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Expressflight 20th Oct 2016 10:57

It's a misprint. The Stobart statement that they were purporting to be quoting directly from said "London Southend Airport".

daz211 26th Oct 2016 16:49

Jet2 winter 2017
Two new routes for winter 2017

FRatSTN 26th Oct 2016 17:19

Very impressive Winter schedule from Jet2.com with very competitive frequencies.

Would be very surprised if STN doesn't feature in the New York Christmas programme for Nov/Dec 2017.

pamann 26th Oct 2016 18:26

I personally can't see LS offering New York, far too much competition in the London/SE region on that route, the reason it works from the regions is the lack of connectivity to NY/the US and that folk use the Christmas shopping trips for this advantage. The US dollar rate will affect their regional NY offerings this year for sure.

FFHKG 27th Oct 2016 16:16

Not sure about the comment on the lack of connectivity from the regions on TA flights - a total of 10 scheduled flights out of Manchester alone to the US this morning on scheduled airlines (excluding Thomson holiday flights) - and yes, LS will also operate to NY over the Christmas period

NY : United x1, American x1, Thos Cook x 1

Orlando : Thos Cook x 1, Virgin Atlantic x1

Atlanta : Virgin Atlantic x 1

Philadelphia : American x 1

Las Vegas : Virgin Atlantic x 1

Miami : Thos Cook x 1

Chicago : American x 1

Add to this list, Singapore Airlines to Houston 4 X weekly from next week.

pamann 27th Oct 2016 17:17

'The regions' is not just Manchester.

I believe Jet2 operate their NY programme from the likes of LBA, NCL, EMA... that is what is meant by the term 'The regions'.

The south east and London LHR/LGW offer far too much choice and flexibility to NY and that itself keeps the fares generally low.

If you want to start using GLA as an example, you'll find the fares a lot higher due to less competition this coming winter.

Anyhow let's get back to talking Stansted.

Jet2 + NY won't happen here IMHO.

FRatSTN 27th Oct 2016 17:56

Well we'll just have to wait and see what happens, though I'm sure there is more than enough local demand to support a few flights to NYC over the christmas period.

pamann 27th Oct 2016 19:34

I'd expect the big wigs at Stansted to be looking at more of a legacy carrier for that route, something which has happened in the past but never lasted that long unfortunately. The weak GBP isn't helping in that respect just now, I can't see a legacy carrier on the route in the near future either.

What Stansted now needs is some connectivity with the likes of KLM. An airline that I'm pretty surprised isn't yet in the mix.

Skipness One Echo 27th Oct 2016 19:57

KLM? Air UK were the KLM partner for decades and STN was their main hub.
They did not survive the rise of FR/EZY, STN-AMS is loco territory nowadays IMHO.

pamann 22nd Nov 2016 21:52

Looks like there's to be no Thomson long-haul programme winter 17/18 :*

AirportPlanner1 24th Nov 2016 21:33

Someone a few weeks back questioned the point of the BA flight to TXL which of course operates inbound on Fridays and back out on Sundays, suggesting it was no good to anyone.

For what is effectively a glorified ferry flight it seems to have done pretty well. Looking at the CAA stats, monthly averages were between 75 and 80 pax per flight. Fares don't seem too low either.

_aax1 26th Nov 2016 23:58

Having a detailed look into EZY's schedule over the summer it appears 7 aircraft will be based, the same as summer 16. However there appears to be gaps in the schedule with the slight the reduction of some routes such as BJV, PMI and IBZ. I'm guessing a new sun route(s) will be announced to fill the gaps.

FRatSTN 27th Nov 2016 00:36

I've had a brief look too and surely must be a new route or two to come though you'd have thought strengthening the frequency on AGP, PMI, IBZ, DBV, ZTH etc. would be more a priority now with Jet2 on the scene.

I guess it depends though whether EZY want to put up a fight (certainly nothing out of the ordinary otherwise) on what isn't exactly their strongest foothold as it is. Just another one of those cases of wait and see I think.

LGS6753 6th Dec 2016 13:04

Air Moldova A320 currently carrying out its 5th orbit over Suffolk - other arrivals coming straight in. Problems?

Edited to add - just landed at Birmingham.

AerRyan 6th Dec 2016 13:40

Originally Posted by LGS6753 (Post 9600640)
Air Moldova A320 currently carrying out its 5th orbit over Suffolk - other arrivals coming straight in. Problems?

Fog. When in doubt, check the weather.

LGS6753 6th Dec 2016 14:41

...so why was the Air Moldova 320 affected by fog, yet numerous Ryanair 738s - arriving before and after - weren't?

EastMids 6th Dec 2016 15:01

...so why was the Air Moldova 320 affected by fog, yet numerous Ryanair 738s - arriving before and after - weren't?
Maybe because Air Moldova require higher minimums, or the kit on the aircraft was downgraded or inop, or the crew weren't current for a low-vis landing, or... So they held for a while hoping for an improvement, and then by previous account decided to kick STN into touch and went to BHX...

STN Ramp Rat 11th Dec 2016 07:49

New service LGA-STN
seen on Airliners.net

BLISS JET TO LAUNCH PER-SEAT NY-LONDON SERVICE IN 2017 | Article - Thu 17 Nov 2016 04:35:07 PM UTC | airsoc.com.

well, a one a week corporate jet LGA-STN on Sunday and STN-LGA on Friday.

It might operate for a few weeks before it fails.

LTNman 11th Dec 2016 09:27

For $24,000 return I would expect an FBO experience and a flight when I wanted it.

pabely 11th Dec 2016 09:52

First advertised in Summer from Westcheter to Biggin Hill, later Westchester to Stansted, now La Guardia, did any of the other services run......
A LTNman says, for that price might you just rent your own Jet to go when you wanted and from whatever VVIP FBO suited you. Certainly 2 people wanting this makes this service a no brainer!

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