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evansb 5th Dec 2018 17:00

ATR-72? Oui. France? Non.

dook 5th Dec 2018 17:04


edit: your post asking for the airport name has disappeared.

evansb 5th Dec 2018 17:12

Yes indeed. Saint-Pierre/Pierrefonds, Reunion Island. IATA: ZSE, ICAO: FMEP. Give that man a GITANES. Your turn.

dook 5th Dec 2018 17:14

Don't want a Gitanes but I'll accept a Cuban job.

Standby please....

'ere we go:


dook 5th Dec 2018 17:29

I see four of the usual suspects on line - might go quickly.

grizzled 5th Dec 2018 18:38

Looks like a (cleverly disguised) Fred Olsen C-46?

nvubu 5th Dec 2018 19:01

Speke Airport

dook 5th Dec 2018 19:11

Great spot by grizzled.

nvubu gets a missile of the rails which scores a hit though.

nvubu 5th Dec 2018 19:23

grizzled's spod led me to it.

Only found this image for this location so far. Found a couple more :)


dook 5th Dec 2018 19:29

Inter-war years France maybe.

nvubu 5th Dec 2018 19:59

Not France, suppose this photo may have been taken between the wars.

dook 5th Dec 2018 20:35

Perhaps we're not in Europe at all.

nvubu 5th Dec 2018 21:04

Correct, these two dromes are not in Europe.

dook 5th Dec 2018 21:05

Two !!…………..

nvubu 5th Dec 2018 21:13

Thought that would get a response..
One land airfield - which is obvious.
The other, a water drome at the top of the photo - the rectangular piece of land has the hangars for this.

Bit of proof :ok:

grizzled 5th Dec 2018 21:33

Are we somewhere on the Pacific ocean?

nvubu 5th Dec 2018 21:37

No we are not on the Pacific Ocean.

Here's the land-drome, water-drome on the left.

dook 5th Dec 2018 21:46

That layout was typical of the USA and the Martin Mariner certainly is.

Mind you, it could be Australia.

nvubu 5th Dec 2018 21:51

As if on cue


Edit to add: It is not in Australis

dook 5th Dec 2018 21:57

Cheers nv - I must now hit the hay.

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