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NickBarnes 13th Sep 2014 09:40

No not really only when your through to one of the 3 sat's, and yes all the flying harps makes the airport a lot less interesting than most!

LadyL2013 13th Sep 2014 14:22

Just been through security. Took forever! 45 mins at the least.

southside bobby 14th Sep 2014 13:15

Nice to see Cyprus Airways operating their inaugural scheduled service from/to Larnaca earlier today,transferring from LHR....

TOWTEAMBASE 16th Sep 2014 18:16

Shame they aren't proper aircraft like they sent in the first time around, A310's and A330's if I remember rightly

insuindi 25th Sep 2014 17:10

Germanwings appear to intent to reduce HAJ-STN to 6/7 for Summer 2015.

mikkie4 29th Sep 2014 23:16

MANCHESTER AIRPOTS GROUPE announce FAR EAST, CHINA , U.S.A. by 2016 from STN..The NIMBYS AND THE TREE HUGGERS have started moaning already (BBC LOCAL NEWS)

LTNman 30th Sep 2014 04:45

What MAG desire and what they get are two things. So far every long haul route that has been tried at Stansted has failed. With Ryanair running the show at Stansted there are no connecting flights that can be booked.

The new duty free shopping area shown on local TV last night looked very nice though even though most passengers don't quality for duty free shopping.

Skipness One Echo 30th Sep 2014 07:49

What airlines are launching services to the US and the Far East? How have they addressed the market behaviours of past days causing previous attempts to fail? Looking at Air China (and Korean Air last year) abandoning Gatwick, how will #3 succeed where #2 cannot?

OR is this just PR from the marketing department? Excuse the vitriol but our marketing dept is chock full of joly types with little grasp of numbers....they exist on leads and pitches and good fluffy "maybes" before moving on (promoted on) before they're found out.

Anything concrete?

LadyL2013 30th Sep 2014 17:19

I believe Thomas Cook will be trying long haul at the end of this year or the beginning of next.

I didn't reckon on the shopping area. It's nothing special. I'd say about 80% of passengers can't buy duty free goods anyway, so seems pointless to me.

In fact I thought Stansted was in general a rubbish airport. Hardly anywhere to eat and you had to wait half an hour to get a table (and this isn't even high season). Very few shops. It took an hour to get through security. The E-passport gates were closed on the way back to another huge queue with only 3 desks open.

Nowhere to watch aircraft and just a generally depressing feel to the terminal. Past the departure lounge it is painfully apparent this is a very underused airport. We boarded from gate 2 and I think on the way there there was only one other gate being used out of several dozen. So much space for so few flights. We we're flying in the early afternoon so hardly at a quiet time of the day.

I normally enjoy the airport experience and you normally get an exciting buzz from the atmosphere, but this was just dull. I really hope STN can grab some new airlines or at least increase the use from minority airlines so it can fulfill it's potential so to speak.

We normally fly LGW for our holidays (depending on airline and destination), but went out of STN as it was cheaper. I think we've both decided to just go to LGW next time unless STN is remarkably cheaper.

FRatSTN 7th Oct 2014 14:41

EZY now appear to be keeping CPH operating 2x weekly for the foreseeable future with flights now on sale until May 31 2015. Still a massive cut compared to this year's 2x daily but I suppose it's something.

Appears to be a couple of extra flights to BFS, AMS and possibly another 1 or 2 routes as well.

Still very minimal though with still only 7 aircraft and fewer flights than this summer but it's better than a kick in the teeth.

southside bobby 13th Oct 2014 16:11

Pax figures for September `14 showing an increase of 14% over September last year for a total of 1,873,870 during the month....:ok:

sam dilly 24th Oct 2014 19:03

I saw great news about the new E gates at Stansted, I think it was 15 or 16.
My last 2 arrivals at Stansted, have seen an average of about 50% of such gates working, and long queues as ever at Immigration.
Will they get it right ?:rolleyes:

Waldo1 25th Oct 2014 01:20

We transited both ways thru stansted recently, experience was really good considering we were late in from belfast and had a really tight connection
Outbound, the e gates were all available and we all passed thru promptly, security was great, plenty of lanes open and we were thru in a few minutes. Departures was fine, again its a building site but shops, food and toilets all readily available. Down side was we were in a huge airport which is really under utillised and yet we were then herded onto a small satellite terminal with about 6 gates and about 10 ryr flights trying to depart from...at the same time...
Return journey was fine with the addition of passing thru the UK border, brilliant! Well done getting those pesky e passport readers to work, we were thru in seconds... All in all, can't wait to hopefully try stn again next year and see how the return has came on

southside bobby 26th Oct 2014 08:43

Ryanair re-entered UK domestic ops with services from both GLA & EDI arriving at Stansted this AM...Both up to 3 daily with EDI already slated for 5 daily next year when "the red one" ceases it`s ops from there...

racedo 26th Oct 2014 11:36

Both up to 3 daily with EDI already slated for 5 daily next year when "the red one" ceases it`s ops from there...
Doubt SLF using Red will use FR as airports just way too far apart.
See it back down to a 3 a day within a year.

Jamie2k9 26th Oct 2014 13:47


Within a year....It will not go 5 daily in the first place unless U2 pull STN-EDI. Anyway we are led to believe that Little Red is flying empty so no need for extra capacity!

AirportPlanner1 12th Nov 2014 08:31

New 3x daily to Isle of Man and 2x daily to Newcastle from March, plus 3x weekly to Newquay between May and September (this would appear to be a steal from SEN)

The Newcastle flights are off-peak so will not sure how they will do, but good news nonetheless to see another airline at STN.

pamann 12th Nov 2014 10:13

Great news! Finally some regional connectivity returning to Stansted. I was surprised when they sold the Gatwick slots that this wasn't done sooner. But such coverage of the London market, I would expect to see some consolidation of their London routes post the launch of services from Stansted.

This is exactly the start of what the airport needs to attract some longhaul carriers. After all do Etihad not have a code share agreement in place with FlyBe?

whitelighter 12th Nov 2014 18:34

With the EGHH deal this looks like a direct result of MAG doing a cross airport deal.

Good news for both the airports and I hope FlyBe

daz211 12th Nov 2014 18:46

Glad to see NCL will be back on the departure screens.
I'm not sure about 3x daily IOM sounds a bit much to me.
Would have liked a 2x daily MAN in announcement.

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