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Jungleland 24th Jul 2006 13:32

80% of CV pilots commute?!
One good thing about the new CWA... it seems to be somewhat better for those who commute. At least something. Maybe.

CR2 25th Jul 2006 01:57

Did the delegation resign en masse yesterday? Heard it was on the cards after having been stabbed in the back.

ray cosmic 25th Jul 2006 02:32

Aedius; The future for CV looks better for CV than for LG;its as simple as that.
It might be tough, but at least you'll have a future, which on the q400 is still the question.

Aedius 25th Jul 2006 15:48

You're certainly right about the uncertain future with the Q400s and like I said, I don't mind doing 15-16 days rotations every month for a few years but I highly doubt that anyone will be pleased with his social life if this continues for the next 20-30 years. Flying 747s to exotic destinations is nice but will certainly not help to forget the time you won't spend with your family & friends, especially not after 5-10 years.

I would try to join CV immediately if I only knew that that there might be a chance that things get better someday because at least in LG I know that the roster cannot become much worse because we're already pretty close to the limits.

Of course everyone has different priorities in his life and I'm looking for a company in which I can stay till the pension (if only possible) and that's why I don't think that CV is the best choice if things remain as they are. I could be wrong but I don't believe that many will stand the test of time at CV if things don't improve.

acmi48 25th Jul 2006 19:44

for my info will there be any firework display on the 31st as the invisible ink runs of the lcgb signed copy of the cwa ,and will the 2 little smart cars be ferrying around pickets:)

IOLAR60 28th Jul 2006 11:32

Thank you for your responses LUXFREIGHT and AEDIUS.

luxfreight 31st Jul 2006 09:29

To IOLAR60, it's a pleasure mate,and if I where you I'd try join as soon as possible, mainly to get on the seniority list. FDP's will get better and so will the CWA.

To bigiron, thank you for editing the swearing out of your attack on me. Maybe I deserved it, maybe I didn't- but we are democracy and I think I'm entitled to my own opinion. I was put off trying to join the board when I heard about colleages getting phone calls telling them to withdraw their canditure (for the board),after that I felt that my opinions would not gell with the kleck and your above reasoning does not apply.So please don't generalise.I have had my ramblings on this thread and had a go at CST which I deeply regret now.I truely suspect that you are a very nice person but fighting the lux system is robbing you of your sense of humour. All I can wish you now is Good Luck!!!


Buster Hyman 31st Jul 2006 22:20

Resignations? :eek: Geez, you guys wanna ask the Aussie pilots at CV about 89!

CR2 1st Aug 2006 06:13

No 89. Repeat no 89! :=

Buster Hyman 1st Aug 2006 08:32

Sorry Ratty...:O

cargoflyer 1st Aug 2006 09:32

Originally Posted by CR2
No 89. Repeat no 89! :=

no... why not.... :E

CR2 1st Aug 2006 11:36

'Coz I said so :}

Seriously, it gives nothing but grief. Try your luck on the Dunnunda forum if you wish, though Buster will tell you it'll last a max of 5 mins.

cargoflyer 1st Aug 2006 12:13

Originally Posted by CR2
'Coz I said so :}
Seriously, it gives nothing but grief. Try your luck on the Dunnunda forum if you wish, though Buster will tell you it'll last a max of 5 mins.

ok ok... :ok:

Buster Hyman 1st Aug 2006 13:03

5 mins if yer lucky! Serious grief ensues and bitter arguments continue...


...where were we?

PrettyBoy 2nd Aug 2006 10:21

Well, it appears that the saga continues. The union representing the pilots (the same union that signed the CWA against our will but promised to cancel their signature should a majority of the pilots vote NO) has yet again lied and now refuses to withdraw their signature despite the fact that a vast majority of pilots did vote NO. The Management of course is behind all this and surely must have put a lot of pressure on the unions for them to betray their members.

So, what is a promise worth? When what you say and what you do is two different things, all trust is broken. This is the precise reason the pilots has fought so hard the last 3-4 years to put in clauses in the future CWA that would protect the pilots against a rough company in a rough country.

For those of you considering joining this company be aware that this is how it works in our neck of the woods.

Aedius 2nd Aug 2006 11:25

Thanks for the info, it's much appreciated!

CR2 2nd Aug 2006 11:36

Well, it won't be long now before we start negotiating the next CWA.

HighLoader 2nd Aug 2006 11:48

The union is representing ALL CV employees under the CWA, not only the pilots.

CR2 2nd Aug 2006 12:12

Quite right Highloader. I for one (as ground staff) was not impressed with our bit of the CWA. Unfortunately most of my "bretheren" did not agree; some of them had their own agenda (ie trying to get the Delegation ruled invalid so they could get themselves on unelected - thats another story though). I'm disgusted with the entire affair & feel sorry for those people who put in an enormous amount of effort, only to be stabbed in the back by the people they were looking out for.

HighLoader 2nd Aug 2006 12:59

I totally agree. I am also on the ground and our part is very unimpressive indeed. :hmm:

I also feel sorry for those delegates that really tried hard to get something done and I can understand their disappointment.

But I had not heard about attempts to get the delegation ruled invalid though :ooh:. The way the delegation was voted was not pretty, but it was legal. I knew about the "voting instructions" the pilots had and voted for ground staff only. It didn't help much, did it. But as you mentioned, it won't be long now before the next one :} and if I hear about pilots' "voting instructions" again, I will make sure everyone on the ground is aware of it. I am not saying that there should be no pilot on the delegation, but I don't want a delegation consisting of only pilots. I don't feel represented.

Anyway. I'm glad i's over now (it is, isn't it?)

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