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STN Ramp Rat 17th Jun 2014 17:36

typing 4U + airline into Google reveals that it is Germanwings :ok:

whitelighter 17th Jun 2014 20:48

So why not just say 'Germanwings'

ericlday 17th Jun 2014 21:14

Instead of looking out of the window start looking at your computer,

insuindi 17th Jun 2014 22:29

My post 2726 is also relatively enlightening on this matter... Title: Germanwings.

VickersVicount 17th Jun 2014 22:31

I thought the Google police had been outlawed ?

22/04 17th Jun 2014 22:39

Sorry I meant to post here earlier.

If Ryanair serve the likes of ALC etc. why would Easy want to serve them? Easy have service from STN to places Ryanair haven't chosen to go and to a few they do. RYR have a lower cost model than Easy (Eastern European CC, self employed pilots) so they simply can't compete.

Nice to see 4U at STN on business oriented routes and growth overall , but for common leisure routes it is London (Ryanair) airport I am afraid- don't complain though [email protected] you are better connected to Europe I think than any other London Airport.

Tagron 18th Jun 2014 13:10

As a matter of record, according to the dropdown menu of the booking engine on their website, Ryanair serve 130 destinations from STN.

pamann 18th Jun 2014 16:47

It looks as though the Germanwings flights to DUS are to be operated by Eurowings with their CRJ's twice daily weekdays, with one flight each way Sat/Sun.

FRatSTN 18th Jun 2014 17:13

It looks as though the Germanwings flights to DUS are to be operated by Eurowings with their CRJ's twice daily weekdays, with one flight each way Sat/Sun.

Only until the end of the Summer schedules on 25OCT. From then on it will be an A319 operated by 4U.

vctenderness 18th Jun 2014 19:39

Welcome to hell!
Arrived at STNSTED today from Izmir on Pegasus flight on time. On disembarkation walked down to transit station to find a sea of people from the transit right back into the gangway.

This area filled up even more and it then became clear there was a problem with the transit system. Only running one carriage at a time. No staff around and as we were crushed ever closer together it seemed pretty dangerous. About 45 minutes later we were crushed into a transit the lovely Russian visitors behind pushing us forward people swearing and getting irate.

On arrival at Border control it was near impossible to get out of train as que for passport control backed right up. All desks not manned and several auto booths out of action.

Finally got through about 1 hour 45 mins after landing. Still bags will be waiting NO! Still had wait for bags to arrive.

Left terminal and went to Long Stay car park bus stop. Fifteen minutes later man in Hi-Viz jacket strolls over 'are you waiting for Long Stay bus?' Because it won't be stopping here as the barrier is broken. Walk over there and it will pick you up.
Bus arrives and stops much further along road we,then drag cases towards it and board. At entrance to car park driver asks for barrier to be lifted...and asks for barrier to be lifted....and makes a joke to customers as we still wait for barrier operator to finish his tea or whatever.

And the summer season has not yet started!:ugh:

Teaboy24 18th Jun 2014 20:05

Sounds like my experience last week, add another 20 minutes waiting half on stand for "guidance system" to work !!

Think the transit system is deliberately slowed down to avoid a pile-up in the Immigration Hall. Same as when they hold you downstairs on the Ryanair pier.

Just creates pile-up elsewhere.

Tranceaddict 18th Jun 2014 21:22

Nothing wrong with the guidance system, suspect you were waiting for someone to switch it on, that's the ground handlers job, not the airports, I can take a guess you were flying with FR?

Teaboy24 19th Jun 2014 06:27

You are correct first time !!

iggie 21st Jun 2014 13:53

What is meant by '12/7 eff 22AUG' in post #2725?

pwalhx 21st Jun 2014 14:04

12 flights over a 7 day period i.e. twice daily on 5 days and 1 daily on 2, starts 22nd August

iggie 21st Jun 2014 14:49

Thank you pwalhx.

FRatSTN 3rd Jul 2014 09:48

New routes to Edinburgh and Glasgow Intl both 3x daily.

Falcon666 3rd Jul 2014 14:53

Another reason for EZY to transfer flights?
More dominance of one airline at STN-great!!:ugh::ugh:

wallp 3rd Jul 2014 16:26

Did Ryanair ever serve Prestwick from Stansted?

An interesting development which doesn't bode well for easyJets flights to big cities. I wouldn't be surprised to see them increase frequencies from Luton and exit these altogether from Stansted as there's not room for both carriers or is there?

FRatSTN 3rd Jul 2014 16:40

I think there is room for both FR and EZY on the STN to EDI and GLA routes. Back in the day EZY operated these routes 5 or 6 times a day and that was alongside their LGW and LTN services.

However whether EZY do pull out of those routes remains to be seen. My gut feeling is that despite everything they will do in due course since that's the impression they have given on their STN presence over the last few years.

I do honestly think that FR is taking advantage of EZY cutting back more so than EZY cutting back because of FR. I think somewhere along the line FR will start CPH and potentially LYS too.

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