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Supahfly 18th Oct 2008 12:54

Yes, I Know one guy with a date in January `09, why do you ask CTS?

FreeBird1106 23rd Oct 2008 15:29

Living in France
hi, could anybody give me an idea how realistic it is to live in France as I know there are a few froggies flying for CV, and also question about tax, what's the deal there? please pm me if possible. thanks.

sisyphos 23rd Oct 2008 16:49

is it true that time to upgrade for new joiners would be about 15 years at current rate ???

POL.777 28th Oct 2008 15:06

Regarding the T&Csin Cargolux.

What kind of medical cover does the company provide you (and your family) with? (full care including dental care etc).
Any freebies ie. company phone/internet etc.

Very interesting thread.


BLADE PRO 12th Nov 2008 08:56

TR in January
...someone else starting TR 19.01.2009 ?

Bae 22nd Nov 2008 11:29

Did anyone get a starting date in February or March?

4000mrwyfordash8 24th Nov 2008 08:26

they told around march but do not know exactly yet because of
the delay of the 47-8f.
did you get a fix date to start?

jtanne 24th Nov 2008 13:40

Yes!!! :ok:

turboV1 28th Nov 2008 13:26

I would be most interested in having a glance at a typical schedule for a cargolux fo. I am considering what my chances would be to join in the future and would be grateful if someone could enlighten me as to what to expect!
Feel free to PM me, and (of course) to remove any indications as to whom belongs the actual schedule!

Thank you very much!

Bae 28th Nov 2008 13:44

jtanne, check your pm!

highflyer321757 29th Nov 2008 18:17

starting date course Feb/March
I have been told this week that nobody should expect to start in Feb for sure, March unlikely as well, more likely May at the earliest due to global economic situation and later arrival of 747-800s. So Jtanne, you replied yes but surely that cant be in reply to Feb/March starting date??

FCS Explorer 2nd Dec 2008 13:34

CTS: what happened to

"Well, its safe to say that were still desparately short of crews at the moment. The sooner the newhires start, the better it is.."

(that was in october)?
all due to the fincancial crisis?

ray cosmic 5th Dec 2008 16:21

cts, although you are mostly helpful and correct, i noted some other data.
No CV acft to be parked, courses only in jan and feb and pre command training only to have 'em ready when needed for upgrade.

Air1980 5th Dec 2008 19:02

Hello Cargolux pilots,

Little advice sought. Right to live and work in EU ( British national ) currently flying for a US cargo company in the -400 that, shockingly, is going to furlough me...... 5000TT, 250 on the -400, 2700PIC and +1000 Turbine PIC. Going down the conversion road presently. Would there be any benefit of calling your recruiters and pleading my case in my best A level German ( not Luxemburgisch mind you ), just to let them know I'm very interested and should be all converted within 4 months.

With a furlough looming I don't know whether to rock the boat or keep quiet and miss it? (Hint, our airplanes look like flying Chinese restaurants and we aren't well liked in EBBR....)

Thanks chaps.

flying_saucepan 15th Dec 2008 14:53

Hey Guys,

does anyone know if Cargolux has put a hold on recruitment? I had an interview scheduled earlier this month, but it got postponed due to crewing reasons untill further notice. I haven't heard anything for 4 weeks now and was wondering if the current economic climate could have anything to do with it. In the coming weeks I will have to sign some new contracts with my current employer, so all information is highly appreciated....

and not to forget; merry christmas, hohoho!

ray cosmic 16th Dec 2008 06:07

At the earliest you would be in a course at the end of next year, if not, even 2010.

luxfreight 20th Dec 2008 09:26

Latest - six guys starting in January then no further recruitment for the year envisaged, no further upgrades in 2009

flying_saucepan 23rd Dec 2008 23:25

Thanks for the info guys. It seems that I've just missed the boat. A bit of a disapointment, but at least I have an idea of where I stand.
To all of you who are starting your courses; good luck and enjoy your new adventure:).

All the best for 2009!


Bluebird 10th Feb 2009 08:23

Good day,

Does anybody have any info regarding recruitment for Cargolux for 2009. As mentioned on another thread here at Pprune, they are launching Cargolux Italia. Is that expected to have any influence on the situation?

Also it would seem strange that if hiring has come to a complete stop, why Interpersonal keep running the ad on its webpage.

While we are on the subject, IATA has published a big plunge in cargo transport on a global basis, does anybody know how Cargolux is coping in todays market.


Jester146 10th Feb 2009 19:17

Having good payloads is one thing ... but at what price? At costprice?

About the hiring:
I hear ALL kinds of things:
-NO hiring for 2009
-10 F/O's more needed
-40 F/O's more needed

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