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Leeds confirmed as a base.

I for one am happy as live in Leeds!
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8 of the new routes already served by Jet2
Of the other 6, Malta looks a good route to gain
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Creates hundreds of jobs, thats a laugh for 2 a/c

No check -in, no cleaning a/c, quick turnarounds, Eastern European crews, where is all these hundreds going to work

please advise

Cant wait till some of these new guys try to land at LBA when the wind blows, with all the pressure from Micky Finn saying you must land do not divert otherwise Brookmans will have no work for you!
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Clearly estimating the number of jobs created isn't an exact science. Here's a link to an estimation by a number of aviation sources across Europe, observed by the European Commission:

They estimate 4,000 jobs per 1 million passengers which, as I've said before, actually makes Ryanair's 1,000 for 1 million passengers look like an under-estimation!

Cant wait till some of these new guys try to land at LBA when the wind blows, with all the pressure from Micky Finn saying you must land do not divert otherwise Brookmans will have no work for you!
Childish comment.
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Cant wait till some of these new guys try to land at LBA when the wind blows, with all the pressure from Micky Finn saying you must land do not divert otherwise Brookmans will have no work for you!
Mods, can't you simply ban idiots like this?

There is absolutely no evidence to support such vitriolic claptrap.
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Leeds weather

Leeds has its own set of weather problems, but they are no worse than you'll see in Cork, yes there will be diverts in part because Ryanair are very strict on stable approach critera (rightly) and that's not always possible at Leeds.

It will be interesting to see if Mr Messon's responds, he can only do so much, in any event Ryanair will grow the market at Leeds and some of that will benefit Jet2, i would expect a reaction from PM, probably towards MME or DSA, he could do worse than start DUB, but only on Fri, Sun, Monday

I guess Jet2 will push further into the Jet2holidays market and long routes beyond the Med

Don't poohoo the low number of based aircraft either, one only has to look at EMA or BHX to see that there are far more flights than aircraft with many starting down route

Jet2 will face the same problem as bmibaby, in using ageing aircraft that go tech more often, fly slower use more fuel per seat Km, putting friendly low fares on the side won't make a difference, wait whilst they turn up with an aircraft with Bye Bye Jet2 on the side, this could knock a big hole in the idea of using a 757 to the med
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I have mixed feelings about today's Ryanair announcement.Whilst I welcome the new destinations,feel a bit sorry for Jet2 who now face competition on several cities served.

Jet2 have been a godsend to LBA,I just hope that they don't get hissed off,and take their business elsewhere now.

Maybe this competition will be a good thing.I do think that Jet2 have become more and more expensive recently.I came back from Krakow yesterday,I flew Easyjet from Liverpool as the Jet2 flights were double the price.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.
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Angel A300BOY

Thats the point more and more people are starting to use flights from other airports again due to the Jet 2 monopoly of Leeds and higher fares. I love Jet 2 and pay the extra willingly for the convenience but I think we also need an alternative to keep growth at the airport going. I suspect Manchester might be Ryanairs next base just to rub salt in the wound.
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Sounds like great news to me.

Wellington really don't have a clue!
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Hearty congrats on wining over Ryanair
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Facelookbovvered makes a good point about Jet2 and it's clapped out aircraft.

They seem to have a policy of not replacing parts like they used to and this has affected reliability. Pax get f**ked off with diverts, tech delays and being bussed all over the place along with high fares. There'll be no customer loyalty if Ryanair starts dropping their fares after moving in.

Having a large fleet of ****tip 737-300s leaves PM with limited funds to buy a decent fleet of new aircraft
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Now we will see just how good the mgt are. They currently have engine failure on a cold dark windy night, with no real appealing diverts. O'Leary is the examiner, and his fingers are dancing over a selection of other failure modes to give the crew something to think about. The question is now failure, or a pass.

It is accepted fact that Jet2 cannot compete with EZY or RYR. Now 2 aircraft are on their doorstep, and the RYR press release is a clear torpedo shot towards the soft underbelly of Jet2 targeting Spain, Italy and France (the real revenue generators for jet2). Share price was down 15%, so the city thinks they are very vunerable.

All it will take is a summer of losses, and Jet2 doesn't have the cash reserves to get it out of danger. It is the beginning of the end for Jet2 as a low cost airline. They will move out of city breaks within 12 months and move towards a complete package holiday company and freight. More 757/767, and less of the old 733s.

We will see what we will see.
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I think A300BOY is right. J2 have tried to play the yield management game and have reduced frequencies on a number of routes for S10. This has opened the door for RYR & others.
The airport wants growth and this should help. The catchment area is large enough to handle both airlines and 14 routes with 2 aircraft is not likely to create a serious dent in the Jet2 operation where the 2 compete. (There doesn't seem to have a been any fallout on BCN/GRO or ALC so far.)
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So we are looking at a company more like Monarch, semi-scheduled flights to popular beach destinations. Canaries, Spain, Portugal, Italy,Croatia, Cyprus, Turkey and Egypt.
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Very surprised that LBA was chosen I was confident that FR were bound for MAN on this one!!!

I think that Jet2 has a very well established name and brand in the LBA Area. And yes it will be cut throat for a while. It may be very like BFS where Easyjet (who is v well establised) has Aer Lingus (who would be as well know in BFS area as FR would be in LBA area? Probable debate on this!!). Aer Lingus took Easyjet on in key markets eg AMS, CDG, BCN, GVA, FAO etc. many of which are now withdrawn or being withdrawn.

The difference in LBA is that FR will not axe routes in the face of competition from Jet2. Ryanair will be in for the long run.

Good luck to Ryanair. I still think that MAN is the ultimate desired destination and as has been mentioned on the forum MAN will be under pressure for LBA and LPL for low cost traffic, when MAN decide that they want this back and put the deal on the table Ryanair will go for it.
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DSA Forum not very happy

DSA forum's are not very happy with todays news about Ryanair and gentleman refered to LBA as a "shed", and are worried that Ryanair will pull the plug permanently form DSA......At the end of the day Ryanair must have been given a massive incentive to base at Leeds, but also with the brand new terminal and further airport expansion on the cards, all this makes perfect sense..
Long may it continue, who knows, this could encourage other routes and other airlines to give LBA a the end of the day The Shed beat DSA hands down......maybe its just sour grapes, but LBA have been waiting for an opportunity like this one for years.....all they need now is a descent road system and a very much needed rail link from Horsforth....
Come on LBA lets make things work and do things right, this will keep the airlines happy, and not push them away.
Your Airport Needs You..........
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Can't help feeling that FR's arrival at LBA will cause serious problems for Jet2. Neither Easy or Baby operate from LBA and Flybe's presence there is small with only one international route all of which will give FR a clear run. Unless Jet2 can raise some capital to buy or lease newer aircraft, it will only be a matter of time before the power of FR will push them out of LBA altogether.
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Then Jet2 are better of keeping the aircraft they already have! No leasing costs! keeping costs and fares as low as possible! leasing aircraft would just put a bigger strain on them!
A seat on a plane is a seat! weather is a brand new Ryanair 737 or a 20yr old Jet2 aircraft in my opinion! who takes that into account when booking a ticket! its the cost of the ticket and the way the airline treats you, that i look at! Jet2s planes go tech yes but so do new aircraft! Every airline suffers tech delays! just cos Jet2s aircraft are older, they still look ok inside and do a good job! All down to good engineers!

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Very good point, when you book a flight or a holiday the tour company dont tell you about the age or condition of the aircraft you will be flying on......also Thomas Cook are going to be using alot of jet2 aircraft for next summer....sharing seats or whatever it is they call it, do passangers get a choice of which plane they travel on..jet2 or Thomas cant be all bad......seats are seats, as long as you get to wherever it is you are going, and the price is right...who cares
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It's gonna be interesting.

The reaction in the City is purely knee-jerk. There's not much intelligence behind that, other than casual uninformed whispers about some airport up north.

I don't think that Jet2 can hope for brand loyalty on a grand scale. But then people really don't like the Ryanair stealth fees these days. Booking on their website really is a nonsense for the uninitiated, as all the fees start plopping on top of the fare, and taking the total cost to something not far off a Jet2 fare price.

I've been doing quite a lot of work with youth brands and young audiences in the travel sector lately and it's interesting to read the resentment a lot of them have for Ryanair, even though low cost has long been their overriding motive when looking to travel. The travel brands I've been working on (both new and established) are starting to see that it's becoming less about low cost alone for this audience, with more of them wanting a bit more for their money, and they're prepared to pay for that. You only have to read the online discussions on youth travel websites about Air Asia's longhaul services to KL and Oz to see that a large proportion of them still prefer to pay more for a better quality product, even when cost is still a massive consideration.

Like I say - interesting times ahead at LBA. I don't think Jet2 will run, because if they run from Leeds then they're just avoiding the fight. If they can't fight it out at Leeds, then where else can they expect to fight it out and win against an airline that's got 34 bases and expanding? Ryanair will just hunt them down.

The up-side is that punters in the Leeds area are gonna benefit in the short-term. But short-term is not what the airport needs right now, ahead of critical expansion. People talk about the Jet2 monopoly at Leeds, but if they're killed off by Ryanair, then inevitibly a Ryanair monopoly will prevail, and rest assured they'll spit their dummies on a much grander scale should they not get their own way on future issues that aren't compatible with the objectives of Ryanair, but which may be in the interest of the airport and surrounding conurbations.

Personally, I think it's a shame that Ryanair have elected to go for the same routes as Jet2. Competition is great, but the airport's growth potential has been compromised compared to if Ryanair had chosen to try largely new routes. But it's a question of conflicting commercial objectives of individual airlines, rather than doing what would be best for the airport and area as a whole, which is unsurprising.

Ryanair is not the steamroller they once were, though. They've failed in quite a few expansions in recent years, so you never know. I for one will be watching with interest.

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