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Mark 1 18th May 2018 14:17

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I thought that would last longer. Yes, it's Quaqtaq on the Hudson strait in Northern Quebec.
No Avgas and not much there, but there is free wifi in the departure lounge and ethanol free petrol in the village.
Allegedly named after the tapeworms in the faeces of a local fisherman!
The challenge goes to Ea200

nvubu 18th May 2018 15:23

Mark - we've all had that feeling. It's usually the ones you think will be got quickly that last the longest.:ok:

ea200 18th May 2018 19:09

Thanks MK1. Close to GC route LHR-SFO so may well have seen it when SLF on that route.
Nothing readily to hand so OH.

India Four Two 18th May 2018 20:31

We stopped in here to refuel during my flight in a VIP Codling.


Before the non-Russian speakers rush off to Google Translate, I should say that “Airport” is only half the name. :)

Heathrow Harry 19th May 2018 10:15

East of the Urals?

OUAQUKGF Ops 19th May 2018 18:31

Leninabad - Tadjikistan?

India Four Two 20th May 2018 17:16

Not Leninabad. West of the Urals.

This аэропорт is a little bit further north than the last challenge.

Heathrow Harry 20th May 2018 19:25

Doesn' t look lie Murmansk or Arkhangelsk nor any of the main Moscow Airpotrs

India Four Two 20th May 2018 19:40


Not as big as any of those. After refueling, we flew to Moscow.

I can’t find another meaningful photo, so here’s a clue. The locals think of themselves as having autonomy but I’m sure Vlad doesn’t think so!

jensdad 20th May 2018 21:00

Could it be Yakutsk? That is the capital of a large 'autonomous republic' that used to be called Yakutia. Now called Sakha or something like that I think.

India Four Two 20th May 2018 21:06


Wrong side of the Urals.

Heathrow Harry 21st May 2018 07:25

So Autonomous Republic w of Urals

Karelia - but you'd have gone into St. Petersburg or Helsinki

Nenets - hardly a building there never mind an air terminal

So maybe Komi?? Not Ukhta and probably not Vorkuta so possibly Syktyvkar Airport??

India Four Two 21st May 2018 09:27

Excellent deduction, Holmes. Syktyvkar, capital of the Komi Republic. We had been in Uhkta and Usinsk visiting an oilfield development project. Two weeks earlier had flown into Usinsk in an ancient chartered 727 - it still had hat racks - from Calgary via Churchill, Iqaluit, Keflavik and Murmansk. We had flown down to Uhkta in a regular passenger Yak 40.

At the end of our stay, we would be flying commercially from Moscow. The Chairman of the Production Association lent us his VIP Yak 40 for the trip. During the trip, the pilots noticed that one of our party had a Nat Geo map of Russia. They asked to look at it - they had never seen a map of Russia! This was shortly after Glasnost and the old Soviet secrecy had yet to fade away.

Over to you Harry.

Heathrow Harry 21st May 2018 10:12

Yeah - I was working in the Caucasus and had a set of FAA 1:1million charts of the area - the Russians had never seen anything like it - but I was warned that if "the Authorities" saw it I'd have a chance to explain at great length & personally why I had them. They really couldn't believe I'd bought them in a shop.............. I did tell them the Russians had similar maps of the West - that they were pleased to hear...... tho ' it didn't stop a few "heart-to hearts" with various Organs of the State elsewhere...

here's another (non Russian) Autonomous "Republic" - don't expect it to last long


SMOKEON 21st May 2018 11:57

Ronaldsway Airport.

Heathrow Harry 21st May 2018 13:14

Smokeon has it............................. I really must try harder......................

SMOKEON 21st May 2018 13:35

Thank you, H.H.
Open House.

Cows getting bigger 21st May 2018 15:22

Here's one


Heathrow Harry 21st May 2018 15:44

UK? looks pretty green

Cows getting bigger 21st May 2018 16:38

Indeed, one of those many places that had a relatively short life.

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