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Omg is Qantas serious? The only place they are launching is Santiago, and they're cutting HKG-LHR and BKK-LHR? Does this mean QF will only fly three times a day into LHR?

There's no mention of QF flying to KUL though. An a premium airline in Asia with 11 A320s? When CX and SQ are flying widebodies throughout Asia? Any idea where this "premium hub" will be? If it's KUL, will MH and AK just take it lying down? If it's SIN, which makes the most logical sense since very soon QF will only fly to SIN to feed into 3K and BA, how will they fight CX in its home market in the premium section? At least 3K was slugging it out with TR and not directly competing with SQ in its market segment.
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Dr Pepz,
Does this mean QF will only fly three times a day into LHR?
I think it means they will only fly two times a day into LHR. The QF31 and the QF9 both through SIN.
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Thumbs down Re BA ex BKK

As a frequent traveller on the BKK/SYD route some years ago, I used to really get p!$$&d off at attempts to book on QF1 and QF2 only to have it suggested I book on QF 301 and QF 302 which was the code share flight operated by BA.
Their 747's were even worse than the clapped out QF 747s and it was impossible to get more than 2 beers on the sector let alone a cold one. I also used to have run the gauntlet of the 0600 arrival into SYD, the endless queues at immigration and longer ones at Customs prior to getting a flight up to BNE. Now punters on the SYD/LHR flights will all be shunted off onto BA if they transit BKK.

Thankfully TG commenced operations BNE/BKK/BNE and I switched over to TG as carrier of preference. Modern 777/200 or 777/300 series with a choice of up to FOUR main course meals in business class. Never once was a requested main course not provided - unlike QF "J" class - take it or leave it.

No wonder QF International is in deepest ****e given the reduction in sectors flown by QF aircraft and flown by QF pilots.

As a frequent reader of the ongoings by this Oirish Leperacoon, best wishes to the QF LAMES and flight crew in the ongoing battle with management.

(I am not in anyway whatsoever associated with the aviation industry - only a SLF currently flying a minimum of 2 sectors/week within Oz)

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Omg is Qantas serious? The only place they are launching is Santiago, and they're cutting HKG-LHR and BKK-LHR? Does this mean QF will only fly three times a day into LHR?
Think outside the square towards the next enthralling magical marketing decison regarding upcoming additional ports - Chechnya, Burundi, Somalia, Sudan and Iraq....
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If QF was an animal, management would be reported to the RSPCA...

"costs 20% above competitors..." Right. Who elected to maintain the outdated airframes of the mainline when gains of the "20%" were available and being taken up by the competition? Probably not the engineers, pilots etc...

Pornstar Nippon? yep worked well for ANA.... their program adds so much confidence in that plan. JAL being a partner is equivalent to opening up a massage parlour with the local leper colony. At least the PD casts damage far and wide evenly.

Fleet review? QFA mainline is to wither on the vine. Again, even pets would get euthanasia, (and parties that are responsible for the decades of neglect would be held accountable).

The concept of Jetstar adding anything of value to the LCC model in China is interesting. Currently of course, the shortage of crews (particularly B737 and 320) is such that the crew costs are already near legacy levels. Assume there will be a very small crowd rushing for poverty packs with a renowned nasty startup program headed by the PD.

Good luck, and start dusting off your resumes (or get serious). Good news is that there is a demand still for some of you guys at least.

Welcome to the brave new world.
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Sadly it looks to me as though the Qantas name will disappear altogether in the near future.

Domestically it will all be done by Jetstar, using contractors mainly as ground staff, and Internationally by these new LCC and Premium Airline they are starting.

I do hope NOT, but that is what it looks like, no more Qantas, the Spirit of Australia, or Flying Kangaroo.
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Qantas | Facebook
@QantasAirways the flying kangaroo is further demoted as 2nd class carrier, passengers & staff treated as a red number on balance sheet
Watch the @QantasAirways twitter feed for a case study on how not to do social media #shambles #spam
It takes a particularly gifted/twisted (depending on point of view) PR person in @QantasAirways to call 1000 job losses #anewspirit
@QantasAirways take the Q & NT out of qantas, no need to drag queensland & NT's good names through the mud with you. #unaustralian
@QantasAirways. #anewspirit of hate, betrayal and profiteering over 10,000 jobs "effected" by reorganisation.
@QantasAirways makes me sad that 1000 people have to lose their jobs because of a failure of planning foresight by management, though
Well, the Qantas social media contractors are earning their money today, plenty of vitriol on the twit terverse. AJ can try to dress this up anyway he wants, facts is facts and people aren't as stupid as Qantas management take them for.

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Game Over Pay Us out.
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Qantas doesn't deserve the Q and the NT in it's name anymore.

What is left? AAS

Another Asian Sellout

High fives and back slaps all around.
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@QantasAirways take the Q & NT out of qantas, no need to drag queensland & NT's good names through the mud with you. #unaustralian
AAS? Sounds a bit like "ASS" to me.
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An Australian failure

It is inconceivable.
Once again Australian management have emulated the very low quality of strategic decision making as is demonstrated by the politicians.
Australia, with its incredible windfall from natural resources could be the envy of the rest of the world with first class medical, educational, research and in this case transport institutions.
Instead what do we have? Unsustainable theoretical economic models espoused by the Monash tea party set which has destroyed excellent organisations built up for years then sold to private enterprise whose sole purpose is to sweat the asset and bleed it dry. Wool, gold, agriculture and innovation built this country with vision such as the snowy scheme, now we have rank opportunists only interested in the short term and their own futures.
We could have the best boutique airline in the world, serving destinations that are frequented by Australians for reasons of business and leisure and exporting expertise and skills that were once the standard for the rest of the world.
Soon we will have nothing, just another Australian tragedy.
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Interesting interview with Sen Nick on the ABC. He doesn't believe for a minute the BS that Joyce is peddling. He says that a serious review of the QANTAS sale act is in order. Something that should aready have happened. Better late than never I suppose.

The problem with Joyce, Buchanan, and others of their ilk, is that if they get away with something once, then in their morally deficient minds, it now becomes acceptable! I mean good God Almighty, millions of dollars in fines, and jail time for some o'seas scapegoats for Cargo price fixing, and they still publicly claim the moral high ground.

For Chr!st sake Canberra show some ticker' before we're all sunk!
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"PW"good post, couldn't agree with you more there.

Remember everybody that Australia is only a couple of hundreds years old roughly (Caucasian occupation) we've learnt little other than to wreck everything so it's going to take a LOT more generations to realize that what we have here (resources wise) could make this a great country.

In the words of Michael Douglas(Wall St film) why wreck Bluestar Airlines(insert QF)?............'cause it's wreckable' !!!!
Perhaps CASA closed the wrong Airline down recently 'cause if stupidity was a sin & answerable to CASA then QF would never fly again !!

Good luck to the real QF, the employees

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These tossers are trying to fool everyone including themselves.

They lie and deceive and then expect everyone to just get on with life.

Is there another announcement on 24 August or was this it...another lie.

Since when does a successful business grow by shutting down routes and planning expansion in one of the most saturated and competitive markets in the world where most have access to huge amounts of capital??

These guys need to be shown the door and do it quickly while there is something left.
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I'm just glad another hard hitting aviation expert, Peter Harbison, made commentary on cnbc.
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QF Shrinking to Nothing

With the large number of A320s being ordered that can only mean an increase in regional flying.Qantas it appears will concentrate on north south destinations within 3 to 11 hours flight time from Australia.Longhaul destinations will be LHR,FRA DFW LAX JNB ~LHR and FRA will be crewed by LHR based CC.
No mention of HNL ,SFO or 787s.
Qantas will have a "clayton's network" unsuitable for the J/C ~P/C traveller
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Pilot Redundancies?

1000 jobs to go sadly...

Anyone hear any numbers yet of how many pilots likely to go? And whether it will be strictly in reverse order of seniority?

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Poll results are interesting

Poll: Do you support plans by Qantas to step up operations in Asia as part of a revamp that will affect some 1000 jobs?
Poll closes in 11 hours.

Read more: Qantas cuts | 'New Qantas' to slash about 1000 jobs
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Can you imagine what obstacles and hurdles the JCAB are going to pose to this "brilliant" commercial decision (Jetstar Japan)of the Qantas management? They have no idea what they are getting into there.Have they consulted their own Flight Dept. and what was the answer?
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RIP Qantas.

You were killed by the KPI bonus, inept government protection, a union hating management and a right wing media.

The people in the media turn a blind eye to the spin from Qantas and completely miss the point when AJ waffles on about the proud safety record of the last 90 years when all the while he and his predecessor have very effectively destroyed the very foundations of that safety culture.

Does the slow demise of Qantas Engineering not ring a bell anywhere?

And another thing how rotten is the Federal Government? this current lot sit there fat dumb and stupid and the one before them matey mated and allowed big business convert what should be Australian tax dollars into foreign profits, which basically is all this offshoring exercise is about to my tiny mind.
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