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India Four Two 31st Aug 2011 01:40

REPOST: Co Ong Airport, Con Son Island

Watch out - this is going to be really confusing. Here is a repost of my picture to replace the deleted one that came after RegDep's successful post about Port St. John's.


Pop, if you deleted it, I'm not sure why. Photobucket shows it to be 799 x 530.

India Four Two 31st Aug 2011 02:12

l'aérodrome de TONG (Tonkin) en 1936.
evansb and sabredog,

I'm fascinated by this 'aérodrome' in my own backyard and would like to track it down.

Do either of you have any more details? Tong/Tonkin/Tonking was the northernmost province in French Indochina which included the Red River delta and present day Hanoi (which used to be called Ton Kin or more correctly Đông Kinh). However, there are no hills anywhere near Hanoi which is on the Red River plain, so this photo must be somewhere else.

PPRuNe Pop 31st Aug 2011 06:04


It does now but it was 1024 x ?.

Russell Gulch

Wouldn't that be good! But no, the size is controlled by 'you.' It would be great in fact. There is a size controller that someone told me about but I didn't get a chance to try it out.

It has always been a problem and you would not believe some of the sizes that are posted. One I recall was TWO pages wide and impossible to see and read without a full scroll right.

sabredog 31st Aug 2011 06:30

Will send a P.M.later today reference Tonkin.

RegDep 31st Aug 2011 06:37

Good morning Gentlemen. I am reposting my challenge (and deleted it from previous page) to get it over the picture size discussion.

I42: Sometimes I resize my photo to make it 'legal' size, but forget to rename the file and it ends up posted too big.

"Thanks Flyingwing,

Your next


Edit: Clue: There are three aerodromes within 15 kilometers of the challenge air base and another three within 60 kilometers.

spook 1st Sep 2011 11:26

Doshen-Tappeh, Tehran

RegDep 1st Sep 2011 11:44

Doshen-Tappeh, Tehran
Correct Spook!

Over to you :ok:

spook 1st Sep 2011 12:02

Thanks! I have nothing to submit at the moment so OH

skwinty 1st Sep 2011 12:10

Try this one


sabredog 1st Sep 2011 14:18

Luderitz Airport,Nambia?

skwinty 1st Sep 2011 14:20

Close, but no cigar.:)

sabredog 1st Sep 2011 14:38

It was worth a ranging shot!

sabredog 1st Sep 2011 15:03

Walvis Bay Airport, Namibia

skwinty 1st Sep 2011 15:15

You are cleared to land sabredog! :ok:

sabredog 1st Sep 2011 15:29

Many thanks,skwinty. Interesting photograph of the airfield.
Open House.

dash7fan 1st Sep 2011 16:42

Was a nice place


jindabyne 1st Sep 2011 17:34

OH, so here goes -


MReyn24050 1st Sep 2011 18:43

I think we must have two challenges, or is that a Tyrolean Airways
De Havilland Canada DHC-7-102 Dash 7 visiting Walvis Bay Airport? If so it is a long way from home.

Duckbutt 1st Sep 2011 18:55

Damn your eyes Jindabyne, that's Floreni in Romania. How do I know? - I had the same place ready for my next challenge when the opportunity arose! Cunning move to crop out the distinctive tower.

Let's get back to dash7fan's.

dash7fan 1st Sep 2011 19:30

Jindabyne, its a few flighthours away from Innsbruck, but of course not in Africa

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