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GB Airways (HELP)

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GB Airways (HELP)

Old 8th Sep 2003, 05:23
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Stop moaning guys it could be worse you could have a Citiexpress contract!!!!!!

Or even worse an Air south west contract if they ever get round to issuing them!!! rumour has it that it will be 7 on 2 off roster on standby days you will be expected to work at check in or make the inflight sandwiches, i kid you not, and still be on call to fly!!! 2003 slave labour alive and well. Oh yea they expect you to except all this with out even telling you at the interview what the salary will be, only thing they can tell you is that it will be less than the present citiexpress contract. GO to the unions i here you cry! why? they are useless!! they dont want to get involved and that suits Air south west cos they dont want to deal with them so maybe GB aint so bad.
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Old 8th Sep 2003, 11:03
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Senior Junior i SO have to agree with you, def in the bums on seats culture no one cares, from management str8 down to pax....what support do we get as crew when something goes wrong? NOTHING!!!!!! Remember that flight when one of our crew members got assaulted in the last row of seats? what happened to that pax? He flew back with us the next time and to add insult to injury one of the same crew was on that flight......remember what happened to that pax that punched a crew member on disembarkation?....NOTHING ....petty 50 euro fine i am told.....remember what happened to that pax disobeying the crew on landing which resulted in a crew member being seriously injured for one year? NOTHING that pax and her family flew back with GB....so where is the support when you really need it? NOWHERE!!!! and then the company continously asks for crew to go the extra mile...what on earth for?

Heard the latest we aint made enough this year to get profit share...i.e crew are getting nothing for the years hard work....but guess who's getting a 5 figure bonus....apparently 3/4 members of our management team and one is in C/S they must be having a laugh....

ref to Two_Jags comments...well heard it from the horses mouth......and the point i was trying to make was that you wanted to find out who we are rather than what is been written. (this is a public forum anyone can see..... i aint that daft...although thinking about it GB do employ anyone these days.....which leads me swiftly to promotions...........

How do you explain this....one guy has hundreds of bad assesments especially on uniform standards and has just been promoted....and a poor girl who's been in the comp for years....immaculate etc does not get it....well actually I DON"T GET it myslef......it appears that if you do not mention the 11 or so keywords thats you off the promo list.....next time i think i will just go into the interview and just blurt all my keywords out then i might stand a chance......flatter my eyelids and just be a plain arselicker....well at least i know one thing....I aint been promoted this time and doubt i will in the future not for now...but at least I have one thing clear...... i aint no arselicker and I stand up for what is right, still god my pride/// battered by gb but still there......

Old 8th Sep 2003, 18:43
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On UK History TV channel tonight is a program about Ceaucescu, maybe record it and show it to your managers so that they can get closer to what they are trying to at GB Airways.
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Old 9th Sep 2003, 00:24
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Hope you good folks don't mind a flightdeck wallah chucking in his two-penneth ! First of all top marks to Delboy for what must be one of the most amusing posts I have read in a long time - had me chuckling like a good'un !

But more seriously, I think there has to be something fundamentaly wrong with Cabin Services rather than GB itself, that is causing morale that is lower than whale sh*t and a ludicrous staff turnover amongst CC. After all, whilst us fella's (Oops, sorry - and lasses) that sit in the pointy end have our grumbles, we seem to be generally content with our lot, and this is reflected in the miniscule staff turnover. But if I was in CC management and saw 40 crew out of 300 resign in 1 month I'd take a long analytical look at where I was going wrong. Alas, it seems JG et al either don't make such an analysis or simply don't care (I fear the latter). Such a high staff turnover can only be detrimental to the overall experience base; and worryingly I hear many of our very experienced crew (that are the backbone of cabin services) saying that they too are sick of being treated like crap and are jobhunting elsewhere.

The more I speak to you fine folk in the firing line the more I'm astounded at the things they do to lower your morale further still ( at this stage I must point out to GashBag that you're inncorrect in stating that only CC are to be subjected to searches - it's proposed that we flightdeck will also be searched ).

I can honestly say I've never seen any CC who look trully slovenly, yet they're now subjecting you to have your dress standards be scrutinised by some battleaxe who's only been in the Co. 5 minutes and seems to relish her 'power' (have to say I found the delightful young Spanish lass that held the post before her far more pleasant and, dare I say, far easier on the eye !!! )

All I can say Guys and Gals is don't let the [email protected]@ards grind you down and for those of you seeking pastures new, the very best of luck. I for one (and I'm sure all of my FD collegues will concur) really appreciate what you do !

All the best,


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Old 9th Sep 2003, 02:31
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Top Marks!!

Top Marks to Greenfinch for his constructive imput and comments.

Have to agree the battleaxe ripping the s**t out of unifrom standards, was temping at the beehive before here quick rise to power. Almost as quick as Mizz Gibbons rise to fame.

The fact of the matter is " the nice spanish girl " as greenfinch refered was treated so badly with regards to cabin services duties she could not wait to get out of there.

Likewise the young ladies who find themselves expecting cant bare to go in there!!

I find it all rather amusing, we have a performance manager who has never flown as crew at GB yet she takes the PSR & AP course ....... is that not like me teaching flight deck how to fly?

And as for our manager, she did a bit of flying right place at the right time and hey presto!!! hence why they are both rather detatched from the realism of cabin crew life!

Remeber last summer when they announced they were going to fly..... anyone see them guys???? no the only time you see them on an aircraft is on one of their many jollies !! I mean to issue a statement saying your gonna fly and then not doing it does make ya look rather stupid.

I feel really sorry for the new guys joining, they must think we are the biggest load of wingers, but its not always been this way, in the last two years its gone down hill.

Karen has done an ok job since shes been there, but i think its time for new blood at the top, someone who knows where we are coming from.

Heard a few rumours that flight deck are biding their time with a few issues to bring Mizz Gibbons down..... if its true guys hurry up that way me may enter 2004 with crew moral improving.!!
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Old 10th Sep 2003, 18:29
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Well can I just thank the union guys for fighting our corner on this one.

I am sure the setting up of a working party will help a great deal to thrash out the issues concerned.

So guys & dolls if you want your say here is not the place to be sounding off join the working party stop winging and give some imput into changing things.......... its your chance USE IT!!

Oh and guys this is how much your company trust you following the recent meeting of our FAO flight by customs and police. A crew of customs inspectors and the police also remained on the A/C to search every inch, during this time the new crew had arrived at the a/c. the joining purser curious by their actions questioned the customes officer who was not willing to give anything away. So not keeping a purser down they tackled the police officer for information. He then led the purser concerned to believe that the whole searching incident was infact instigated by GB Airways.............. would it surprise you?

So hot our we with regards to such things we still managed to employ a member of crew who stole credit cards from a fellow crew member and saw the bar money as theii personal account. Maybe managment should be concentrating closer to home????
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Old 10th Sep 2003, 20:37
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I used to be the 'Crewing' guy at GB until 3 years ago after almost 7 years there under various senior management teams (that gives it away I'm sure!!). Even though I did try to work C/Crew and Pilots as hard as I could I also tried to be sensible about it. I often fought on your behalf against the management who are still the senior ones in place in both Cabin Services and Flt Ops. I always felt I was banging my head against a brick wall and for various reasons I decided to leave. I am, much happier where I am now but I must say that, almost to a man / woman, the crew at GB were great - Pilots and C/Crew. Remembering those management individuals as I do I fully sympathise with your plight and can only hope, for your sakes and those at the front end in the offices, that something chan ges to make things better althhough I don't think anything will.

I flew with GB last week to / from MLA on business and, as usual, the Crew were excellant on both flights. A great big tnaks for looking after me and well done for keeping up the smiles especially when working for two particular indivdiuals - I'm not naming names but then again I don't need to do I?

Good luck to all at GB.
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Old 12th Sep 2003, 19:34
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both sides of the fence

I see things from both sides of the fence.

Yes morale maybe be low but you old timers your morale is low for a totally different reason from the new starters that leave after a few months. The new ones have said that they cant stand the moaning, bitterness and lazyness of some of the older ones!

Totally agree that promotion is crap! however it is a known fact that some people will not do a bad assesment as they cant be doing with all the hassle that goes with it (or is it just the extra work that goes with it?) Being a Manager can be tough sometimes! promotion is a joke! but hey beggers cant be choosers! Maybe they should think about direct entry AP or Purser i am sure that there are a few good ones out there that would give some a run for your money!

Not sure i agree with the vote for one person on the management team in the office. A major importance for me in a manager would have to be trust and confidentuality. Whatever is said in the office should not go anywhere else. A Manager who repeats things as gossip is a bad manager in my eyes.

GB is like any other company it is there to make money and without it we would not have a job! bums on seats pays our salaries (good or bad) each month.

Its worth remembering that the management also face pressures, just the same as crew so why not all try to work together?

if the company is losing X amount of money each month they have a job to do they have to stop it! Lets face it we all know whats going on!

As quoted by a office staff memeber who recently flew its a company which is there to make money. If you can honestly say you have been a role model in your position and that you have never done anything wrong or made any mistakes, then i totally agree with you that you are hard done by! and you deserve better. If not then maybe you need to sort your own house out before critisizing others!

Happy flying

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Old 20th Sep 2003, 12:10
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Sad Times

Well for all you budding GB Airways Cabin Crew wannabe's be warned.

Rumour has it or actually it fell from the mouth of our Cabin Crew manager that all new crew are to be bonded.

So bad our things if you join us you will be singing your life away for at least a year or facing cost in excess of 1000 if you leave within.

So think carefully folks!!!
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Old 30th Sep 2003, 01:13
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I have just been reading flight deck forums rumour page..
IS IT TRUE that the cabin crews best friend.... our lovely cabin crew manager is on her way out????
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Old 2nd Oct 2003, 21:13
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GASH BAG AIRWAYS... your comment... oh and yeah they also wanna start deducting oney from our comission for discrepencies in the bar ....and be prepared to have your property searched at anytime by a member of staff...although this applies only to cabin crew not flight deck even though flightdeck are the ones who are closest to the bars when anattended...(not implying that flightdeck to anything) just pointing out only crew have been advised of searches not flightdeck....we all work on the same plane different rules apply ....

Maybe you should join a union which will fight your case... we flightdeck have, and they are fighting it for us... GB have always insisted that flightdeck AND cabin crew should be searched. The trouble with the cabin crew, is that they are all mouth, and not willing to do anything about it! The choice is yours! We have done something about it, you have not... this is why there is a disparity.

BUTTERCUP... your comment... Maybe they should think about direct entry AP or Purser i am sure that there are a few good ones out there that would give some a run for your money!

To be honest... that will not work with the present recruitment team... look at the crap we have at LHR now! (Sorry guys... it is true... you scare me! Not only for the reputation of this airline, but also my safety. And your attitutudes are astounding, especially the newbies.)

Hopefully now that JG is about to depart things will get real again. As far as internal promotions go... who knows. If the company REALLY wants to see things change, then we MUST have someone from outside, who is totally unbiased. Promoting people like Myra will only make things worse... and it is people like her (and the rest of them) that have made it what this airline is today... I hope they are proud of their spectacular contribution to the demise of GB as it was.

It truly breaks my heart to see what was one of the best UK airlines turn into one of the worst. Everything being done on the cheap, unrealistic management that think you are completely stupid and don't believe you can see what they are hiding, and the Gaggero's... they probably don't have a clue what it is really like, as I am sure they are not told.

Why don't ALL levels work together to make this airline what it was. A superb airline, with unbelievably high morale, respect from your managers (and vice versa), and all in all, great fun.

THAT is what will start bringing the money back to this airline. With frontline staff that are proud and happy, and every cog behind the scences working smoothly in support of each other.
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Old 2nd Oct 2003, 22:31
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hey rumours everywhere.

you have very valid points. fortunately for you guys in the pointy end, you are still treated well compared to us down the back.
you guys are expensive to train, your turnover is non existent compared to the waterfall of resignations that flood into that fish tank very frequently, and BALPA is a very strong union with balls that have been known to bring airlines to their knees. If BALPA threaten industrial action, management's pants get heavier because they know you mean business.

If cabin crew 89 or the TGWU were to threaten action, the raucous laughter from upstairs would still be echoing off the beehive walls in months to come.

Furthermore, how can we achieve the required percentage of union representation when turnover is so high? yes, some of us are all mouth, no action, but what do you sort out first, union membership, or trying to keep your crew to stay past the 6 month mark?

Its all in such tatters that where do you begin? yes, we're all stuck in that metal tube as one team, but when it comes to the crunch, you guys have respect, we don't. You guys can stick together cos you're smaller in numbers, and when was the last resignation amongst your ranks, a few months now.... there's probably one being handed into c.s as i write this......

we winge, we moan, we bitch, but in reality, what else 'realistically' can we do when things are rock bottom? lets hope things take a turn for the better.
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Old 2nd Oct 2003, 23:14
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The simple fact of the matter is that GB is like every other airline, short or long haul, shedule or charter. Things never seem as perfect as you and I think they should be. You always find that the general rule of thumb dictates you are stuck with a bad outfit while every one else around you has it made. Quite honestly you do not belong in the industry if you cannot accept the rough with the smooth, and the ups and downs that WILL happen. Sure, some are worse than others. However GB is NOT by a long way the worst out there, stop and have a good think about it all of you that are complaining. The whole industry has had to adapt with events over the last few years, and I for one am prepared to help build and direct its future rather than spend all this effort moaning.

If you don't like it go and do something else!

GB has a great deal to offer if you are fair, you cannot expect it to be the same as the good ol' days. Blame terrorism and legislation for the huge change in our everyday working practise. Management might not always get it right, if you think you can do a better job might I suggest you apply for the position.

I wish things had not changed, I believe the industry is going to take a very long time to recover properly, GB included. It is going to get harder before it gets better, and everyone can help by being positive and supportive.

I wish all of you the very best where ever your flights may take you.

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