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Flightwatch 12th Feb 2010 22:41

TT - nope.

However, just bear in mind that 2 more aircraft doesn't necessarily mean a need for 2 more sets of crew. If you just increase the frequency on current routes so that say there are 5 rotations a week instead of 3 it just means that the crews are laying over for a shorter time than before and the crew rotation is also shorter. Consequently, instead of say doing 2 x 10 day rotations it would be possible to do 3 x 5 day ones instead. This is pure speculation of course but is just to point out more aircraft doesn't necessarily mean shed loads more crew. Similarly the reduction of 2 frames last autumn didn't throw 20+ crews on the scrap heap.

worn-out-bushing 13th Feb 2010 09:07

Old wisdom, never works!
Hi Flightwatch,

CV is running that policy for a long time already, but it only works to a certain extend. Crews also need rest and since about 7 years, they don't hang out 5 days everywhere anymore. But as in almost every airline, hiring won't start until it's almost too late and A/C stay grounded for lack of drivers.

Once hiring starts again, they realize that the skippers doing training all of a sudden miss on the the line, which makes the situation even worst then.
It will be entertaining to see.

My bet to all wannabees: It will kick off soon!


L1011-500 14th Feb 2010 21:55

Fingers crossed
Wish that could be true. Really want to join.
Rated, current, hours on type, licensed, avail on short notice.

ohh well, fingers crossed

L1011-500 16th Feb 2010 22:54

I am afraid not. Too bad though. Could be ready on the line for them in a month or so with less cost.
Well got to join the qeue I guess :rolleyes:

Bluebird 19th Feb 2010 14:34

Are there any more rumours regarding two aircraft to by dry-leased, as in when they are expected to join the fleet and where they will come from?

All the best!

16down2togo 21st Feb 2010 12:37

we finally found the one who thinks there are enough pilots for 16 a/c, that explains all the blank days now that there are only 14!
What is your management position, must be highly successful there!

The ghost 22nd Feb 2010 08:55

I would be extremely surprised if Cargolux would start hiring pilots again soon. In 2009 the company was basicly bankrupt and had to be saved by the shareholders and the state. I think the shareholders will be very cautious to expand the operation again any time soon. There is talks of reducing fleet size as well. Good information is hard to get though so it could go either way I guess. Good luck to everybody!


alkor 23rd Feb 2010 12:13

well, on ppjn there are a positive news. accordingly there should be vacancies in April 2010.

Cargolux jobs, payscales and entry requirements.


Bluebird 23rd Feb 2010 16:34

Latest info from Interpersonal.de

Actual recruitment situation - updated in February 2010:

- cargolux actually has no vacancies for pilot's positions at this time!

The ghost 24th Feb 2010 08:47

by the way, anybody can post something on ppjn.com, there doesn't have to be any truth in there...

Let's hope the market will recover soon!

Bae 26th Feb 2010 14:00

Interesting article here: Strong start for air freight out of Asia - International Freighting Weekly

Especially on page 2.

KDC10 9th Mar 2010 19:10

only 747 rated people will be hired. Until further notice...

Bluebird 9th Mar 2010 22:11

Where does it say that they will only hire 744 rated pilots? I know for a fact that there are a few pilots in the holding pool that are not rated on the 744.

MD11F 10th Mar 2010 07:59

Hi folks, i know this is a rumour network, but, why donīt you just call hr of cargolux and ask them??:) Rgds MD11f

KDC10 10th Mar 2010 11:41

Info came from Interpersonal. Non-typerated pilots are hopefully able to take part of the recruitment process end of 2010.

HossaJose 10th Mar 2010 12:11

I heard that so far they gave every new guy (or girl) a rating. Even if you came with a 744 rating you still had to do the whole course...

Flightwatch 10th Mar 2010 16:13

Received today from an agency. Could it be anyone else?

XXXX, in conjunction with our client based in Europe is currently sourcing Boeing 747-400 First Officers, unfortunately at this stage our client does not want their identity disclosed. The start date of this assignment is May 2010 for a six month duration (with possible extension). Our client only First Officers.

To fulfil your application, we require the attached document completed in full.
Please ensure you advise all your flying experience with last date of flight each aircraft flown.

The minimum requirements are as follows:-

* JAA ATPL with current and valid B747-400 rating

* JAA Class One Medical

* Minimum 2000 hours Total Time;

* Minimum 500 hours on the Boeing 747-400

* Have flown the Boeing 747-400 within the last six months.

Once our client provides feedback on your application we should be in a position to advise their identity. Should you be selected by our client I will require further documents to be emailed.

I would appreciate if you could pass on to your colleagues who you feel maybe interested

FCS Explorer 11th Mar 2010 13:03

...could it be anyone else -


at least the latter was recently looking for FOs

Coto 11th Mar 2010 13:31

Cargo B
Went bankrupt on July 7th (source Luchtvaartnieuws: dagelijks actueel luchtvaartnieuws)

16down2togo 13th Mar 2010 00:06

To ask for the smelly, dusty rooms disqualifies you from using the search function, young man. If for anything you will not find a finer outfit than this. A lot of the the majors would love to stay at CV Hotels. Stay away from CV if you haven't figured out that life is not to be 08-15, monday to friday, please, please!!!!!

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