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Flyboy_SG 17th Sep 2016 11:04

@B737NG. Giving up 737 command at this point is bad for your career. But, it also depends on where you will get command, what you want out of your life and how old you are. 777/787 offers you better lifestyle and better layovers. It's a personal decision I would say.
I gave up 737 command after training for 777 right seat and I don't regret.

soakingpilot 17th Sep 2016 12:14

Originally Posted by CaptZeloZelo (Post 9510358)
I don't mean to be negative but what I gather from this threat it shows me you have a horrible attitude Soaking Pilot.

I would make sure that going over there really is what you want and that you aren't going there just to chase metal and money because you seem like the kind of person who would get pissed off and be negative as soon as something negative happens.

Learn from your current position as much as possible and don't take it for granted. Lots of people out there would love the seat you're in.

Just my 2 cents.

heh who exactly would want my position in a USA regional? the point of Qatar is being able to get paid well and treated OK but also to see the world and not just do overnights in Cincinatti or fly with some redneck who in fact just complains about the money he is or isnt making while having his 5 redneck children with a shit attitude.

Whatever seems like its out of reach anyways because of this record so whats the point except to just slog on and annoyingly waking up the next day

UAL777 17th Sep 2016 19:54

Qatar is a great airline if you want to see the World. . .

Black Pudding 18th Sep 2016 05:32


Just apply and only mention if asked, simple as that.

volare_737 19th Sep 2016 00:19

Anybody got an idea on whats the average experience level for DEC on the 320 ?

Southpole 19th Sep 2016 09:09

In my batch there were 4 a320 DEC and average was around 10000 total 6000 pic.

bananaman2 19th Sep 2016 10:41

on mine... 2 A320 DECs, one with 30 years commercial experience, another with 11k (no idea on PIC totals). Know someone starting soon on minimum hours, 6k Jet (PIC 2-3k or whatever it is).

Papa_Golf 20th Sep 2016 10:03

Anyone who did the assessment at the beginning of september got a reply from QR?

LimaVictor 21st Sep 2016 05:45

I went on the 5th/6th and 7th and still no news :confused:

UAL777 21st Sep 2016 05:51

Does anyone know the name of the current EVPO of Qatar Airways? Is it Captain Haroon Bhatti from the B777 fleet?

jjpm84 23rd Sep 2016 02:32

Any FO on qatar talend pool had any update or new information?

Crashlanding 24th Sep 2016 15:27

Nothing my side, mine assessment was in June, I think we just wait patiently.

rishi 24th Sep 2016 17:01

I am joining as DEC on A320 in Nov 2016 and my IR is valid till Feb2017.QR wants that IR should be valid for 6 months at the time of joining in Nov 2016.But it is not possible in my company to do IR before Feb 2017.Any gentleman who have encountered similar situation may please offer some solutions/suggestions as to how I can resolve this issue.Thanks

bananaman2 24th Sep 2016 17:15

Surely your options would be to:

a) hire an examiner and privately renew your IR at your own cost (if your aviation authority allowed you to do so - I know of a lot of aviation authorities who do).

b) ask QR to postpone your start date until after Feb 2017.

It's a conversation you need to have with Qatar I think... I know of a couple of people who were in similar positions and either asked or were told to start at a later time.

Papa_Golf 24th Sep 2016 19:05

Got the positive email 3 days ago. At the moment I'm in the holding pool. Applied for the Boeing fleet but I understood that QR could send you to any fleet (bar 380 and 350) depending on their requirements...

APU_inop 29th Sep 2016 14:21

Congratulations PG!

How long did it take from assessment to the email whether you passed or not nowadays?

Flyboy_SG 29th Sep 2016 22:41

usually 1-2 weeks.

Global_Global 30th Sep 2016 11:28

QR wants that IR should be valid for 6 months at the time of joining in Nov 2016.But it is not possible in my company to do IR before Feb 2017.
ehh a friendly instructor on an FNPT2 at your local flying club should be able top sort that if you are on an EASA licence...

Sand Driver 4th Oct 2016 11:06

Commuting to europe
Hi guys, anyone has experience with commuting from Europe as FO on the 777 or 787 fleet?

Wife is not to keen on moving to doha and I'm looking at someting like 1 week on/ 1 week off.

BR-Pilot 5th Oct 2016 13:57

I've been to the assessment on late september. Got the approval e-mail one week later and went to the talent pool.

Any clue about how long people are waiting to get a DOJ?

I'm 737 FO, 1.500 TT, 1.200 on type.

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