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FCS Explorer 30th Sep 2007 23:59

Thanks for the info.
i'm a little confused about the 10.55% on the "tax-free" night, Sunday and holiday supplements.
do singles pay tax on the "tax-free" supplements and then end up with those 10,55% total tax while families get the "tax-free" as tax-free and end up with then 7% total tax???

Vizcaya 1st Oct 2007 09:29

Thanks for all the info so far! :ok:

Just a small history question: didn't Cargolux have a 'pay for type rating deal' about one year ago?

ray cosmic 1st Oct 2007 12:09

FCS, I just rephrased the sentence to make it somewhat understandable.:}

There was a self-sponsor program in place once, but doesn't exist anymore after strong opposition generated by the pilots.

BTW over time some parts of the initial posts of this thread became outdated. Profit sharing is theoretically still in place; practically it disappeared.
So no more 2 months extra pay in June for now and the foreseeable future.
Did anyone say 10% pay decrease?

FCS Explorer 1st Oct 2007 15:09

hi ray, thanks for putting up with our questions!:ok:

so for a 2nd year pre-experienced bachelor i pieced together the following:

13 months*4,2k€=54,6 brut x 0,76 (=24%tax)= 41,5k net
180 per diems x 100€ *0,9 (the 10,55% social)= 16,2K
Night & Sunday 10,5 months (rest=vacation)*500*0,9 (social)= 4,725

grand total per year == 62,4 net :12= 5,2 per month

ray cosmic 1st Oct 2007 16:58

hi ray, thanks for putting up with our questions!:ok:

so for a 2nd year pre-experienced bachelor i pieced together the following:

13 months*4,2k€=54,6 brut x 0,76 (=24%tax)= 41,5k net
180 per diems x 100€ *0,9 (the 10,55% social)= 16,2K
Night & Sunday 10,5 months (rest=vacation)*500*0,9 (social)= 4,725

grand total per year == 62,4 net :12= 5,2 per month

Ehm, no.
More like:
13 months*(4200€ - 915,70€ tax - 443,1 social sec etc.)= 36935,60
180 per diems x 100€ (free of everything) = 18,0K
Night & Sunday 10,5 months (rest=vacation)*500*0,8945 social sec etc.= 4696,125

grand total per year == 59631,725 net : 12= 4969,31 per month

tax calculator on: https://saturn.etat.lu/cobar/bareme/CalculPP

Classe d'impôt means: 1/0 for bachelors, 2/0 married, 2/1 married - one child, 2/2 married - two children.

But again, over 600hrs and 3500tt you'll have a basic of around 5000. In turn, since your basic salary increases, your "special" hours will give you more as well.


FCS Explorer 1st Oct 2007 18:40

ok, now i got it :}

738-Midranger 3rd Oct 2007 10:09

Successful Application
Hi there!

What I am really much more interested in other than the salary scemes is a successful application process.

So therefore I´d be very thankful for some "insider" informations concerning this subject. Also in regard of the tests in Sarlouis.

What can I do in advance, how are the generel chances?

(FO B-737-800, 1800 on type, total 2500, FI(A), former HT, 27years old, german)

Thanks so far! :ok:

ray cosmic 4th Oct 2007 15:29

Oh, you don't care about the money; just want the job right?
You could go to Munich to ATTC or in Bremen (?) to one of these other centers to prepare.

AUTO/MAN 4th Oct 2007 17:19

And how do you prepare for the agency doing the screening?

ray cosmic 4th Oct 2007 20:10

First of all by learning to read.

lustforlife 5th Oct 2007 13:05

Anybody been through the process recently?

I have +3500hrs on 737&A320 Right seat, 29 years old and live in EU. I have an application with Interpersonal for about 15 months now which i update regularly but have not heard didly-squat?

Thanks to all the guys who have taken the time to contribute to this thread


AUTO/MAN 5th Oct 2007 14:04

Oh, I´ve read about the screening, the tests etc. but I still haven´t found out how to prepare for an agency that doesn´t acknowledge updates, answer e-mails or keep applicants updated in any aspect of their application... ;)

ray cosmic 5th Oct 2007 18:07

Sorry, can't help you with that either! Sorry, and sad to hear they do not take care of applicants in an honorable manner.

AUTO/MAN 5th Oct 2007 18:22

Not your fault RC , and your help so far is much appreciated!
Anyone with "Interpersonal experience" willing to share? Anything specific needed to be known about the process or their screening?
Experience so far is that one arm doesn´t know what the other arm does.
Somewhat confusing, when an airline that potentially could be one of the very best places to work in Europe is represented?

ray cosmic 7th Oct 2007 10:15

For anyone who cares:
Just been announced this week that in LUX income taxes will be lowered by 6% and childsupport will be raised by 900 EUR per child. Meaning that having 2 kids will get you around 600 EUR per month total, independent of income..:)

TheRednosedReindeer 11th Oct 2007 19:50

Per Diem
Just to enlighten the discrepancy between actual and theoretical Per Diem:
it's paid per hour, so every time you start off on a trip later in the day, or return in the morning, you don't get 96 EUR, but only 20, 30, 40 or so. With around 30 trips/year, that's 60x less Per Diem, so roughly 4000 EUR less per year than the theoretical figure of 180x96 EUR.
Fly only long trips, you get a little more, but then again you'll spend more too.



HURZ 11th Oct 2007 21:37

lower tax???
Hi Ray Cosmic,

where do you have this from??? (less tax more for kids) You have a ref?


lustforlife 11th Oct 2007 21:52

Thanx TRNRD for clearing that up.

Going back to an earlier query raised by some of us.

Any Single , F/Os out there,living in LUX ,with no kids ,willing to give us an idea of what tax rate they pay? What social insurance rate (10%?)?

Basically what net sum did you take home assuming...

basic 3900
+ Per diem 850 ish
- Tax &Ins ????

Is there any tax relief available if your paying rent or a mortgage?

Is the tax situation very different across the borders?


HURZ 12th Oct 2007 08:32

Per Diem as salary
Guy and Gals,

pleaaaaase do not take your per diems as salary. This is not very welcome in CV. You´ll need most of it to remain social....:ugh:

GreekPilot747 12th Oct 2007 17:47

Hi raycosmic and others.
For those speaking french, the taxoffice has a webpage under
However the way I see it, the taxtable has been adjusted for inflation, resulting in lower taxes.
Couples with or without kids, will be in the same tax-category from now on.
For every child you will get a taxbonus.
This is to make the system fair, for those who have kids, and paid little or no tax. If you pay no tax because of a low income, you cannot benefit from a taxreduction for kids. So with the new system everybody will get a bonus per kid, regardless of income. If you pay no tax, the taxman will pay you money per kid.
However guys the numbers are more like annual figures, and not monthly as has been mentioned above.
Annual tax reduction per kid used to be 900€ and is now 922€.
The tax-table has also been reduced by 6%.
In my case the gain will be around 900€ annually.
A welcome break, especially if someone looks at what other countries are doing with their tax-rates.

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