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casablanca 28th Dec 2017 08:16

seems like things are so backed up, that they are delaying interview as most people are in the pool for close to a year already, especially on 787 fleet.

samca 28th Dec 2017 21:02

1 year delay?? My God

Ninozags 28th Dec 2017 23:24

Recruitment Period
Finally got a platform to clear my friend's doubts. My friend recently attended a recruitment event and was selected to the post a customer care agent II (ground handling) last May. He was asked to sign a contract and told to wait for an offer letter which will be accepted on the online portal. For the past six months there has not been any feedback. Status on the portal hasn't changed either. Can anyone help my friend? He wants to know what's next. He is desperate now for the outcome.

777AV8R 29th Dec 2017 02:40

This isn't a ground handling forum. Normally pilot buzz here. Try posting in another Forum. Everybody appears to be desperate. Don't give up your current post to go to Doha.

Ninozags 29th Dec 2017 07:41

Please can you help with any forum that answers my question.

italian stallion 29th Dec 2017 14:56

Are they still looking for NTR Boeing captains?

Greasby 29th Dec 2017 15:19


What's a reasonable estimate for time to command assuming good performance in training/sim?

Lepo 29th Dec 2017 21:02

The talent pool is completely stopped right now. I'd say there are around 300 pilots (Captains and FOs) waiting for a date of join. Nobody has received start dates recently and some with confirmed start dates had them withdrawn and were sent back to the talent pool.

The blockade has caused some changes in QR growth plans and they're reviewing their manpower requirements for the future. So until the new fiscal year, which starts on April, don't expect much movement in terms of hiring. I believe they'll continue doing roadshows and inviting people for screening in Doha, but don't expect a date of join sooner than a year after joining the talent pool, except for candidates who are rated and experienced on the B777/A330.

There are a lot of candidates who were screened in Jan/Feb/Mar who are still on the talent pool waiting for some news. They have also extended the maximum talent pool permanence period from 12 to 18 months. From April on QR should probably have a clear picture of their new requirements and things should start heating up again in terms of hiring.

So patience is the key word for now. And I would also recommend a backup plan.

FlyingOW 29th Dec 2017 22:32

We are understaffed on the Triple, and hiring. A lot of movement internally and externally. Many more aircraft coming on this fleet.


Jack330 30th Dec 2017 00:53

True, my friend is starting on 777 march 20, 2018 as Cpt

Crashlanding 30th Dec 2017 02:58

I see new guys every week at AKG compound so there definitely still hiring, last guys I spoke to this week were for the 777 and a couple for the 787

Lepo 30th Dec 2017 12:26

Indeed the roster on the 777 is tight and understaffed, but there's been no movement on the talent pool in the past couple of months. All the new guys who are joining or have joined recently received their DOJ many months ago. The only exception is for pilots rated on the 777 or A330 and, in some cases, highly experienced on the A320. These guys are receiving DOJs few weeks after screening. I should also highlight that a lot of people with confirmed DOJ for Jan/Feb/Mar 2018 had their offers withdrawn and were sent back to the talent pool.

Human Resources sent an email to all talent poolers a couple of weeks ago saying they do not have an estimated DOJ for anybody and that they're reviewing their manpower requirements for the next financial year. As soon as they have this defined they will get in touch again with all candidates.

As the next financial year starts only in April I believe things will run slow until then in terms of new DOJs for the current poolers. I am not saying people won't receive new offers until then, but I believe they'll happen in quite a slow pace.

Throttler 1st Jan 2018 09:33

Have been following this thread for a while trying to get a good idea on life at QR, would appreciate some advice on this:

Have recently begun a career in aircraft leasing with top 5 company, have also been offered a place on the cadet programme (I know this section is for the experienced) to fly 320s (109k£..). Mid 20s and single, torn between the two options as both are big shouts and both with their ups and downs

Any advice folks..

Jack330 1st Jan 2018 16:58

Quick question about company housing, anyone managed to join without taking company accomodation but allowance instead ? Iím talking new joiners, not the guys already hired waiting in line to opt out.

CALLE13 3rd Jan 2018 12:12

Originally Posted by Lepo (Post 10005411)
The only exception is for pilots rated on the 777 or A330.

Why is that? If you join as a Type Rated pilot do you have to do the full course or you can do the short course?

Is there any bond for Type Rated pilots? I believe in Emirates if you join as a Type Rated FO, you still do the full course and you are bonded for 5 years.


APU_inop 3rd Jan 2018 12:25

No bond for type rated pilots, only the notice period. Typically you do a shorter course if type rated or from a "similiar" type, sometimes you have to do the whole course which takes roughly twice as long. The shorter course is still 2-3 weeks in the sim almost daily.

Mgggpilot 4th Jan 2018 11:42

Anyone joining on Bus DOJ 04th February 2018?

dhc8d 5th Jan 2018 04:28

What’s your profile rated or non rated?
Cpt or Fo?
When did have your assessment ?
Thank’s in advance.

Mgggpilot 5th Jan 2018 16:32

A320 rated going for A330. FO. February 2017.

Python27 5th Jan 2018 17:34

... Another one bites the dust...

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