One Echo 17th Dec 2014 11:31

+ 26% is great! No doubt this will get spun around to a negative by the usual suspects on here.
This is overwhelmingly Ryanair driven? Right?

daz211 17th Dec 2014 12:20

Well done Stansted.
What people need to remember Ryanair are Stansted's best seller
There is no point people saying the figures are only due to ryanair
Like its a bad thing.
Lots of companies get good results from best sellers it's like saying a car sales showroom sold loads of the cheapest car and if the had not the figures wouldn't have been so good.

As for the terminal, airside in the departure lounge has and is going through a major redevelopment and from my last trip through the airport things are much better the new Burger King looks fantastic the choice of shopping has increased with much better shops the duty free looks world class and would fit into any major international departure lounge, with much more to come stansted has and will continue to grow and yes thanks to Ryanair which is a good thing not a negative but let's wait to this time next year and see what new routes and airlines have come to stansted.
Once again well done Stansted, MAG and yes Ryanair.

wowzz 17th Dec 2014 12:31

I'm sure the shops are very nice, but I would rather have somewhere to sit instead of a 'fantastic' Burger King.
However, as has been pointed out in many other threads, airports these days are basically shopping malls with runways as an add-on extra.

anna_list 17th Dec 2014 12:33

Stansted November figures
For the avoidance of doubt, the number of Ryanair flights at Stansted was up by 26.2% compared to last November. They operated over 140 departures per day on average, which is more than in any previous November at Stansted and also more than in the peak of last Summer.

FRatSTN 17th Dec 2014 15:03

Stansted's redevelopment is not yet complete and won't be for almost another year yet. When it is there will be something like 70% more seating in the departure lounge compared to how it was originally, which should keep wowzz happy.

Of course BE are coming to STN next year and TCX will be offering some long-haul's. Also even more FR and hopefully a few more to go with that. Should be at least 21 million passengers for 2015, but maybe a bit soon to be looking that far ahead.

Still find it disgraceful how EZY continues to abandon STN for the likes of LTN which is going to be an even bigger building site whilst STN shows off it's brand spanking new redevelopment.

Bagso 17th Dec 2014 16:15

Where will further growth actually come from ?

If RYR are dominant it is highly unlikley any other airline will taken them on, so few options there.

Plus I would have thought the RYR route map is pretty much full, are there that many destinatiosn left ?

yes there is a bit of domestic activity on some niche routes re FlyBe and a sprinkling of charters but where to next ?

FRatSTN 17th Dec 2014 16:22

EZY are bigger in London than FR by some margin and are still a bit bigger at LGW than FR are at STN.

I know FR account for close to 80% of STN's traffic and EZY only around 50% of LGW's but competition from EZY doesn't seem to put off too many airlines coming to LGW.

But in answer to your question... maybe Full-service? Long-haul??

adfly 17th Dec 2014 18:14

The difference at LGW is that EZY were not the only carrier on many of their routes, even when they started them many had fairly strong competition from the likes of BA and ZB and indeed TOM/TCX when they had a larger presence on many routes. The stronger demand in the region also benefits competition & attracting new carriers significantly (for both short and long haul). I expect EZY are not quite as tough to compete with as FR too since they do not have such a low cost base, their brief attempt at LGW-Ireland quite a few years ago shows how this can turn out!

SealinkBF 17th Dec 2014 18:19

My last two flights from Stansted (28 NOV and 11 DEC) - I found the airport experience miserable.

Yes there's lots of building work taking place etc including a new "Aspire" lounge; but I really can't face going there again.

+26% means that I doubt they will care!

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