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adfly 30th Apr 2015 11:04

It is good to see TCX and indeed TOM growing nicely at STN, and good for the airport as they become (a little) less dependent on Ryanair! Although FRatSTN you say in a post that there will be 3 based A321's during July and August but I do not think this is correct as there are ~36 shorthaul departures a week so if each aircraft operates 2 flights in a day the 3rd would be underutilised. While it could be a 'spare' aircraft of sorts it seems more likely that there will be 28 departures from the 2 aircraft + a few overnight flights + a couple operated by the A332 on the day it isn't flying long haul routes. Sorry to be a pedant!

LTNman 30th Apr 2015 13:31

It might all be down to the fact that it is getting harder to get slots at Gatwick so Stansted is picking up business but whatever the reason it is a good win for the airport.

AirportPlanner1 30th Apr 2015 13:52

I think there will be further changes, as some of the schedule doesn't quite work.

For example, Friday requires 4 aircraft plus the A330 (departures at 05:00, 06:25, 07:00, 07:05 and then the A330 at 10:20) but then there are gaps later for the 3rd and 4th aircraft.

Saturday the schedule fits perfectly for 3 aircraft and the A330.

I would guess a slight rejig rather than more to come but even so Friday would require one of the rogue flights to be operated by a non-based aircraft.

FRatSTN 30th Apr 2015 19:27

Based entirely on their schedules, which I can see do need some re-jigging, it seems a 3rd aircraft comes down from Glasgow from mid July until the end of August (in addition to the A330 which also comes down from GLA, actually making STN a total of 4).

I wasn't sure if possibly a 757 might position into STN to operate Skiathos which is one of the Friday morning departures. It seems to be operating non-stop in 2016 (currently the return leg goes via Kavala as the A321 can't make it direct to the UK).

Nonetheless I expect it's more likely the schedules will be changed but definitely looks as if 3 A321's will be needed, even if/when schedules do change.

GrahamK 30th Apr 2015 21:08

The 321 made it back to NCL nonstop most of the time from JSI last summer

01475 7th May 2015 16:21

What happens when over-hyped press releases meet lazy journalism?


Families could save hundreds after Stansted Airport announced it was getting rid of a "punitive" travel tax for children.

The decision to abolish Air Passenger Duty (APD) means parents of children aged 12 and under who fly through the airport could now save hundreds of pounds on their holiday costs.

cornishsimon 7th May 2015 17:59

Are flybe likely to feed the TCX flights at STN in the same way as MAN ?

I know the feed would be very limited, IOM, NQY, NCL but just wondered ?


multycpl 9th May 2015 10:24

Well l finally brokedown and bought a ticket on the "NEW" Ryanair......:ooh:

Apart from the check-in page, so far l am impressed. Flight went well and the new (for every other airline normal ) hand baggage allowance was super.
Whoever is in charge of the rebranding. DONT STOP. Brilliant :D

Now except for Stansted itself. I havn't used it for a while BUT boy has this High Street, I mean airport changed.

Long queues at Security and WTF is all that winding, time taking you have no choice..even if you need to get to your gate now, frigging SHOPPING STREET all about ???:ugh:
Yes I know it makes money...BUT please please guys..

After waiting in a long line for security, I really don't want to spend 20 minutes getting through all the shops (Which take you in the wrong direction for the dam gates) Let me get to my gate as soon as I can.

Anyone know if theres a short cut through this crap and get to the gates that's not sign posted ??

pamann 15th May 2015 06:59

Are we looking at additional services or just a change in capacity/aircraft i.e; A319 to A320 shift?


carousel 15th May 2015 15:26

Short cut
Yep there is a very short shortcut, but you have to be staff to use it! I'm afraid Joe Public has to be tempted to part with cash as they pass along the "High Street" to the gates.

Joe Curry 15th May 2015 21:32

I don't think we have heard the last of SSE (Stop Stansted Expansion),
they are a very powerful group of protesters who led previous owners BAA a merry chase in the past.

jdcg 18th May 2015 15:29

I also passed through STN recently for the first time in a while. It is, quite simply, awful. It has been, for geographic and route reasons, my main airport for many years; but now I would seek to avoid it.
Security is worse than ever. I was running only slightly late but had to buy priority access as the queues were back to and beyond the barriers.
The departure area is a hideous and disorientating assault on the senses. And border control coming home is as slow as ever, if not worse.
It's a great sadness that the place has deteriorated so massively.

wings folded 19th May 2015 16:52

I never willingly enter a tacky shopping mall, which is what Stansted has become. I certainly would not be a patron of a tacky shopping mall which made me queue for 55 minutes to be treated with outright rudeness by security functionaries when I finally got to one of the few lanes open, before being allowed into the ghastly emporium.

Escaping from that unpleasantness leads one to the rather disturbing realisation that their retail maze hazard course has pretty what doubled the time it takes to get to your plane, but they do not post the gate number any earlier.

So if you walk slowly because of a disability you are essentially stuffed.

I found the portakabin style sheds north side in the 1980s to be quite quite charming.

And as for the 2 per minute charge for lingering longer than the allowed time to drop off passengers in their "express" facility, it is barbarian greed; it must be the most expensive parking fee in the world.

If, again, you are disabled, you will end up being mugged by their quite outrageous charges.

The web site hails all of this as "improvement"

It is not; it is a fundamental disgrace.

flyingtincan 19th May 2015 18:10

Stansted has indeed gone downhill since MAG took over. Maybe they can manage Manchester but they are are not up to managing Stansted as well.

And when will Ryanair tell them to get it sorted - after they have lost bookings?

LadyL2013 19th May 2015 21:19

After our less than impressive experience at STN, we have decided we'll quite happily pay that little extra to fly from LGW.

Honestly it was like being in an airport manh years ago with long queues, rubbish atmosphere and lack of anything to do.

LadyL2013 20th May 2015 08:28

Not to mention a duty free that's useless to most passengers due to EU restrictions....

NickBarnes 20th May 2015 08:51

After my experience recently, I will no longer fly Ryanair or Stansted airport, it was awful, Still wasn't enough seating in the departure area, and arriving back we had to wait 35 mins to get through passport check, very poor!

Give me Heathrow Terminal 5 and BA any day

Teaboy24 20th May 2015 09:10

After my experience recently, I will no longer fly Ryanair or Stansted airport, it was awful, Still wasn't enough seating in the departure area, and arriving back we had to wait 35 mins to get through passport check, very poor!

35 mins wait. That's a good day.

ATNotts 20th May 2015 09:18


Not to mention a duty free that's useless to most passengers due to EU restrictions....
Restrictions? No, liberties - since there is no such thing as Duty Free for travel within the EU, although you can't buy Duty Free, you can buy (usually more competitively), in shops throughout the EU tax, and excise duty paid, without restriction to quantity or value.

Something, incidentally, that will be lost if the UK leaves the EU. I'm sure the DF operators, and airlines will be rubbing their hands at that prospect.

Expressflight 20th May 2015 11:46

These disgruntled posts must be music to SEN's ears.

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