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free863 1st Aug 2010 20:38

First of all, Congratulations to Helm and bluebird...:ok:
What's the Cargolux interview process like, is it tough?
would appreciate some feed back....

flying_saucepan 5th Aug 2010 16:23

Good luck to you guys! am still in the hold pool, did the final interview early january last year. will be waiting patiently for that magical phonecall :).


FrontRunner 6th Aug 2010 14:32

Congrats to all! :ok:

As soon as you guys are finished with line training you can immediately apply for part time in 2011! ;)

1975 25th Aug 2010 14:14

Hello there.

Saw on interpersonel.de that there are a few recruitments planned in 2010, can anyone confirm that they are all fininshed or will there be more, how many have been hired this year total including contractors?



21-Lancer 25th Aug 2010 19:37

Few minutes ago I filled up my Cargolux application form via interpersonal.de. I also find some Cargolux HR contact information on other website. Would it be a good idea to send a Cover Letter and a Resume via company’s Human Resources webmail too?
Considering that this is my 1st Professional Pilot Application, I think in need some experienced guidance in this matter. Any opinions?

Thank you very much, and good luck to everyone!

Permafrost_ATPL 22nd Sep 2010 11:22

Looks like 40 is still a limit at Cargolux...
In case, like myself, you're 40 or over (I just turned 40) it's probably not worth spending time doing the application form. Have the hours, licenses, plenty of Boeing time, etc and just received the "we're not interested" email. Three colleagues of mine with almost identical CVs were invited for selection. The difference? All late twenties.

Looks like ageism is alive and well in Luxembourg! Oh well...


21-Lancer 22nd Sep 2010 14:20

My application was also rejected by interpersonal.de. The truth is that I'm far away from Cargolux Jobs Entry Requirements (http://www.pilotjobsnetwork.com/jobs/Cargolux). And my MiG-21 experience worths almost nothing on the market. That's it! ;)

Permafrost_ATPL 23rd Sep 2010 10:14

My application has been with them for over a year, so I guess it takes them some time to process them! Got the email a couple of days ago. The three colleagues I was referring to applied about a year before I did and one passed the tests and is in the holding pool. So I don't know if the recent processing of my application is due to imminent hiring or the agency just clearing the backlog.


quianor 25th Sep 2010 06:54


I sent my initial application in July, contacted 3 weeks later and got invited for the selection in september. Now i've got a date for interview in a few days. Just above minimum requirements, but in late twenties and living quite close from Lux. It helped for sure.

1975 25th Sep 2010 14:49

Hello there.

Good news for you quianor, good luck. Looks like things are picking up, does anyone have any further info?

quianor 25th Sep 2010 18:50

I'll keep you advised. However, if the interview turns up well, I have no idea if it's for a direct or rapid start, or if it's for a hold pool..

RVRRVR 8th Oct 2010 09:41


I would like to know how long it currently takes to move to the left. I know it's very long, but i would like to have a more precise idea (12? 15? 20???)


21-Lancer 8th Oct 2010 10:00

cargolux screening
Hello quianor!
Any news?

LBR 8th Oct 2010 11:58

Originally Posted by RVRRVR (Post 5981591)
I would like to know how long it currently takes to move to the left. I know it's very long, but i would like to have a more precise idea (12? 15? 20???)

Based on a fleet of 16 you're looking at approx. 20 years.

hawkeye red 8th Oct 2010 12:00

@RVRRVR.....I am, as always, amazed to read from candidates who haven't even passed the entrance test yet questioning about the time to command. I must be from a different generation.......:ugh:

Pow-wow 9th Oct 2010 06:08

I dont find that fact "amazing" at all actually.
Why would you not ask about that ?!?
I would want to know everything I could about a future job. Time to command is part of the descision to go for a job, or not.
You might be willing to accept the command process and time to command, if the overall "package" is good, and suits you.
Should time to command be some closely guarded secret ?!?
All he is doing, is asking. He didn´t say that he was ready for command now already, and could not wait a day longer to get it.
Happy Landings :ok:

FrontRunner 9th Oct 2010 19:41

@RVRRVR.....I am, as always, amazed to read from candidates who haven't even passed the entrance test yet questioning about the time to command. I must be from a different generation.......:ugh:
True! It must be the current "buy-a-type-rating-with-any-low-cost-airline-and-get-a-command-in-just-3-years" generation. :hmm:

I can understand that time to command is important to every pilot, but let's be honest, it should never be a principal reason for joining a company. The pricipal reasons should be; doing something you like, in a pleasant environment, that allows you to lead the lifestyle that best suits you.

Currently it can can indeed take a long time to command for new joiners, however as all old-timers can confirm, things can improve or deteriorate very quickly in the aviation industry.
Hypothetically speaking, if CLX goes bankrupt tomorrow then time to command goes to infinity, if there's a double dip recession time to command could increase to 40 years, yet if a major competitor goes bankrupt or CLX expands into a new market then time to command might be cut to +/- 5 years. Just pick a number and you can create a "time to command" scenario for it.

All in all, this whole "time to command" is just a snapshot in time, it's the way things are right now, so don't waste too much time on it as nobody can see 5-10-20 years into the future.

Instead, focus on more fundamental things like whether long haul freight flying is something you want to do, or do you want any job that gives you 4 stripes as soon as possible. ;)

Alcione 10th Oct 2010 06:23

You are very right, my friend !

There is nothing smooth on aviation. Or there is a bubbling market, and time to command is short, or you are in a deep descend whirlpool, where is almost impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Who can guess the future ? No one can make such accurate predictions, so let's be rather positive. Things will be better. We shall not forget that we are living one of the worst crisis since 1929. Lucky us that we have a job in what we like to do.

My sincere congratulations to the new hires. It's fantastic to have you with us.

sisyphos 10th Oct 2010 07:53

Whoever joins a company WITHOUT asking for the expected time to command is a complete nutter.

1975 10th Oct 2010 09:59

Hello there.

Does anyone have any info on how many will be hired, lets say in the next six months? When are the wetlease A/C leaving again?



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