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Flightmech 3rd Jul 2014 21:40

Originally Posted by wallp (Post 8548057)
Did Ryanair ever serve Prestwick from Stansted?

Ryanair used to serve PIK up to 4 (?) times a day in days gone by. Used to do it regularly in the B732 days.

EI-BUD 3rd Jul 2014 22:21

once upon a time STN PIK was x8 daily on 73S in each direction !

FRatSTN 4th Jul 2014 09:09

I think at their very peak it was run up to 10x a day but not sure which a/c types they were using then.

LTNman 4th Jul 2014 15:11

Thought it was a 737-200

Buster the Bear 4th Jul 2014 19:21

Stansted-Prestwick was almost an hourly service using B737-200

whitelighter 5th Jul 2014 01:11

I flew STN-PIK as recently as 2008 so i guess that would have been B738s

FRatSTN 8th Jul 2014 14:21

Nice to see yet again that STN has been left out in EZY's new route announcements.

Falcon666 8th Jul 2014 16:26

Did you really expect EZY to add destinations for W14/15 after transferring two routes to LTN earlier.
Unfortunately it appears at the moment that STN is lower down the pecking order, bit like FR at luton where there hasn't been a sniff of a new route for over 18 months ( Think Alghero was the last)
There is obviously a lot going on in the background that we are unaware of but for the moment you will just have to ride it out and see what S15 has to offer.

WHBM 9th Jul 2014 16:45

Hello from the over-hot STN departure lounge.

While I stand here (there being no seats left), may I ask a question. All the air conditioning units high upon the south-facing glass wall of the terminal (that's the side facing the sun, for those in the airport management who didn't get GCSE Geography) have large scaffolding towers erected up to them.

Did someone really schedule mainstream maintenance of the air conditioning for July ?

Tranceaddict 9th Jul 2014 17:37

Did someone really schedule mainstream maintenance of the air conditioning for July ?
I don't think it's maintenance, they were never there in the first place! believe they are all brand new, part of the terminal transformation

carbootking 10th Jul 2014 07:43

air conditioning units
those new air conditioning units don't half make a noise sounds like someone is hoovering for hours on end but does keep the place cool

FRatSTN 10th Jul 2014 10:22

Anyway... Moving on. Very impressive traffic growth last month despite the French ATC disruption. Compared to June 2013:

Passengers + 11.7%
Aircraft Movements + 6.4%
Cargo Tonnage + 17.8%

Interesting to see the sudden boost in cargo after seeing declines for the last few months. Anyone know why that is?

Red Four 10th Jul 2014 10:52

Cargo, obviously mainly due to Manston closure and flights relocating.

carousel 10th Jul 2014 20:10

Air con?
The unit at the top of the towers are in fact smoke extract fans. There are actually 6 units 3 east and 3 west designed to clear the building of smoke in under two mins. The air con such as it is is housed in each of the trees (roof supports) and usually works very efficiently during the winter months.

NickBarnes 11th Jul 2014 18:36

So tonight I had to book flights to Düsseldorf for Wednesday 17th of September/day return

Checked flights with Eithad Regional prices came to £117.48 return.

Checked flights with Germanwings/Eurowings came to £76 return with the extras included, ie seat selection.

Needless to say my business went to Germanwings, but just thought id check another date 15th october and the prices for each were the same.

So would seem Germanwings are offering the better deal to try and remove Eithad regional.

thought id post for those interested

insuindi 12th Jul 2014 09:22

"So would seem Germanwings are offering the better deal to try and remove Eithad regional."

I'd say that is 80% of their reason for starting this route - defending the home turf and hoping that Etihad gets bored of seeing their money being burned.

adfly 12th Jul 2014 09:45

Germanwings ~ Lufthansa, who have expressed their dislike for the MEB3 a few times now, so I imagine this is one of the reasons they are trying to push Etihad Regional off the route, as they never seemed too bothered when Air Berlin were operating it.

NickBarnes 12th Jul 2014 10:11

Well made me book with Germanwings, as im sure it will with many people. So as you guys say, only so long Eithad will be able to put up with it.

daz211 12th Jul 2014 13:26

Stansted airport website
When looking through the Stansted airport website I see that under flight timetable it still shows a drop box for winter 13 and summer 14
Has anyone any idea when this gets updated
as I'm looking for charter flights for winter 14 I would have thought
The winter program for charter flights would already be available ...

Air Hop 25th Jul 2014 22:04

Stansted Closed?
Does anyone know why flights are diverting from Stansted?

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