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Duchess_Driver 27th Oct 2018 06:10


India Four Two 27th Oct 2018 06:15

A little bit further north - Wallonia?

Duchess_Driver 27th Oct 2018 06:23

Wrong direction.

Cows getting bigger 27th Oct 2018 08:23

Bricy (LFOJ)

dook 27th Oct 2018 09:12

Southern France?

Duchess_Driver 27th Oct 2018 09:25

CGB has it. C160ís. I think I counted 17 on the pans awaiting dismantling. Now, of course, A400ís and a few C130s in the main apron.

Over to you.

Cows getting bigger 27th Oct 2018 10:10

Sorry, haven't got one right now. OH.

dook 27th Oct 2018 10:43

Here's a fun quickie to go quickly.


dook 27th Oct 2018 17:17

Evening J.

Further south.

dook 27th Oct 2018 17:48

Further south.

nvubu 27th Oct 2018 18:22

How about Coltishall?

dook 27th Oct 2018 18:24

Still too far north.

nvubu 27th Oct 2018 18:29


dook 27th Oct 2018 18:50

Well chaps, I have flown this fabulous aeroplane from all the last three and also the challenge.

You are all still too far north.

Self loading bear 27th Oct 2018 19:52

I am on finals Farnborough runway 24


dook 27th Oct 2018 20:03

That's an inspired shot but we are not in the UK.

WIDN62 27th Oct 2018 20:27

How about Luqa?

dook 27th Oct 2018 20:29

And how about Luqa !!

Wot a shot.

Your runway.

Self loading bear 27th Oct 2018 20:30

Too late


dook 27th Oct 2018 20:39

DANGER - war story.

Just left of the centreline of 24L and not far from the threshold was a church.

A competition developed to turn inside the church and successfully land the jet.

The Lightning F3 (the GT model) needed one engine in burner during the latter phase of the turn, needed well in excess of 60 degrees of bank and was in fairly deep buffet all the way. Probably only a Lightning could do it.

Some of us managed it.

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