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SAS Ireland SAIL

Old 21st Feb 2018, 21:02
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That would be equivalent to declaring war.
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Old 22nd Feb 2018, 06:56
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That would require SAIL to open bases at CPH and ARN - i really doubt that. DEC into SAS - in your dreams.
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Old 22nd Feb 2018, 13:53
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DEC in any European legacy company is not possible, since their t&cs are good enough to have a stable workforce, hence high seniority pilots. You will ONLY see DEC is companys with a high turnover of employees, or when they start from scratch like eg. SAIL.
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Old 22nd Feb 2018, 18:21
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I’m afraid that what was unthinkable a few years ago will become more and more common in the future... There are first signs in several places already
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Old 22nd Feb 2018, 20:42
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I think that would be one step too far, for the four SAS pilot unions in Scandiland, although I must admit that I am a bit surprised about the passiveness over the last year. DPF (the danish one) held the Collective Agreement for Cimber, still the union did nothing when it was sold to Cityjet, with the t&cs now for the worse. Let alone that the Cimber employees had their employer changed from SAS Group to an Irish working model with all that includes....

Even with the now ongoing SAIL program the pilot unions do nothing, just sitting on their hands, waiting for the major part of the pilots to retire within the next 8-10 years.
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Old 27th Feb 2018, 15:28
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Have any been assessed for the malaga base?
did they send you the T&Cs?
I am attending the assessment next week in Manchester
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Old 27th Feb 2018, 16:08
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If you’re going to an assessment you should’ve gotten that info already. Otherwise send CAE an email and request it.

What I’ve heard the roster at Malaga will be 6/3, compared to the LRH base 5/4.

It would be interesting to hear where you’re working now. And also it would be super interesting to hear from anyone who’s currently there.

As an insider in scandiland we have no info about what’s going on over there what so ever.
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Old 27th Feb 2018, 17:13
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The airline employee species is in imminent danger of extinction. Save A Scandinavian.
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Old 27th Feb 2018, 18:04
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If the SAIL goes well, then it is only the first step to move more jobs in the air, out of Scandinavia:

borsen.dk/nyheder/virksomheder/artikel/1/359058/sas_afviser_ikke_flere_fly_uden_for_skandinavien_vi_skal_til passe_os_lavprisselskaberne.html?utm_source=forside&utm_camp aign=nyhed_10

I have no idea, when the unions will say stop, if they will at all?
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Old 28th Feb 2018, 15:30
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8300 pounds gross, equals about 5500 euros net in UK. Not quite an attactive salary, especially with the UK living standards...
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Old 28th Feb 2018, 16:50
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And zero pension. Surely that's illegal in UK?
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Old 28th Feb 2018, 19:01
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Parc are following UK law on another of their UK contracts but it is only 1% of a maximum of £45000.They put £32 into it for me last month!
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Old 1st Mar 2018, 11:19
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A bit different question I have been wondering how the staff travel works?

What type of concession parc offers?
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Old 1st Mar 2018, 19:32
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Concessions, after 6 months you can ID90 on SAS.
They talk of trying to get Star Alliance concessions but nothing available at last company update. In fact in that they said specifically that it was not a commuter contract!

Apart from that, lowest pay in the industry, hotels are crap, CAE are totally inept and people are resigning fast!
Plus side, crew food is nice, 5/4 roster is ok if you can put up with the low pay (Malaga will be 6/3 roster and lower pay still). Anything to do with SAS seems ok, but they have small input to CAE.

The feeling is if you have another option, take it !
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Old 2nd Mar 2018, 13:03
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When I resigned from SAS Ireland, I sent an email to the DFO. His answer was quite surprising: "I can't acknowledge your resignation, we don't work for the same company"....
It appears that SAS gave the keys of SAS Ireland to Parc, and it's out of control. You receive threatening emails from some obscure frustrated Parc secretary, the roster is a mess, and even the 5/4 doesn't work as usually you get an early flight on day 1 and a late one on day 5. The attitude of Parc makes Ryanair look like a bunch of cute Teletubbies. I've been in many airlines, but I never had to deal with people that rude. This, combined to the lowest T/Cs on the market makes this outfit suitable only if you are desperate or a masochist.
I had to get a lawyer to recuperate my last month salary, even though I left according to the contract, with the proper notice given and my company material given back.
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Old 2nd Mar 2018, 16:48
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Utter crap

I work for CAE (SAS Ireland) despite what you say the job is good, pay is fair for a Captain 5 to 5500 per month. CC are great, 5/4 is brilliant, yes there is room for improvement but itís early days. BALPA Membership is growing, conditions will improve. Sounds like sour grapes to me. I can only report what I see and feel and this is not a bad GIG as some of you refer to a job as.
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Old 2nd Mar 2018, 17:39
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3M, what did you expect?

That they would take it easy, when you resigned?

That you agreed to work for a dodgy company offering conditions well below, what the mother company (SAS) needs to pay their pilots for doing the same job?

Bad t&cís gives a highly unstable workforce (Ryanair suffer from that right now), but they donít like, when you find a better job... therefore they will act in an abusing way.

May be you should never have joined SAIL?
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Old 2nd Mar 2018, 18:43
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Your experience is pretty much why I left SAS after more than 20 years of employment.
They hate us and take it to a new level with SAIL.
Good luck in Your future endeavors.

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Old 3rd Mar 2018, 08:00
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2802th: Conditions will improve?

Correct me if Iím wrong.
SAIL started with the purpose of keeping the cost for flying crew down. So if the conditions improve, isnít that the opposite why SAIL exists in the first place? If SAIL crew improve their t&c, I think that the entire idea of having that company under SAS brand flies out that window over there and SAIL will be history.

Dont take me wrong here, of course I would rather see T&C on a acceptable level. But people accepting the current T&C, and then hoping for major increases is whatís wrong here. Increased T&C for sail is just contradictonary.
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Old 3rd Mar 2018, 09:45
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Thanks Heavydane, I must say I couldn't imagine such an attitude coming from a major. This attitude of hating pilots and, still, being willing to run an airline is totally incomprehensible, certainly some form of mental illness.
Gubbi123, to answer your questions, I was looking for a job close to home. On paper, the operation looked promising and I can understand that SAS was trying to cut costs by dodging one of the most expensive and overprotective systems in the world when it comes to labour costs.Other systems exist in Europe where the labor cost is cheaper without being a rip off for the employee.Since I was part of the first pilots joining I couldn't have any feedback. It turned out that none of the promises were kept except for one: the crappy salary. Actually this one exceeded all of my expectations.
Concerning the resignation part, during my stay in this company I kept on receiving offers for other jobs coming from my employer: Parc. I didn't expect them to take it easy, but I expected them to take it professionally as I didn't slam the door and I resigned according to the terms of my contract. Now I know that it was the first and the last time I've been working for these useless meat sellers, especially after witnessing their total incompetence on every single domain. They were incapable on booking plane or train tickets, hotels, transport to the sim, even a proper OCC or sim session. And they always serve you the same lousy excuse : "we're a startup, you knew about it". From the secretary unable of accomplishing a task a toddler would manage to the one threatening you to cover her mistakes, now I see Parc as a modern times Midas turning gold into crap. One of the guys, quite pissed off that a secretary couldn't match his logbook pages, decided to draw on the corners a triangle, a star, a circle so she could match the circle with the circle, the star with the starÖ Well, she failed. The same way she failed at obtaining us an airport pass. They had to re do the process from scratch 3 times, and when they started panicking when they realized that none of the pilots had a pass, they started putting the blame on us and started sending threatening emails.
So now, I'm back to the other side of the world working for an imperfect airline, but an airline that uses the magic word "please" when they ask me for a favor and apologize and assume the consequences when they made a mistake. In another word, they treat me like a human being.
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