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Iver 24th Mar 2008 18:54

Sound like Cargolux quality of life can be very challenging with so few days off. Just curious if Cargolux pilots decide to leave where do they end up going with their 747-400 type? Do they instead fly for LCC like Ryan or Easy or do they go to EK or maybe another 747 operator on average?

Iver 26th Mar 2008 13:12

That sound better. What percent of Cargolux pilots leave company and where do they tend to go?

738-Midranger 26th Mar 2008 21:26

Recent Recruitment
Anybody here recently passed through the application process?

Tests in Saarlouis - any new things or informations?


Merci :)

Jungleland 28th Mar 2008 16:46

I had 200 days at home last year... and a few 3-5 days by the pool "working" on trips.

3-4 guys will leave for AF this year. Quite a few guys (mainly germans) applied for Aerologic. They start spring 2009, so that's to come how many will leave.

Generally people like it. I know I do.

The question is what will happen in the future? More a/c or more competition?


Iver 28th Mar 2008 18:18

Do newhires generally come from low-cost carriers like Air Berlin, Easy and Ryanair? Where else do they source newhires? Also, as a newhire how many landings would you expect in a month on average?

Jungleland 29th Mar 2008 04:35

Air Berlin, Brussels Airlines, CityJet, Transavia, Austrian/Tyrolean, Swiss (mainly former Crossair) and these kind of airlines.

Landings is no difference if you're new or old in company. About 7-8 sectors per month and you do half the landings.

CEJM 30th Mar 2008 21:01

Does anybody know how long the day in Saarlouis is?

I have received an invitation to attend a selection day in Saarlouis. To be able to fit it in my already busy flying schedule I would like to find out if it is possible to fly in a day before and fly out the same day. Flights operated to LUX and the return flight leaves at 1745.

And does anybody know what to expect at day one in Saarlouis?

Thanks for your help.


738-Midranger 30th Mar 2008 22:01

Tests in Saarlouis will take place at different locations starting at 0800loc and ending 1800loc.

1h Medical, 6h Computer tests, 1h Interview (if principle of last years is still valid)


CEJM 31st Mar 2008 18:18

Thanks again for all your help.

I have decided to drive over from the UK. This is the safest option and it also gives more oppertunities to go over to Saarlouis.

If (big IF) you pass day one, how many other days are there? I have heard two but can anyone confirm or deny this?


Iver 31st Mar 2008 18:28

How many newhires expected through 2008? Do newhires start as Second Officers (cruise pilots) or First Officers?

patxiPA 13th May 2008 20:01

Hi to all,

Has anyone been invited to the March 28th s interview?Any advice for the interview?What kind of question may I expect?


CEJM 13th May 2008 20:20

Originally Posted by patxiPA (Post 4110573)
Has anyone been invited to the March 28th s interview?

No worries mate, you got nearly 11 months to prepare.:E

However you probably mean 28th of May. Which interview questions are you looking for? Day 1 (Saarlouis) or Day 2 interview with the Chief pilot?


patxiPA 14th May 2008 07:46


Of course I mean MAY 28th!!Sorry!

Im looking for some info about the first interview.There are so many posts in this threat that im getting crazy!!Id like to know how to prepare the psyco test(if this is possible!!) and what kind of questions are asked in the interview.

Id like to know also what is the average of succesfull candidates in each assesment.In my case, 3500h TT and 1500h on B-757.


cargoflyer 20th May 2008 20:42

obviously already thinking about the "half year off" before even starting work :p:ok:

cosmiccomet 29th May 2008 18:58

Parcavition recruitment???
Somebody knows about Parcaviaton recruiting FO for Cargolux:confused::confused::confused:

They would be recruiting in behalf of Cargolux for 6 month contract with a posible 6 months extension.

speed alive 30th May 2008 12:36

current situation
just got an invitation for the interview at Cargolux. I`ve read the whole thread, but some infos seem to be pretty old! Any changes on the salary, roster, general T's&C's? What is the actual take home pay for a single FO first year?? Do they still have 7+4 days off per 28 days?? How long are the the trips in average?? Future outlooks for the company??? Hours flown per year? Are the figures on ppjn still accurate??
Thanks for your help!!

speed alive

DHC6to8 3rd Jun 2008 09:05

Psychological upgrade interview
Cargolux'ers.... is it true that before you get an invitation to upgrade that the company has an internal psychological interview? I heard that several guys from 98/99/2000 entrance year have been bypassed and are currently in temporary sickleave because of the stress from not becoming a Captain. Any truth to this matter? I always thought that the psychological evaluations are at the beggining of the job not 10 years into it? I would like to know if this is just BS or true?

dominic1 3rd Jun 2008 09:35

Speed alive, how long did you wait for an invitation to attend the assessment day, after submitting your online application?
Good luck in Saarlouis...

16down2togo 4th Jun 2008 12:27

Excellent comment CommitedToStay,
there is nothing to be added, description of the current situation and the training dep. to the point. Everything else is rumours or even worse.

DHC6to8 5th Jun 2008 09:10

Glad to hear our half persian friend is the exception. It still reflects poorly on both parties, it always takes two. I wonder how the court case will go? Perhaps that is why the system is being changed (which is a big improvment). Still, a very sad way of dealing with something that should have been addressed at the first instance of entering the company rather than 10 years down the road in the pilot's career.
I know two guys who turned the interview down after hearing about how the upgrade interview of the "old system" was used...
But let's look at the future, it does seem alot better.

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