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ray cosmic 12th Oct 2007 20:52

There you are. I read it in the Wort last week and it was on LUX tv as well. Details were only a little vague. The explanation from GP is more clear.

L for L:
Take basic 4193 for a first year fo with less than 600 hrs on type.
Sunday, night etc. 400

You'll pay 10,8% for social security and state pension over 4193+400E
Exempted for income taxes:
- The 10,8%
- a certain amount for kms driven to work; limited to relatively short distances, so say 130E (Living in Berlin won't get you more than living in Trier).
- Personal contribution to company pension fund, say you put in 100E p.m.
- The 400 you made in supplements
Means Taxable is:

4193 + 400 = 4593- (10,8%)-(130)-(100)-(400).
4593- (496)-(130)-(100)-(400).
3467 -> income tax for bachelors: 629,40 (!) (for married, 2 kids it would be 70,60) (from https://saturn.etat.lu/cobar/bareme/CalculPP )

You'll also pay something called the "assurance dependace " of 1,4% over your basic, so around 58.

Meaning you will have:
4593-687,40 income taxes - 58 (1,4% ass. dependance) = 3847,60

plus your (always net) per diem of say 850 + 356,80 (400 minus 10,8% you lose to SS and pension).

So 5054,40 net if you count your per diem as income.
Interest on mortgage and lots of small items like legal liability insurance, car insurance etc are deductible to a certain (small) extend. But that is starting to get out of my league.

After 600 on type and >3500hrs total your basic will be 4913, one year after that 5065, the next year 5215 etc.

lustforlife 13th Oct 2007 10:22

Thank you very much RayCosmic for taking the time to explain all that. Exactly the info i and im sure others needed.

ray cosmic 13th Oct 2007 11:21

Admitted, the numbers I used are very conservative.
400 EUR in night/Sunday/holiday are maybe on the low side, but sometimes you also have VAC, courses, blank days etc. no?
The rest are according to today's tax/social security regime with the basic salaries in force today. Pretty realistic I think. I prefer not to count myself rich.

lustforlife 13th Oct 2007 18:21

Is the basic for a junior FO not E3900. at present?

ocala 14th Oct 2007 14:38

CargoLux Screening

will go to the psychometric screening soon. Is there any advice on how to prepare for that part? Any hint on books, courses or www etc is highly appreciated.

Thank you

ray cosmic 15th Oct 2007 08:21

CtoS, thx for pointing that out, post is corrected now!
Lust for Life, no, scales with today's index (bound to increase as well) are:

Training: 3069,97
Junior FO, every pilot with less than 600hrs on type, 4193,52
Senior FO, >600 on type and >3500 TT, 4913,72, the year after 5065,32

TU1 4.913,72
TU2 5.065,32
TU3 5.216,93
TU4 5.368,54
TU5 5.520,14
TU6 5.671,75
TU7 5.823,36
TU8 5.974,96
TU9 6.126,57
TU10 6.278,18
...and so on..

Pow-wow 19th Oct 2007 19:18

Hello again guys...

Can anyone tell me how long, if any, the stopover in JNB is ?

Is the return always via Nairobi ?

Cheers again :ok:


sisyphos 7th Dec 2007 17:29

anybody working for CLX willing to display the numbers of

- total pilots
- cpt's
- average number of upgrades/year ??


ray cosmic 7th Dec 2007 17:40

389, 180, around 30(?)

738-Midranger 7th Dec 2007 18:25

CaptainInternally only, acc. seniority list, presently after 8 yrs. Statement by CEO is that 2013 Cargolux will have 15 747-8 and no -400's (today they fly with 15 -400's). Means no move in seniority for next 6 yrs. Upgrade for newhires up to 20 yrs


ray cosmic 7th Dec 2007 19:22

Never will it take 20 years.

ray cosmic 8th Dec 2007 09:16

Calculations will prove you right; experience doesn't.
There will always be some massive change happening which was unforeseen.
If for example a decent, well paying operator will start operations out of Germany, all at once 50 people could leave from one month to the other.
Nothing is as unpredictable as aviation. Only thing which is for sure is that the pension will be down the toilet.:}:}

Jungleland 8th Dec 2007 10:43

Correct regarding the pension. Even in Luxembourg. The deal we have is..:mad:

Flypuppy 8th Dec 2007 12:11

The Luxembourg Index increase has been announced. It will be 2.5% as of the 1st of March 2008.

ray cosmic 26th Dec 2007 11:34

Hi, there are only 2 pages in this forum section.
There is a huge topic about CV on the 2nd page.

- Never heard they sponsored,
Time to command is like knowing tomorrows lottery numbers but estimates run from somewhere between 8 and 15 years.
- Commuting can be tough, although it is being done by some it certainly is not encouraged.
- 1 base only; LUX
- staff travel on own aircraft and a limited amount of other carriers,

The rest you should be able to find here:

Labomba 27th Dec 2007 06:03

The official unofficial number of upgrades for 2008 is 14 to 16...

Merry Banana to all of you !

Jungleland 27th Dec 2007 11:45

And after that it's way less upgrades per year acc training dept.

Schedules 9 off per 28 days (plus some rest etc). Read this thread!
42 days vacation/year.
Salary abt 5000 after 600hrs on type (abt one year). 13th month. Before 600hrs about 4000. First 3 months training salary.
Time to CMD - 15+ yrs if recent statement by CEO is correct.
Non-EU workers from USA, Canada, S Africa eand many more. Don't know how it works with permits.
Hiring now. All via Interpersonal.de. People leaving soon (relatively many have new jobs but no starting dates yet).
Commuting is not liked by the company. They cancel ID-agreements to make people stay closer. New-hires are really pushed to move within 1hr LUX at interview and after.
LUX expensive (and terrible boring). Across the boarder to D, F and BE cheaper, but as well very "quite" areas. Basically within 1hr LUX it's so boring the clocks stop.

Good luck.

Stierado 27th Dec 2007 18:48

Hello guys and girls,

Just got the job and was wondering just how far away realistically speaking you could live (into Germany that is) to be able to make the 90min callout ?

We (man, woman and one sprog) have been pointed in the direction of Trier. Any other suggestions or tales of good and bad experiences would be great.

Are there any definate no-go's or beware's ?

We are not fussed about nightlife, as our 2 year old takes up most of our spare energy:\.

Thanks Stierado :ok:

acmi48 27th Dec 2007 20:28

i d travel
cancel i.d arrangments to make people live closer-

is that some kind of joke??

738-Midranger 31st Dec 2007 09:41

Arrangments, Call-Out
Yes, indeed a very interesting question. What arrangments do they offer currently?

And could anyone please be so kind to explain me the "call out" system? Is it a general STBY on Off days and can you be called out on every of these?

I understand Off days as days when I can do what I want and can be where I want. Is this seen differently by cargolux?


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