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Auxtank 13th Jan 2019 12:07

Thank you. Started a square search south of USA.

OH as have to go out for a few hours.

India Four Two 13th Jan 2019 12:35

This one was well known in its day:


dook 13th Jan 2019 12:40

Looks decidedly UK.

India Four Two 13th Jan 2019 13:32

Looks can be deceiving :)

dook 13th Jan 2019 13:34

Thank you.

I'll therefore shoot for USA or Canada.

India Four Two 13th Jan 2019 15:13

Obviously no sense antenna on your ADF. ;)
Try a reciprocal heading - go east young man.

PS There is a US connection.

kenparry 13th Jan 2019 15:17


dook 13th Jan 2019 15:20

Obviously no sense antenna on your ADF.
It's the loop which is u/s.

dook 13th Jan 2019 16:54

Maybe we're in France.

Auxtank 13th Jan 2019 17:34

Another vote for Germany...

or maybe Holland.

Kemble Pitts 13th Jan 2019 17:40

Main airfield, Rechlin. German version of Farnborough before and during WWII.

Auxtank 13th Jan 2019 18:04

Originally Posted by Kemble Pitts (Post 10359635)
Main airfield, Rechlin. German version of Farnborough before and during WWII.

I knew it was Germany alles is sehr neat und tidy.
So the trees and outline of taxiways is still there on the pre 1940 but later to the south we had this;


dook 13th Jan 2019 19:08

Yes, I found it a while back but I'm puzzled as to why Kemble Pitts referred to it as the main airfield.

Auxtank 13th Jan 2019 19:23

Originally Posted by dook (Post 10359697)
Yes, I found it a while back but I'm puzzled as to why Kemble Pitts referred to it as the main airfield.

Minimal research (glass in front of me) leads me to opine that Kemble Pitts accurately describes the original airfield - which following commencement of hostilities in 1939 - was moved down the road to the bigger space.

Helluva long taxi between the two though.

Here's the Wiki old boy; a complicated past.


India Four Two 14th Jan 2019 01:09

Yes, the Erprobungsstellen (testing locations) Rechlin.

Here's an RAF reconnaissance photo:

Here's the US connection:

A history of Rechlin can be found here: https://weaponsandwarfare.com/2017/0...telle-rechlin/
Something I didn't know is that it is adjacent to the largest lake wholly within Germany - the Müritz See.

There is an interesting-looking museum, just to the northwest of the old airfield:

Kemble Pitts has control.

dook 14th Jan 2019 13:08

I wonder where Kemble Pitts is.

Auxtank 14th Jan 2019 13:37

I wonder if he is aware of rules re: winner chooses next or declares Open House to throw it open to the floor for anyone.

Asturias56 14th Jan 2019 13:54

Not a regular - only 36 posts since March 2016 but they are the one's that need encouragement

According to the rules he has 48 Hours and I think we should be patient = have to wait to 19:40 Board Time on Wednesday - I shall go back to building my model Cant 501 out of matchsticks

  • That winner shall either post another challenge or declare the floor open. Anyone may then post the next challenge.
  • If the winner of the challenge does not respond to the notification of their success within 48 hours, an Open house can be declared when there is consensus between multiple other posters which are on line.
  • When the poster of a challenge does not respond within 48 hours of a posted answer, this poster can be declared winner if the answer is considered correct in a consensus of multiple other posters.
  • If Open House is declared, regular posters should not jump in immediately, but time should be given for those who are not great at naming the correct location as they may have some good images.
  • There will only be one challenge running at a time.

dook 14th Jan 2019 13:55

According to "rule" 4 he has 48 hours.

I think this should be 24 and still considers time zone differences.

Perhaps nvubu might consider this.

Asturias56 14th Jan 2019 13:55

24 is too tight - if you are travelling

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