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highflyer321757 27th May 2009 21:17

PH-JPC: there have been no new hires since the last course in January this year. You have to understand that there is a big difference between ongoing screening by Interpersonal and the actual hiring by Cargolux. The holding pool should be nicely filled by now, no more screening makes sense...I am just mentioning it.

CR2 28th May 2009 02:02

flyby71.... read the thread, the answers are there for you, 3 years worth of experience from current crews and wannabe questions. Look at the last few posts and you will see what this thread is worth; BUT put the effort in. As 411A would say (and he's right) RTFB!!!!!


PH-JPC 28th May 2009 02:56


I know and understand. Sorry, should have used the word screening instead of hiring. :ok:

Bluebird 21st Jun 2009 16:50

Time to wake up this thread again.

Has anyone heard any rumours regarding starting dates for new-hires for 2009?

How is Cargolux coping in the current global situation?


Helm737 21st Jun 2009 17:33

Hi Bluebird,

I emailed the HR department a few days ago. I sent them a short message asking for a quick update on how things look like by now. The response came yesterday telling situation unchanged. No news about starting dates at that time.

I guess we are asked for more patience. :rolleyes:

highflyer321757 21st Jul 2009 15:21


Are these rumors about the sale of 2 a/c circulating inside or outside the company?

I have heard a rumor from inside the company about a possible requirement for an additional (10?) crew to start in September to accomodate expansion on the Italian side...

Any more rumors around (since that's all we seem to have at the moment...)?:confused:

worn-out-bushing 22nd Jul 2009 03:59

How old is that rumor, highflyer?
There are talks about 2 A/C leaving but apparently that has not been decided
yet. The A/C are sold but might be leased back if needed.

There have been talks about 20-50 hirings 2009-10 for the last months as well as no hirings at all until mid 2010.
Anyway, my opinion is the company is short of pilots, and even if 2 A/C leave the fleet there would still be room for some new pilots since a couple of older pilots leave on early or actual retirement.

Sit tight, my guess is they will call anyone who applied on a very short notice soon!!! :ok:

Take care, WOB

Bluebird 23rd Jul 2009 02:34

As people may have already noticed, an update from the Interpersonal website!

"Actual recruitment situation - updated in July 2009:

According to the latest corporate planning there will definitely be no demand for pilots and no vacant positions in the year 2009!

Nevertheless we keep the job posting open in case you want to see the formal requirements or want to apply for any possible demand in the future."


alkor 23rd Jul 2009 20:40

Hi guys,

A question regarding family life, if you work for Cargolux:

As far as I understand, you got 9 off day in 28 cons days. Which comes to 11 days. And you can split that into 6+3. +2x 24. Right?

So what about the rest? Are you on trip all the time or.....
In this case wife doesn t work..somebody s got a take care for the kids! Is an F/O pay good enough to live a decent life in lux.

How are the schools there? Is living in Germany a better option? What is with the tax in that case?

that is all for now



Permafrost_ATPL 4th Aug 2009 20:55

Just to add to the last post, if there are any FOs, married, with one or two kids who could provide a NET monthly salary... Trying to do the maths to see if we could afford it (wife would not be able to work for a while because of professional licensing requirements).

I have read the entire thread and understand that, with per diem/nights/weekend/13th month/ etc payments I would be looking at approx 5000 euros net per month. But I understand that to be true for a single guy with no kid. Anybody married with kid(s) can help?



fly744 5th Aug 2009 11:01

Captain's Salary
What about the Capt (junior/senior)salary?with/without kids...

16down2togo 5th Aug 2009 11:43

If you plan to join CV, Cpt's salary should be the last thing you worry about for quite some time!
If you're in, you can figure that one out on you're own.

Permafrost_ATPL 5th Aug 2009 14:44

Thanks Alcione, PM incoming :-)

fda747 6th Aug 2009 22:53


Quote: Financially, the worst part is while your are doing the hole training. But this could be forecasted.

Please advise what is "hole" training, anything to do with golf ??

ray cosmic 9th Aug 2009 21:35

yeah, smartass. Don't forget to bring your Putter.

Alcione 10th Aug 2009 14:12

Sorry, but I donīt play golf,

In all the airlines, you donīt received full payment from day zero. I would say more, in almost all jobs.

In the meantime, you must pay kindergardens, mortatge and many other bills related to power suply, water suply, heating, some gas,food and last but not least, from time to time you have to fly home to see your kids and wife.

Also you have to live in lux, so you have some more basic bills.
By the way, Iīm extreme thrifty person. I donīt need a lot of money to pass the month. But if you are honest and make the sum, you would realise that this is not peanuts.

This happends in the very first months, then normal life.

To sum up with: Clx is a great company, pays very well and the atmosphere is very nice. Iīm very happy, and I would strongly recommend to work here. :ok:

Safe landing to all, specially for those who play golf :}:}

nose door 17th Aug 2009 23:47

we have some "thrifty person's" who only live's on $1 per day, we don't want them to apply, life on the road is long enough and even worse if your colleague doesn't want to play with you in the beer tent....as for life in lux...you'll get by, somehow!

Helm737 19th Aug 2009 08:24

For those in the hold pool...

I just called the HR depmt. Thought, it wouldn't hurt to get back in touch after another two months had passed. I was told: No start before next year. So basically, nothing new. I thought I'd let you know, though, as September is approaching and things seemed a bit likely to change around that time... However, the year is growing quite old by now and I keep my fingers crossed for all to be scheduled for TR soon next year! :ok:

Many kind regards

saigona 21st Aug 2009 14:38

Good day all,
Iīm not so familiar with CX. Is Cargolux planning to fly out of MXP in Future? If yes will they base crews there or is Luxemburg the only Base!?

Thanxx in advance

16down2togo 21st Aug 2009 16:21

CX is Cathay Pacific, and no, no base in MXP, all crews based in LUX.

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