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chevvron 19th Oct 2020 17:50

Originally Posted by nvubu (Post 10907283)
Only 18 minutes, thought it wouldn't last long.

My son was playing his first adult hockey match (turned 13 last week) on the pitch at RAF Halton, so too good an opportunity to miss. He was awarded man of the match - a really good start to his adult hockey career.

Open House.

The road from which you took the photo was always a favourite for people to park and watch the gliding on summer afternoons so we made sure they got some really close up views of us (some of the pilots not including me even descended over the field on the opposite side of the road then hopped over it)
Always wondered why the bus company which ran a service along that road switched from double deckers to single deckers every summer; can't imagine why!!Devil
Is the challenge Popham?

OUAQUKGF Ops 19th Oct 2020 21:23

Not Popham....

3wheels 20th Oct 2020 03:57

Northrepps...sorry open house if correct.

OUAQUKGF Ops 20th Oct 2020 07:50

Northrepps (Cromer) it is.

nvubu 20th Oct 2020 12:00

chevvron - they were flying on Saturday. I grew up very close to Kenley Aerodrome and used to love the gliders overhead.

chevvron 20th Oct 2020 14:02

Originally Posted by nvubu (Post 10908114)
chevvron - they were flying on Saturday. I grew up very close to Kenley Aerodrome and used to love the gliders overhead.

Not 613; they were disbanded about 3 years ago; what you saw was the RAF GSA Gllding Centre which moved in from Bicester in about '96, combining with the Halton Glding Club.

UV 20th Oct 2020 16:58

As itís OH


chevvron 20th Oct 2020 17:15


UV 20th Oct 2020 17:53

Not Northolt!

nvubu 20th Oct 2020 18:28

North Weald ?

UV 20th Oct 2020 18:58

Yes new buildings and traffic calming at NW. You have control nvubu

nvubu 20th Oct 2020 20:26

Thank you UV - it was the "Give Way to Aircraft" sign that made me think of NW.

Let's go back in time - where might this be being built. Any thoughts as to what the thing in the middle might be?

descol 21st Oct 2020 06:49

maybe Guadalcanal ? with a coral lump ?

nvubu 21st Oct 2020 07:33

This airstrip isn't on Guadalcanal - although it is by the seaside.

The lump isn't a guide to where the airfield is located - I just thought that it was interesting.

Asturias56 21st Oct 2020 08:27

I hope they filed an Environmental Impact Statement!

descol 21st Oct 2020 12:54

I'll have another go - Wewak ?

nvubu 21st Oct 2020 14:07

You are closer with Wewak than with Guadalcanal, but still no cigar.

The lump was a Japanese bunker - just about to be blasted.

Trying to post an image of the first aircraft to land on the new strip, but the image isn't showing - won't allow me to post the previous image either :(

You'll have to imagine it - it being a PBY

I'll try again later.

Allan Lupton 21st Oct 2020 14:39

Momote on Manus Island perhaps?

nvubu 21st Oct 2020 15:13

We aren't in PNG

Here's the first aircraft to land on this strip - uploaded from my PC rather than linked from OneDrive.

JENKINS 21st Oct 2020 15:24

Wadke for the PBY?

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