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Just announced

The London based cabin crew will do all SIN-LHR flights as well as SIN-FRA.

Gone are the days of having an Australian crew on 'The Spirit of Australia' to Europe. What a sad state of affairs.
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A Hostile Workforce

If management think that the workforce is disengaged now just wait until this mess is implemented
90 years to build it...ten years to destroy it.
The emotional attachement Australians once had for Qantas will be totally destoyed.Board an aircraft in LHR and be greeted by Natasha from Poland who has never even been to Australia
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There was a Roger somebody on ABC News 24 a while ago as an investment consultant who made a major factual error at the rate of about one every 10 seconds.

I'm going to try and find out his name in case his firm is advising me Mum and Dad about their self funded pensions, and if he is, get the fool fired.
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Devil Time to up the ante?

All I can say SP is I hope the exec have something big in store..
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Does anybody know roughly how much these A320's are going to cost??
If 110 are being ordered where they heck is the money going to come from let alone how is Jetstar going to be paying for this??
That is a heck of a lot of $$$$$ even at a rough guess what they are worth
Need to break out that mis functioning calculator again to get my head around this biggy
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Delaying the 380's will pay for the 320s. Real building the business is delaying the arrival of the passengers jet of choice.
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Of the 110 A320's ordered, 78 will be the new A320 NEO, 99 allocated to Jetstar with 24 destined for the new Jetstar Japan venture. That leaves a balance of 11 new A320's, where are they off to??
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Exactly Packrat. And do you think Natasha knows if the pies have a chance to win this years grand final. Or if the aussie cricket team had a win this week in sri lanka? Joyce, Buchanan and clifford don't understand the fundamental basics of what makes qantas special.
Instead they have ring barked it to where it is now. The only hope is for an upper level management that believes and respects qantas and its loyal hard working employees. Sadly this requires a few home truths about this new corporate strategy to the major shareholders and also the truth that the good ship qantas has been hit by a joyce berg and needs radically amount of work to right in and also provide some hope that the remainder of the shareholder capital is going to be used successfully as opposed to pissing it up against the wall in some macau casino joint venture airline thing.
Amazing that joyce promises all these golden asian gooses with australian capital in minority shareholdings.
Nah something really stinks around here.
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Mates Rates

Spot on. Jetstar Japan majority owned by JAL/Mitsubishi. For bankrupt JAL this is a chance to soak up the hundreds of pilots they have fired or who are currently pushing paperclips around an empty office. For Mitsubishi this is a finance deal on leasing a/c. So we have three shareholders all with different agendas. That should work nicely.

And the JCAB..well where does one start.

Joyce's strategy...employ an ex Ansett/Skynet/Skymark pilot, arm him with some A320 manuals and tell him to get it all sorted.

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I think this is getting to the point where if drastic action is not taken Qantas will cease to exist as it was originally conceived. This people want to wipe 90 years of great history and still call it QANTAS the "Spirit Of Australia". When I joined this company I never believed a short time later we would be in this position. We have to change the aim of our industrial campaign from asking for "Job Security" (that is clearly not gonna happen if we let them get away with this) to one which aims to remove those at the top. This is the only way we can stop this madness."The emperor is naked has any one else noticed?" An more importantly how many have the guts to say anything? I know I have and I'm ready for battle...Bring it on.....
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Aj on 2UE AT 3.30... if u can stomach it..
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Wasn't QF originally conceived as a regional Queensland airline? Still, management really do seem to have forgotten how the company became a solid brand. How many guys are keen to go flying 320's from a KUL base?
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Well, all I can say is that you guys (employees) have been well and truly bush whacked... and by an Irishman.

I was wondering why QF kept mentioning 24th August so much ....

They knew you'd set up protest rallies to coincide.... so, they got in early before you had time to stick your heads up.

Your mister nice guys campaign has got you where?

If you really had wanted to make a difference, you should have put your shoulders into it.

Unfortunately, nice guys always come last .... no matter how nice you feel.
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Tonight on #thedrum on abcnews24 @Peter_Reith @frankellyabc and @PeterLewisEMC + Nick Xenophon on Qantas restructure 6pm AET repeat at 10.
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Wow. The second major Australian airline in a decade to be destroyed by inept management. Peuce is right. The gloves are off now and honestly it looks like you have nothing to lose. Maybe its time to take your fight to the next level or you may find yourself working for whatever monstrosity they create in Asia. You can be sure they will be aiming for the lowest cost operation possible and safety will inevitably suffer.
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Very sad indeed.

If I was on the seniority list below what is required for a domestic operation, I'd be having an exit stategy sharpish.

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As a former Ansett employee , and now within the Qantas Group, I have a deep feeling of dread in my gut !!

Role on.....
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My apologies Tidbinbilla, I guess at my age I have seen to much of Australian Airlines destroyed by incompetence. I did not think I would see anymore. I was wrong. My apologies once more.
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Qantas Switches Focus to Asia With New Units - Bloomberg

More of the same. LHR only to be done via SIN on 380. Slots leased to BA to cover services via BKK and HKG. Good news for BA I guess.
A sad day fellas.
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