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phildan89 29th Nov 2012 23:08

I'm another one of the applicants for SY tower, have completed the Recognition of Prior Learning/Training Needs Analysis tests about a week ago. Still no news, although the email I received when they sent the links out mentioned they would get in touch during the first week of December.

In saying that, a mate of mine who also applied finished the testing last night, and has already got a reply from them (!!) advising that the next stage is the phone interview and to organise a time. So who knows, I'm just gonna sit tight until the end of next week for now.

My application is still showing "Application under review." I guess that's better than being unsuccessful huh

stevep64 29th Nov 2012 23:28

No I was a trainee at the academy in Melbourne. I've applied for a blippy job in Brisbane, but I'm still waiting to hear something from them.

skyfall78 30th Nov 2012 01:17

how's the test mate? it's great you've been 2 steps ahead.

ManofBurger 30th Nov 2012 02:43

Hi Guys,

I thought I would provide some feedback on my application so far.

I applied for the ATC trainee program in early november. I did my online psychometric testing (which included numeracy and literacy questions) about 4 days ago. Some questions were quite hard as you didn't have alot of time to think about things.

Today I have received an email requesting me to organise a time for a phone interview.

I have read in previous posts that the testing process can take months, what is the next step after the phone interview? and approximately how long to go until an offer to train in melbourne is made? (provided I'm successful).


WhichWayIsNorth 30th Nov 2012 04:18

Wow phildan, you guys are lucky. I haven't heard anything after the initial application. Online it still says "Application Received". I'm hoping it's because you guys are from New Zealand and wouldn't need sponsored visas etc that you are processed first and they are still getting to us.

phildan89 30th Nov 2012 04:48

The testing was pretty full on-I felt I went OK at all of it except the calculation one (it was the last one I did). I aced the practice test part, went into the actual test, and there were some doozies! I think I've done enough though so here's hoping!!

WhichWayIsNorth-how long ago did you apply?? I put my application in as soon as the advertisement came out so whether that made any difference I don't know??

Gaaah I just want to know! I actually went up SY tower at the end of August for half a day to get an idea of how it works...I want that job something wicked!

WhichWayIsNorth 30th Nov 2012 05:04

I applied on the 8th about 10days before applications closed. I know how you feel, i wish i had some sort of reply even if its to say my application was unsuccessful because then i at least know where i stand. Im hoping to hear something on Monday. I think you guys from NZ might have a leg up over other international candidates, good luck either way.

phildan89 30th Nov 2012 05:07

Cheers mate, you too!

Nookie2nite 30th Nov 2012 05:11

Failed Online?
Has anyone eva received a notification of a failure of the online testing?

WhichWayIsNorth 30th Nov 2012 05:23

I take it you applied for the position for experienced ATC's Nookie2Nite? Have you done the online testing already?

Nookie2nite 30th Nov 2012 05:33

Yeah I have - passed - now waiting.....

Do u know how they would select say 10 from 100 experienced? Is it cv, online, interview, or a combination?

WhichWayIsNorth 30th Nov 2012 06:04

Not sure but i would imagine a combination of all 3. It looks like they are processing applications in batches according to date of application. When did you apply if i may ask?

sunnySA 30th Nov 2012 09:34

Is it cv, online, interview, or a combination
Step1: CV - pass/fail, if pass then
Step2: Online pass/fail, if pass then
Step3: Interview, if pass then perhaps, subject to reference checks, security checks, medical checks, police checks.

History indicates that recruitments take much longer than most people think. Patience is a ......

WhichWayIsNorth 30th Nov 2012 09:47

sunnySA. Do you think its a bad sign that some of us haven't heard anything whereas others have already completed online testing? I did apply late in the application process so im hoping they are attending to applications in the order they came in? Hopefully we aren't disadvantaged by the time we applied, i only applied on 08 November whereas applications opened 05 October.

sunnySA 30th Nov 2012 10:43

Do you think its a bad sign that some of us haven't heard anything whereas others have already completed online testing?
Not necessarily but can't say for sure, processed in batches - probably, insufficient resources allocated to task - possibly, more applicants than estimated - unlikely.

Properly done RPL/TNA processes take much longer than most people think.
Properly done interviews take a while to arrange, (time zones), do and write up.

I think you need to ask yourself - how well did you meet the selection criteria?
Very well? then you shouldn't worry.
Well? then a little worried.
Not so well? then more worried etc.

For Sydney TCU.
Worked high capacity environment?
Worked parallel runways?
Worked Eurocat?
Then I wouldn't been too worried.

Worked ENR non-radar, remote Tower, small TCU. Only got your rating this year or been rated for 35 years?
Then I'd be worried (sorry).

From an organisations' point of view, better to do the recruitment process correctly vs rush it and get it wrong. Bad for the individual, bad for the system, bad PR/IR.

Recruitments take significantly longer than most applicants think...

skyfall78 30th Nov 2012 12:14

my opinion they processed the application based on date application received, cause i submitted my application on closing date actually.

eg; whichwayisnorth submitted early november and till now no news

so conclusion is (maybe) based on date :)

hope it work guys

cheers to you all. :)

waxo 30th Nov 2012 17:11

Hallo to all! I submitted my online application 4 weeks ago and got a mail with the invite to complete the online tests before Nov 22. I think i got that mail about 10 days before the deadline for the online applications. so now im waiting! must say im on edge! Im convinced i plugged some of the tests though. So maybe thats why im still waiting!!! Good luck to all...:ok:

topdrop 2nd Dec 2012 12:44

If application is for a Tower job, the training will be in Melbourne as that is where the Tower sim is.

Fatty182 2nd Dec 2012 20:53

As far as I know, they're not planning another Brisbane course for a while, as there are two running currently, and that's the maximum they can have. Probably 4-6 months at least? That's if they keep pushing them through up here.

Fifi-J 2nd Dec 2012 23:36

Ruth - there are 2 courses running in brissie at the moment which is the maximum they can facilitate. One course is expected to finish (I think) around May/june-ish? The second course is estimated to finish around september. But those dates are not locked in and certain things can delay the completion dates. So if you were hoping for a brissie start you can expect to wait till at least mid next year I would think!

1Charlie 2nd Dec 2012 23:43

For those waiting to hear about their conversion courses. You'll just have to be patient. It took me 8 months between application to commencement of training for an experienced ATC position. You'll be offered a salary table which isn't the same as in the collective agreement. Less than 6 years experience expect field trainee rate while in Melbourne college, level 1 in field training, and between 2 and 4 once rated. Less than 10 years expect levels 1, 3, and 5.
Depending on your training needs analysis the RADAR tower course (SY BN ML etc) is about 9 weeks long. About 3 weeks of theory (SAR, IFER, etc), about 5 weeks of simulator training, and 1 week of MET. In Sydney you normally start your OJT on SMC west ADC east and delivery. BN now start trainees on ADC as SMC has become much more complex recently.

By the way don't assume this is set in stone, it's only based on experience.

phildan89 3rd Dec 2012 02:15

Thanks for that 1Charlie!

One question out of that though. When you say that "you'll be offered a salary table which isn't the same as in the collective agreement" what table do they use?? Is there anywhere online we can see it?

1Charlie 3rd Dec 2012 05:02

It's the same table, but expect them not to offer you your equivalent step based on your experience. Eg step 5 for 5 years experience. It's not published anywhere but they'll probably send you this in their offer of employment

kiwi chick 3rd Dec 2012 09:18

Hey Ruth.

No, you won't get paid removal expenses. What you will get paid is either airfares for your and your dependants; or an equivalent surface fare if you're driving.

You will get put up in accommodation for one week while you look for somewhere to live. After that, you're on your own.

Unless it changes between now and when you start. Which I wouldn't imagine it will :E

Also, although you may have applied for enroute, you might only get offered tower. Some of us got a choice, some didn't apparently. :\

stevep64 3rd Dec 2012 13:56

Also, although you may have applied for enroute, you might only get offered tower. Some of us got a choice, some didn't apparently.
I didn't get offered tower, I just told them I'd changed my mind after doing a famil. If you get through the selection process, just tell them what you want.

As far as the fuel expense is concerned, I was a bit annoyed that they didn't pay for my removals to Melbourne, but I didn't have a complaint about how much they paid for my fuel costs to get there. It was around three times what the fuel actually cost.

kiwi chick 3rd Dec 2012 22:57

Steve, as I said, not everyone gets a choice.

phildan89 3rd Dec 2012 23:11

"Congratulations you have successfully passed the online testing"

The best eight words I have read in a looooong time :)

skyfall78 4th Dec 2012 00:17

congrats buddy...... i havent heard anything :rolleyes:

Duane 4th Dec 2012 01:58

has anyone who applied for experienced ATC back in March had a concrete offer yet (on paper etc)

I have had all my interviews etc, offered an in principle spot but nothing on paper yet and no start dates.

2b2 4th Dec 2012 06:43

although you may have applied for enroute, you might only get offered tower
"only" offered tower!!

only if you are lucky! :)

kiwi chick 4th Dec 2012 09:06

Haha, sorry 2b2 - no offence intended! :ok:

I wanted to do tower, I was offered it, it was my choice my a country mile... but because I have three children and need a stable base for a while, I "settled" for Enroute.

*wipes nose* :E

Jack Ranga 4th Dec 2012 12:48

Tower, ops on a stick!

waxo 4th Dec 2012 18:06

Airservices Australia Psychometric Testing
Skyfall78 have you done the online testing yet?

skyfall78 4th Dec 2012 22:27

i havent do anything buddy....what about you? my application submitted last day of advertise closed. somi have to wait much looooonger than you guys :ugh:

waxo 5th Dec 2012 06:07

Airservices Australia Psychometric Testing
Application unsuccessful. Must say I'm bitterly disappointed. But that's how it goes. I know of a couple of other guys with the same outcome. What is strange is that not everyone has been given to do the online tests yet. Some guys like me did them but failed. Others like you are waiting still. I wonder how they work it! Anyways best of luck hope you get a response soon.

waxo 5th Dec 2012 08:58

Airservices Australia Psychometric Testing
Unfortunately I didn't get it. Got told I failed online. I know of a couple other who got told same thing. What is a little strange is that guys who submitted late have not even been asked to do online. But who knows how they work it. I suppose it's done in batches. Hope you hear soon!

WhichWayIsNorth 6th Dec 2012 08:45

Sorry to hear it. Im one of the people who has yet to do the online testing. On Monday my application status online changed from "Application Received" to "Application under review" but I havent received any communication or invites for online testing.

polair911 8th Dec 2012 08:29

Hi all,

I just got my official feedback from ASA, apparently I just missed out (it was the sim that let me down), good news is though, they recommanded me to apply for this Procedure Designer pos in the ACT, when I was initially rejected.

My advice is, if you really enjoy aviation and wanna work for ASA, why not apply for other pos within the organisation. I personally felt that it was a good experience to deal with them, even though I didn't make it for ATC.

Good luck to all!!:ok:


canadiangal75 8th Dec 2012 22:03

I'm still waiting to get my feedback :( Been waiting since October...How long after your negative did you get your feedback polair?

anita82 10th Dec 2012 02:07

I also failed the assessment centre, they sent me the negative feedback in 2 weeks time. Well, I might try again next year if I still feel like it and at least I'll know what the tests are like.

Good luck people!

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