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Bluebird 3rd May 2009 16:14

But as we are short on crews right now (like always!), our training facilities will expect the first trainees in Sept 09 for the new a/c arrival.
Jetlag: Do you know if that is official news from the training department.

If true that would be fantastic news for those of us waiting in the holding-pool, and of course everyone interested in applying.


jetlag1969 3rd May 2009 18:05

Pow-wow has a point here.
I flew 737 before myself and still know how exhausting this can be.
You are home every day but what sense does it make to come home late, when the children are already in bed and leave house when they are still asleep. Also, a boring fact is to see only airports and aprons :\

Cargolux has rotations with layovers between min rest of 12h and 5 days !
In general it`s between 24-48 hours.
75 different destinations !
You will see the world.

And yes we have a bidding system in place for trips and OFF days.
For me it works perfectly fine as I am with Cargolux for some time.
Newcomers however must know, the system is based on seniority.

The majority is happy with the change to long haul.
But nobody can give you a guarantee that you also will like it.

So, no risk no fun :ok:


Bluebird 3rd May 2009 19:13

Thank you Jetlag for your very informative posts here, and of course for the very good news regarding training for this year! :D

jetlag1969 4th May 2009 07:06

My pleasure.
Keep up guys, things will move soon. :ok:

Bae 4th May 2009 08:10


You got mail!


mr.Beck 4th May 2009 18:46

Hello everyone! Very good news to hear that training will resume in Sept 09 :O I have now been in "the pool" since December :) Could I ask you who are with CV to send me via PM one or two rosters...
With many thanks

jetlag1969 4th May 2009 19:59

The requirements vary with the number and quality of applications !
Very few application => minimum requirement
Large stack of interesting people => at least training with NASA required :ugh:

But if you meet the TT you`ll be considered.

worn-out-bushing 14th May 2009 16:27

Has anybody gotten a firm starting date yet? If Sep 09 will be the start of training, people should get their contracts soon. Anyone signed yet?

Bae 14th May 2009 17:59

For sure I am standing by, hoping for some news.

What about you?


4000mrwyfordash8 14th May 2009 18:13

well, standing already by since november 2008 ....
anybody any news...?

Bluebird 14th May 2009 18:31

I am also waiting since November 08. Sent an e-mail to the Recruitment Department last week, they still insist that most likely no new training in 2009!

Still hoping for the best.

mr.Beck 14th May 2009 20:20

Ditto! Same here, been in waiting since December. Same answer from HR "no change untill end of 2009" But I'll be very ready :)

Donkey Duke 15th May 2009 02:21


Can you give me an example of a recent tour you flew, to see how many different parts of the world you saw. Sounds facinating. Are there cities that you prefer to layover? Cheers.

ray cosmic 17th May 2009 22:34

one thing to add to Jetlag's comments, though is that he is a captain with some seniority. Now for junior F/Os rosters are pretty unstable. still manageable, but the only thing you are sure of are VAC and COD. The rest is up for grabs. So CV is a great job and company, but flexibility is needed and required. Certainly right now. just to make it a little less green!:ok:
It helps though if you live close, so its easier to adjust to last minute changes.

CR2 22nd May 2009 01:33

Just had a quick check a propos nothing in particular.... this thread has been running for over 3 years now; well done and a special thanks to all the current and former CLX peeps who have been contributing. You know who you are.

I'd love to hear from anyone who was a "wannabe" who now works for CLX and found this thread helpful.

Post it here or PM if you prefer.


(CLX 89-07)

Supahfly 23rd May 2009 12:48

former wannabe
Hi CR2,

I 'm one of those wannebees who got in CLX almost two years ago and still loving it. Now looking forward to the introduction of the B748F and the economy picking up again.

This thread was a big help in knowing what was going on and what to expect once being invited:ok:
So thanks to all who contributed to it and for those who want to join have a good read through the whole thread and take it all in to consideration. It s a great life if it suits you, but ask youself it's really you and more even that it suits your family! Good luck


Pow-wow 23rd May 2009 19:53

Former Wannabe 2
I can only agree with Supahfly...have been here just over a year and the thread was VERY usefull...all you need to know is here...thanks again to CR2, Ray Cosmic and all the others for some good info :ok:

Stierado 23rd May 2009 21:21

One more !!!

Was a wannabee, now an employee :ok:

This thread was a great help !
Just READ the whole thing, its worth it.

Thanks to everyone for the past posts :)

flyby71 26th May 2009 12:16

Does anyone know what are the requirements to get hired by Cargolux. Residency, flight times, certificates,etc. I am a holder of the FAA certificates with EU passport.
Thank you

PH-JPC 27th May 2009 00:48

Congrats to all the new people hired!

Any idea what percentage of people finally make it into Cargolux after being invited for Saarlouis?

Edit: just got word from Interpersonal, all hiring stopped now. Maybe end of year more recruitments, but nobody knows.

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