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Leisurelad, i have to agree with you, im sure most people will be out to grab a bargain and thats what Ryanair will be looking to tap into. Like someone mentioned earlier in the thread the only Loyalty people from Yorkshire in general (myself included) is with their wallets. even if you've flown with jet2 on your last 5 summer holidays, and you see a cheaper fare with RYR of course its going to make you think and possibly book with them instead.In terms of baggage, I recently went on holiday to spain and flew with them, although 15kgs doesnt sound a lot, my friend and I took quit sizeable cases and we filled them, still only came to about 13kgs so youv'e got plenty of weight there.
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So the bottom line is, even if Jet2 gave all their profits back to their customers, they would still be more expensive.
No answer to that I suppose except to close the company because it does not make any sense to continue if all fares are booked on price only.
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I think thats a bit strong, Jet2 have done a lot for the LBA in recent years and probably will continue to for some time, like their popular package holidays, big expansion routes wise. i just think its good that they finally have some competition on the popular routes like PMI, IBZ, MJV, AGP ect. i think its just going to be a waiting game and see what happens when Ryanair finally start operations here.
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I was actually being sarcastic.Companies need to make profits to exist and provide a good service. I was not referring to any particular previous postings but some pax expect the airlines to carry them free of charge.
I remember travelling to Malta 25 years ago and it cost more than it does now in pounds,
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Well as I have said in another thread, it would be so nice to have a fare that you see, is the faret hat you pay.

"Malaga, 75 one way including check in, payment by card, luggage" etc. How simple is that?

Surely that is the way forward. It is so difficult to compare prices at present.
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I do agree with you with the current pricing, it is difficult to choose.

But if you look at what leisurelad said, then i'd have to say Ryanair are considerably cheaper at this stage.

Ryanair could what be Jet2 need to become a better airliner, a little bit of competition goes along way in my opinion.
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So Jet2 made about 30m profit. Divide this by say 4m pax.
If they reduce all fares by 8 quid, they go into the red.
Will a reduction of 8 quid stop them from being accused of being too expensive and pax being ripped off.I think not.So they must make other cost cuts to be more like Ryanair and no longer like Jet2.
I think they have a very good business model and they deserve support for what they have done for LBA and local travellers.It will be a sad day if they fail but they could if they respond to accusations of ripping off pax when they are treading such a fine line.
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Yes, but its swings around roundabouts. Strange how out of the 31 Jet2 flights from LBA to PMI in May you chose the most expensive to compare with Ryanair.

Blow me! LBA-FAO Return with Ryanair 140, Shock Horror Jet2 ONLY 79!!! (And yes thats 22kg luggage with Jet2 as apposed to 15kg with Ryanair) and to add into the equation .. 33" legroom with Jet2 on the 757's (Thanks to the lovely new seats being rolled out across the fleet) and a late lunchtime departure from LBA, rather than having to get to LBA at 5am with Ryanair. I know who I would choose..

Ryanair are always going to be cheaper than Jet2 on some days and vice versa, what good does making price comparisons do? Ryanair's LBA-ALC has had no effect on Jet2's passenger figures, same goes for LBA-BCN. As it has already been proved on these two routes, price (so far) has not been a governing factor. Quite simply LBA has a massive catchment area, Jet2 are at capacity from LBA, Ryanair will simply take passengers away from MAN, not eat away at Jet2's numbers. The crtics don't believe this, but the statistics speak for themselves.
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I and 3 others recently flew with j2, outbound was AE, we was lucky, as we have contacts at LBA we got row 12 been the bulk head exit rows. On the return leg we had to go on AI, and a slot out of PMI in 35 oC heat, meant we had to sit with no personal aircon, just the crap aircon blown around the a/c which was about as much use as a chocolate fire guard. We are all average height and size and was sat there with our knees youching the seat in front. Ive travelled with ryanair before and muct say the sead comfort and leg room is far better than what is offered on j2.
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but most 757s ive been on dont have personal air conditioning (air vents) dont know why this is! maybe was an optional extra, even AJ which is an ex Thomson aircraft doesnt have them.

With regards to the seat pitch only G-LSAC has had the new seats fitted all the others are to be done over the winter. The new design of the seats gives you an extra 2inches of leg room set at the standard 28in pitch, so you can still get 235 seats onboard and get the extra leg room, but Jet2 have taken out a row at the front to make 7x rows of extra leg room seats, with i think with the new seats makes 36in leg room. its amazing how much room is on that aircraft at the front now! well worth paying for the leg room!
Most charter airlines fly with the minimum seat pitch which is 28in, The worst 757 ive been on is TCX as their seats are big and chunky! comfy to sit on but so tight on leg room!

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I thought Ryanair loaded pax like cattle....
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The fact still remains that, according to the CAA, the 3 airports in Yorkshire and Humberside handled 4.2m passengers in 2008 and the 3 airports in the North West handled 26.8m. Which is why, even after allowing the usual PPRuNe talking points of transport, weather, strength of regional economies etc, a number of companies were prepared to invest 140m - 210m in the airport. They all thought the potential to attract local passengers that currently use other airports was big enough in financial terms to warrant the initial outlay and the investment in improving the terminal.

With the owners and management clearly bought into this principle of "big potential" and putting some significant cash on the table to prove it, it is naive to think they would leave themselves reliant and/or exposed to the fortunes of a single carrier. Yes, Jet2 have been the major factor behind the airport's growth in the recent past, but they don't run their business in a way which is designed to attract every last passenger heading across the M62 or down the M1. Nor would anyone expect them to. Increasingly they operate in a way which is very seasonal, sweating the business between May and September and being very conservative outside of this window. It works both ways of course, Jet2 may have started at LBA but they have established 5 other bases since. They too are canny enough to avoid putting all their eggs in one basket.

So once Bridgepoint put the new management team in place, they were always on the look out for new operators. I've no doubt Ryanair were always up there as a prime target for all sorts of reasons, not least because Ryanair have played key roles in driving a second wave at growth at a number of key regional airports. Liverpool, East Mids and Bristol, all got so far with one operator until Ryanair came in. You just don't get 4m - 5m passengers at airports like these with a dominant single operator, especially on the volume bucket and spade routes. It's wise not to ignore either the fact that the same key individual who brought Ryanair to BRS to compete with the well established Easyjet operation a couple of years ago has been instrumental in the Ryanair/LBA agreement. The LBA team aren't exactly entering new ground here.

I've no doubt there will be some interesting cameos along the way, but this isn't something the LBA management team have done in haste, nor is it something someone as long in the tooth as PM would not have been expecting. If the forecasts about the potential for steming passenger leakage is anyway near the mark, there should be plenty of room for both FR and Jet2, as well as others.
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682ft AMSL

Excellent post! The point I have tried to make ....only yours was much better put!

Standard Loading:

1 A330 planned for BGI plus 1 return from BGI - in addition to the usual TOM flights.
I would be interested to know if TCX think they can operate direct. The slot is for a direct flight but all TOM 763s are planned for a tech stop in MAN again this winter. Different aircraft & loads / weather etc will play a part I know but don't have enough performance knowledge of the A330 to draw a conclusion.
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When Ryanair has come into an airport served by Easyjet or vice versa there has been very little overlap of routes. Also both airlines are large and with substantial reserves. It is not the same situation as at LBA where Ryanair is clearly going after Jet2's most profitable routes. If the airport management is helping them to do this by letting them operate effectively for nothing (as Manchester has claimed Ryanair was demanding) I'm not sure the results will be beneficial in the long-term or whether you can rely on Ryanair to get a return on 140 million or more investment. It is more likely that Jet2 will want lower fees than Ryanair will accept higher charges.

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Does anybody know why a Sky Europe B735 is due into LBA from AMS today?

cant find any info anywhere, and doesnt seem to be departing today either?
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Appears to be one of the Jet2 733's that went to AMS earlier this morning helping out SkyEurope. ESK102/3P G-CELG.
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And there seems to be three (count them) Jet2 inbounds coming back via Manchester..... What's that all about?
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mmeteesside thanks for the info .
Yeah iv also seen these jet2 flights arriving into leeds when ther MAN flights?
have they operated into MAN first then posistioned over here?
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Manchester was down to single runway operation for a wee while this afternoon, hence the 3 LS flights diverted in to LBA.

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Ryanair to pull out of Manchester

Just heard this on the news ..that Ryanair are pulling all but one of their flights out of Manchester, due to "charges"..check out the BBC link

BBC NEWS | Business | Ryanair closing Manchester routes
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