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Skipness One Echo 15th Jan 2014 23:57

No doubt the LTN crowd will be over in a minute to point out why this is terrible for the airport and repeat that 'no-one wants to fly from Stansted...'
15 posts and already pointlessly LTN baiting? What username were you previously banned as then? So what operator is driving the double digit growth in % "slots". Genuine question, I'm not a fanboy and am keen to learn.

Angels-One-Five 16th Jan 2014 10:44

Ryanair reported to be basing 7 extra aircraft from the start of summer schedules.

Thomas Cook basing an extra aircraft (2 A321 rather than 1 A320)

Don't think any easyjet aircraft have been added yet but there is the distinct possibility.

Assuming the 7 FR airframes do 4 sectors per day, that's 28 sectors, or 56 movements - around 12% increase on the average daily movements from summer 2013. Add in the kestrel and any additional easyjet, business jet traffic (fayair and inflight are getting more bookings) plus the maintenance aircraft into and out if the diamond hanger (they have the Thompson maintenance contract and gave been retrofitting crew bunks to the 787 fleet as well as maintenance on the B738s).

Persistent rumour Air Blue might turn up at some point but I'm not convinced. Long haul service won't add many movements but would be good for the airport non the less.

LTN bating was meant as a bit of fun - it does seem that a lot if the posters based/interested in LTN are a obsessed with STN and determined to do it down. I think there is room for growth at both airports and I would like to see The dominance if Heathrow reduced but I know it's bit going to happen in reality.

southside bobby 16th Jan 2014 11:26

Recently announced.....Ryanair to establish a new base in Athens & new routes include a daily Stansted service commencing 1/4/14,Regards...The Southside...

LAX_LHR 16th Jan 2014 11:35

Air Blue will not be coming. They are pulling out of long haul conpletely and A340's are being returned.

southside bobby 16th Jan 2014 12:04

Yes,thanks for info LAX LHR.....AirBlue`s travails have been well noted in various postings in recent weeks,I do not think the expectation was that "great" to be honest...Thanks again......Regards...The Southside..

LTNman 16th Jan 2014 15:05

Ryanair reported to be basing 7 extra aircraft from the start of summer schedules.
Don't you mean re-instating 7 aircraft that were once based there. Will this bring Ryanair back up to its old total?

sxflyer 17th Jan 2014 18:14

BA to withdraw from dedicated freight
Looks as though BAWC/GSS will be pulling out in April. This is a big blow to the freight side of STN. Atlas are pursueing 'new opportunities' for the aircraft, but such opportunities could be anywhere in the world I would guess

Atlas Air Worldwide, British Airways to Pursue New Opportunities - Yahoo Finance

southside bobby 17th Jan 2014 18:49

Yes sxflyer,a big blow for those associated/affected employees & for the cargo tonnage thruput at STN,fingers crossed that MAG being the largest Airport cargo operator in the UK with EMA/MAN/STN will be able to remedy part of the loss with their experience & knowledge of freight ops with their customer airlines.....Regards The Southside......PS...reported close down WEF from April...

TOWTEAMBASE 17th Jan 2014 22:52

And Qatar rumoured to be picking up (some) of the pieces

Skipness One Echo 17th Jan 2014 23:18

And Qatar rumoured to be picking up (some) of the pieces
BA are looking to use Qatar B777Fs but I wonder from which airport?

LAX_LHR 17th Jan 2014 23:58

Qatar Cargo could well be Heathrow initially. They just brought the Cyprus Airways slots and I don't believe for one second they need a 6th daily passenger flight.

flyingfortress 18th Jan 2014 19:46

Huge blow for us who deal with BA/GSS, didn't see that one coming.
Will have to wait and see where Qatar will go but not counting my chickens that they will drop off in STN.

canberra97 18th Jan 2014 23:27


I do believe the sale of the Cyprus Airways evening slots to Qatar fell through at the last minute and were sold to a yet unidentified airline.

Buster the Bear 19th Jan 2014 10:11

My understanding was that a confidential agreement between the Cypriot Govt and Etihad for the sale of the slot existed. Leaks in Cyprus of the plans meant that another airline stepped in and sold slots to Etihad cheaper.

Flightmech 19th Jan 2014 21:33

I think BA are buying space on the Qatar regular route network (not dedicated freighters) so don't think the 777s will be at STN. A real shame as although it affects GSS staff directly it also affects Aeropeople, Wickes, Servisair Cargo and others. Plus what will happen to "The Sandwich Policeman" and his little van?

flyingfortress 19th Jan 2014 21:56

After reading the press release, I am led to believe that Qatar are using the 777 freighters 5 times a week.
As one of those workers in your list, let's hope they use STN.

Buster the Bear 20th Jan 2014 22:57

Stansted Facelift Targets Long-Haul Elite as MAG Benefits - Bloomberg

Skipness One Echo 21st Jan 2014 00:30

God they've had a new Terminal no airlines wanted for twenty four long years and yet they're still wittering on about long haul. It seems airport execs just get a rush of blood whenever long haul gets a mention.
It's the only thing that generates headlines or buzz.
I wonder how a once daily STN-DXB yield would compare against a fourth Gatwick or a sixth Heathrow. I mean it's not as if they need to serve STN to steal existing long haul connections from a legacy network carrier like at MAN/BHX/NCL/LGW/LHR who have a mix of BA/LH/AF/KL etc. It would be an actual clean sheet!

pamann 21st Jan 2014 03:49

Here we go again :rolleyes:

Same old drivel from the same old suspects. What a surprise! Was only time before they crawled out from underneath their rock


Someone let me know when "The great aviation know-it-all's of PPRuNe" have crawled back under it and we can move on with a more positive outlook to the future. :ok:

Skipness One Echo 21st Jan 2014 09:59

Which part did I get wrong?
List of long haul success from STN : " "

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