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Helm737 3rd Apr 2009 10:17


thank's a lot for all your information!

I am quite familiar with the German neighbourhood of LUX and wouldn't mind "living" there. My partner is from London and the major reason to think about commuting. But as you say, that's what you decide to do
on your OFF days and private.

However, I heard CV doesn't schedule any standby duties?! So do you have to expect being called on your off's as they want you to live in 60 min distance to LUX, or are short term changes covered by re-scheduling you whilst you are on a work trip??

I am confident there are other people looking for a shared place somewhere nearby once training starts again. First of all, the interview needs to be passed successfully next week...

Many thanks & best regards,

worn-out-bushing 5th Apr 2009 22:18

Hi Helm737
Well, Stby is rostered actually sometimes. You don't see it very often, but it happens. You won't be called on your off days, unless you are willing to do so. But there are fellows around who love to fly on their off, it pays off quite well.

Once you get stby duty it comes as a block of I guess 7 days, where you have to show up in 2 hours after the alarm. If you decide to commute and get this, you need to be within reach, but as I said before, it happens not often, from my experience, maybe once in two years.

If you ask how they cope with sick calls etc., I think since we fly longhaul, most guys are on the road anyway, they just shuffle the roster around to crew all the flights. You might get a rosterchange out of LUX or enroute on rather short notice. But with the right attitude it is ok to cope with, iso having the beer in New York you might just have it then in HongKong!

Life is great in Cargolux!!

Good luck again and enjoy it!

Cheers, WOB

lpokijuhyt 8th Apr 2009 19:11


This question/comment is directed to any of the Cargolux pilots.
I live in Europe and have Type ratings in B744 and B747 Classic, LR-jet, IA-Jet. Total time is relatively low at 4000 hours. 747 time is around 1300 hours.
Ok...here is the issue. I have an American FAA ATP; however I also have a JAA (issued in Germany) FCL, but it is a Com-ME/IR. The JAA said I needed to do a skills test in a JAR part 25 aircraft or sim in order to get the JAR ATPL. I have already taken all the JAA ATPL theory exams. I can not get the JAR ATPL because I simply can't go out out there and rent a sim or a B744 or other JAR part 25 aircraft in order to take the ATPL skills test. My B744 rating is obviously on my FAA license.
Ok...I really want to work for Cargolux and have for several y!ears! So the first question from the recruitment company that processes the applications is, "do you have ATPL?" I have to say no because I technically do not; however if I was hired by Cargolux then this would be as simple as doing 2 extra maneuvers on a line proficiency check. (that's what the German LBA told me). Now, I believe the recruiter at the recruiting company that processes applications really does not know anything about licenses or flying? It is like talking to a brick wall. I keep telling them that I am rated and current on the B744 and then they ask me why I only have a Comm-ME/IR!!! Round and round!!! Is there anyway that I could talk to somebody who is a pilot at Cargolux who has some authority in the hiring process who can understand my dilemna? All I want is a chance to interview, but I can't get by the "beaucratic guards" at the application processing company. I know that if I could speak with a PILOT then we would be on the same wavelength. Seriously, if anybody can help me, please PM or simply write in this forum. I am in desperate need of work...unemployed and wife has a baby on the way.

Thanks so much!

Helm737 12th Apr 2009 13:56

Yeah! Got some good news from LUX yesterday in the mail: made it in!! :}

For all of us who are on the waiting list now, I couldn't find out much about new starting dates when I visited LUX this week... Rumors keep talking about September... but then that's only rumors!

I had a look around the training department and talked to a Captain there. He said unlikely to start before next year, so I think it's all a matter of patience now...

Anywho, I am still thrilled about the good news and keep my fingers crossed for all of us to get to start rather sooner than later!

Many thanks to all for your friendly and helpful support :)


Bluebird 12th Apr 2009 15:29

Yeah! Got some good news from LUX yesterday in the mail: made it in!!
Congratulations! Very good news, specially since one would have to assume that Cargolux would not be doing the interview process unless they would hire us at some point, hopefully in the near future!

Letīs hope it will be sooner than later for us already in the holding pool!


Helm737 13th Apr 2009 15:03

Thanks a lot! I can only agree. To quote the chief pilot, "us" is presently a number of 15. I am not rated on type nor longhaul experienced, so realistically, I prepare for a longer wait than some other guys out there. However, great feeling, great prospects and obviously a really nice set of people to get to know! :)

All the best and more later...

jetlag1969 13th Apr 2009 18:01

A warm welcome also from me.
Maybe I see you soon in the Cargolux training facilities :D

I suppose you flew B737 before.
So the type rating won`t be a problem for you at all...

leeds 65 14th Apr 2009 14:03

I understand that step 1 - is the medical/computer tests for 4 hrs,step 2 - is an interview for 2 hrs

is the 2 hour interview more personal or technical?
1. what tech questions can one expect (systems on previous aircraft,principles of flight? etc)
2. how many people interview you ?
3. some examples of personal questions?

I have not read anything about a sim check? is one required

rgds - a very interested cargo wannabee

Helm737 14th Apr 2009 15:21

leeds 65,

1.The interview is only personal.
2.You are interviewed by two people, HR recruiter and chief pilot (in my case).
3.Go back to page 19/20 of this thread!

There is no sim check. With the min req airline you have to bring along, you should have learned to fly... And there's lots of training waiting, too.

And jetlag1969, thanks a lot for your nice and encouraging words!! ;)

leeds 65 14th Apr 2009 15:40

ok thanks lads much appreciated information.


jetlag1969 16th Apr 2009 13:14

Well, during the initial TR people are mostly very motivated especially with the prospective of flying the B744.
During all these years I have hardly seen somebody fail it.
(Maybe that is a good sign about the quality of our training department :ok:

Regular Sim checks however are different.
Although very fair people start to get lazy and simply don`t follow up with Revisions and Flight Tech Advisories.

If you always keep up to date you won`t have any probs in the Sim as the Training department is no Kindergarten with people having to proof something.

Just straight forward with no surpries.


Bluebird 16th Apr 2009 19:49

What do you guys at Cargolux think about statements made here recently, that F/Oīs are beeing worked to the limit these days.

When reading news on cargolux.com it seems that the company is still expanding on many of itīs routes. Are the loads still good, or is marketing shifting itīs focus on more lucrative routes and discontinuing others?

Would you think there is room for recruitment in the near future?

- Rgds

mad12 17th Apr 2009 15:01

As I am considering applying for Cargolux would someone be able to PM me an example Cargolux roster?

In general I know how Cargolux schedules off days of flightcrews (
one block of 6 and one of 3 days in a row each with min. 24h rest before each block begins = 7+4 days) nevertheless it would be great to get an impression how a "real" roster looks.

help is appreciated :ok:

Helm737 17th Apr 2009 15:07


it's good to see people keep talking about september being likely for training to start again... If that's the case, I will be ready! :ok:

When I talked to the chief pilot last week, he said there were around 15 guys on the waiting list at this time (incl. me). I don't know how many more will be processed until then and how many of the ones listed will start or go somewhere else meanwhile...

I flew in command on the 737NG in the last 2 years. Seeing people talking about time until upgrade here a lot, I personally don't think that's what you should worry about when you first applied or just get to start your training. I am sure it's a different story for those guys who fly on the right seat for 4, 6, 8 years by now, but I am actually first of all really looking forward to get started, to learn to operate the 747 in the great network CV has and about all the bits and pieces that come along with that!

Do you know how early people will be informed about their starting date?? ...just curious because of my notice period. Do you get your A/C operation manual by mail in order to start preparing before arriving in LUX??

Kind regards,

mad12 19th Apr 2009 19:57

@ jetlag 1969

you got mail - thanks for your help :ok:

Helm737 23rd Apr 2009 08:39


thanks for your reply. I'll be fairly flexible. As of now, though, I'll keep being patient. I will let you know about my TR date as soon as I get one... see you around!


Bae 28th Apr 2009 20:09


Check your PM!


Helm737 30th Apr 2009 12:17

Hello everyone,

just came back home via MXP today in the morning... and I was wondering: any news about Cargolux Italia or the ENAC??

Would be interesting to know what's happening and even fantastic if that would cause some movement on the "waiting list" in near future :O


acmi48 1st May 2009 08:28

may 08th d-day for ICV

Pow-wow 3rd May 2009 12:14

Hi happyapple,

First of all, I think what Frank is trying to say, is that no-one will be able to tell you if youīre going to like the lifestyle or not...!

It is very much an individual/personal thing.
What suits one person is not the best for the next...anyway, Iīm sure you know this already.

Guys deal with the lifestyle in very different ways.
In the end, what you choose to do with your time downroute is up to you.
You can decide to mope in a hotel room, or as mentioned before in this thread...go drinking, hoaring or praying...or all three...:)

I joined about a year ago from short haul 5-4-5-3 stuff and for me personally it has been a great choice.

I got very fed up with 5 earlies in a row or 5 lates ending in your first day off. Also, my idea of being an airline pilot, involved actually getting off the aircraft for more than a walkaround and talking to a refueller.....I wanted to see something of the destinations I was flying to.

Again, personally in those respects, it has been a 150% improvement.

Yes, I am only just past my first year here, but I still enjoy the places we go to. I think to completely explore all of them in the network, will take several years. And the mix/variance of the places is just right for me.
One minute your in Los Angeles and the next your in Lagos or Kinshasa...that to me, makes it a great job, with enough "spice" to keep you interested and on your toes.

My biggest concern when I applied was my family.
You will need a wife/husband/partner who is willing to put up with the fact, that you might be gone for the next 10 days.
The way I looked at it was, that in the short haul, I might have been in the house every day at SOME point, but not nessecarily at the times that my family were awake.

One thing my wife and I noticed within the first months of working at CLX is, that I seemed to come home a lot more rested, than I did in short haul. Of course you have trips which will get you home tired, but in the grand scheme of things, I feel more alert and keen to do things with the family on my off days, were as before I felt like a Zombie tagging along.

The hotels we stay in are all the in the top best any destination has to offer and our hotel commitee do a very good job.

The decession lies with you in the end of course, and YOU will have to make the choice.
I also looked at it with the attitude of..."If you havīnt tried it you wont know if you like it"

I hope this helps a bit...for me its been a change for the better...:ok:

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