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Kyle Jackson 9th Nov 2012 04:03

Example of Hours worked
Is anyone able to provide an example of what an average working week looks like for an ATC? Enroute if possible. Is it a rotating roster between mornings, afternoon and night shifts?

How much notice is required if you need a day off? Can shifts be swapped?

tobz92_ymen 9th Nov 2012 04:07

for application purposes, if you already hold a Class 1 medical, are you still required to get a Class 3?

kiwi chick 9th Nov 2012 08:36

You don't need it for application, only if you get accepted for training.

cadetkid 9th Nov 2012 08:42


As far as I am aware if you hold a class 1 you can just ring CASA and request a class 3 be issued as well and they will send it out. I believe someone on my course did this but I could be wrong. Best bet is to ring CASA and ask.

Zilberfish 9th Nov 2012 23:26

As previously mentioned, if you have a class 1 you do still need a class 3, but it's really no extra hassle. I had a class 1 and just got my DAME to include a class 3 when I had it renewed. You could do it that way if your renewal is coming up (then Airservices will reimburse you for the consultation part of your renewal - winner), otherwise I would agree with cadetkid and see if you can't go straight to the source and talk to CASA.

anita82 15th Nov 2012 05:49

Congrats Ruth!
That was really fast I think, your assessment centre was like a week ago? I read that they tell you whether you passed it up to 2 months after the assessment centre?
Good job, you've almost done it!

stevep64 15th Nov 2012 06:20

That's new. They don't usually contact you to tell you you've passed the assessment. Usually the first thing you know is when they contact you with an offer, or your referee tells you they've been contacted.

Congratulations anyway :ok: The ref check is just a formality.

shack87 16th Nov 2012 06:29

Just found out that my enroute course starting january 7th has been cancelled and will now be starting Feb 25th. spoke with Caroline today and she wasnt 100% sure what was happening, but mentioned something about a potential audit.
does anyone know if this is purely the case that they will need a room for a month or so to conduct their business?
any insight would be appreciated.

anita82 16th Nov 2012 08:33

I just got an invitation for an assessment centre in Brisbane - between 26 and 28 Nov. I booked 26th (Monday) together with flights and a hostel for 3 days!
I'm not too nervous yet, hopefully I'll keep calm till the date :)

kiwi chick 16th Nov 2012 09:26

Shack, were you starting in Brisbane or Melbourne?

Ruth, well done, what Steve said is normally correct - I got rung to ask about my referees, and when I said "does this mean it's good news?" all I got from Wathsala was "please we just ask that you wait until you get a formal reply from us"... !! IT WAS AGONISING!!

Hempy 16th Nov 2012 14:00

Originally Posted by kiwi chick


kiwi chick 16th Nov 2012 23:28


That picture is going on my Facebook page :ok:

Nautilus Blue 17th Nov 2012 00:23

Is anyone able to provide an example of what an average working week looks like for an ATC? Enroute if possible. Is it a rotating roster between mornings, afternoon and night shifts?
Unfortunately rosters vary a lot from group to group, because they are written around traffic patterns, so there is no typical en-route roster pattern. On some rosters the shifts vary over a 6 to 18 week cycle, so there isn't even a typical "week" on a groups roster.

Having said that they are all designed with FRMS11 (fatigue "management") and POR (principals of rostering), so there are recurring themes. A shift cycle will be between 3 to 6 shifts, followed by 1 to 3 days off, the another 3 to 6 shifts (but not necessarily the same ones as last time) etc. Usually the first shifts will be mornings, each subsequent shift usually starting later. Alternatively the may be all mornings, or all afternoons etc. This is a simplification though.

Shift swaps are possible, but difficult. The swapped shift has to comply with POR and usually FRMS11, as does the shift of the other person, and of course you have to find someone willing to swap.

How much notice is required if you need a day off?
Depends on why you "need". If its a family funeral or a sick child or your house just burnt down etc then there are various provisions, (carers leave, special leave, bereavement leave etc.) so you just give as much notice as possible, sometimes its none.

If you just "want", then you are probably out of luck. You will get between 4 and 6 weeks recreation leave a year, but it need to be requested 14 months in advance, and even then you won't necessarily get it. Something to consider very strongly before going into this job. You will be working most Christmases, New Years, weekends, partners birthdays, kids sports days. club get togethers etc. On the other hand, if you are on a morning, you have most of the afternoon/evening off and vice versa, so it can work out.

5miles 17th Nov 2012 02:32

Just found out that my enroute course starting january 7th has been cancelled and will now be starting Feb 25th
That doesn't sound like a cancellation, just delayed.

The academy is going through its RTO re-accreditation process and this will be absorbing a lot of instructor resources for the next few months.

shack87 17th Nov 2012 03:43

well if we must get technical, enroute course 76 in melbourne has been cancelled and all participants will be placed on subsequent courses, and I will be on Enroute 78 ;)

cnkkale 17th Nov 2012 09:18

airservices australia
hi i'm an experienced air traffic controller from europe. is there anyone who knows how long does the atc course take for experienced air traffic controllers in australia ? and how much does an experienced air traffic controller earn per year ? thank you :)

jcr737 18th Nov 2012 05:01

Pay scale
Hi cnkkale,

Current pay scale as of November 2012:

PayScale Australia - Air Traffic Controller Salary, Average Salaries

Exchange rate Sunday 18th Nov. AUS $1.00 = EUR 0.811524

Looking for experienced ATC now, but applications close today. (2300hrs 18/11/2012).

Job details|Airservices

jcr737 :ok:

cnkkale 18th Nov 2012 17:52

hi jcr737, thank you for your help :)

polair911 19th Nov 2012 10:18

Anyone who atteneded the assessment centre (Brisbane) in October here?? I am still waiting for my feedback :sad:

wolfram76 19th Nov 2012 13:28

I am an ATC from Europe.I have just completed the application online for this last recruiting .
I hace received this mail:

"The next steps in the recruitment process are the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) / Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and the online skills testing. You are required to undertake and pass the online testing for your application to continue to progress."

Anyone now about this Online testing,TNA and RPL?


skyfall78 19th Nov 2012 14:58

any asian controller in airservices australia? :rolleyes:

skyfall78 20th Nov 2012 01:42

thanks mate for information. i've been posted the application and they said will send me online skill test. hopefully it works.......:)

barberwi 20th Nov 2012 08:21

ive had my status on my application change to : Referee Details..

im assuming that this is a good thing?

anyone else currently have this at the moment, or ever had this on their application and got in/knocked back?

Silicon 20th Nov 2012 16:44

Job at Sydney and Perth
Hi everyone, I am one of the people who recently applied the job at Sydney and Perth as an experienced air traffic controller.

Like yours I am confused about why ASA has the chance for ATCO's around the world? Is there someone can tell me?

And I have read the post from the beginning, but no one have said any thing about the test for experienced ATCO'S, is it the same as for new recruits? I think it's should not the same. But what kind of test subject content in it?

Thank you!:ok:

alatron 21st Nov 2012 07:08

I'm still at 'On-Hold for Upcoming Assessment Centre' as it has been since mid-October :-/

kiwi chick 21st Nov 2012 08:40

Alatron, I think you'll find if you read this thread that mid-October is not anything to get upset about.

Some of us waited over ten weeks to hear.

alatron 21st Nov 2012 08:57

Oh I'm not upset I'm just hanging out for the assessment day :)

slscrockatt 21st Nov 2012 09:35

ive had my status on my application change to : Referee Details..
Thats great news barberwi, that the next step in the recruitment process as far as i know.

With regards to being on hold for the assessment centre from mid october, they only have limited places and i'm guess slowing down for december.

Good luck with your applications its well worth the wait.

skyfall78 22nd Nov 2012 00:42

so it take a long time wait for the test, someone there told me thousands applicants. :rolleyes:
anyone work in brisbane ACC? kimberley or territory area.

polair911 22nd Nov 2012 11:08

just got the news.....didn't make it:{

Good luck people!!

kiwi chick 23rd Nov 2012 06:38

My apologies Alatron, I misread that - good luck I'm sure you'll enjoy it :ok:

Polair911, sorry to hear that.

VH-ALX 23rd Nov 2012 12:22

Age for ATC applicants
Allow me to get straight to the point if I may......I am age 50. Would that be considered too old to apply for an ATC position?

etz 23rd Nov 2012 13:29

Yep. Most of us are looking to retire by then

VH-ALX 23rd Nov 2012 19:25

Thanks for your reply etz.....maybe not quite the reply I was hoping for, but I appreciate your candour. I will forward an application in any case and see what happens. I think that in some cases more ""mature"" applicants can bring with them some valuable life experiences and attributes. I just hope that feeling is right. I am definitely seeking a career change, and would love to utilise the knowledge I have by the privilege of my private pilot license. I only wish I applied when I obtained my license back in "92.

stevep64 23rd Nov 2012 21:43


You're not too old to apply, but your chances of getting through the training are less than the younger trainees.

A lot of people said just that in this forum about a year ago. At the time there were three of us that had managed to get in, the oldest was 51, me at 47 and the youngest at 42. We were all determined to prove the naysayers wrong. None of us made it through the academy training. I aced the theory part, but once I got into the sim I just couldn't keep up with the pace.

You're in Melbourne by the looks of it, so at least you won't have to spend a fortune to relocate if you get in.

I say go for it and prove us all wrong :ok:

VH-ALX 23rd Nov 2012 22:50

Thank you Stevep64 for your words of encouragement.....I will do my best. May I ask what it was about the sim training that was daunting?

kiwi chick 23rd Nov 2012 23:23

Watch this space VH-ALX

I'm the eldest female at the moment (at the ripe old age of 40!), one of my course mates is about to turn 40. We hit the SIM two weeks ago so we're heading towards make-or-break time.

There are some new students just turned up whom I'm guessing are around my generation as well :}

kiwi chick 23rd Nov 2012 23:27

PS: as for

and would love to utilise the knowledge I have by the privilege of my private pilot license. I only wish I applied when I obtained my license back in "92.
you can throw that thought out the window. :E

I have a commercial for both fixed wing and rotary and the only time it's really been an advantage was in the PoF subject and knowing the phoenetic alphabet. Even then, you are taught what you need to know from scratch so once you get to the SIM you are on a complete level playing field with course mates who had no experience ;)

jcr737 23rd Nov 2012 23:31


I applied in July, passed the on-line test & phone interview. Got invited to an assessment day in Brisbane in September. Got the bad news 6 weeks later. I'm 54 and have a commercial pilot licence. Unfortunately I was not up to scratch. In reference to having a licence they told us several times at the assessment that "those of you with any flying experience just forget it...it will not help you here today". Not one iota of the assessment tests related directly to flying experience.

I'm sure age had something to do with it, I'm not being nasty or negative about it, but as many have written here in the past, the training is fast & furious and the young are more likely to succeed. Such is life!!

But I agree with Steve64, give it your best shot & all the best. :ok:
P.S. For what it's worth, I can't get a flying job either...too old!! :sad:

VH-ALX 24th Nov 2012 00:50

Thanks for the advice to all ..... I will submit my application this afternoon and will update on here as the application progresses. Best of luck to all who are currently in a training phase.....I wish u all the best

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