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polair911 11th Dec 2012 00:14

Got my feedback about a month after my assessment center. If you're keen on your feedback, just give them a call, most likely they're gonna get back to you. :ok:

canadiangal75 11th Dec 2012 04:57

I might call them.. Sent them a follow up email.. thought that would be enough... It's all about being patient and waiting I guess.

VH-ALX 14th Dec 2012 08:08

Online Testing
Hi all,
Finally submitted my application two days ago and today got an email invitation for the online testing that has to be completed prior to the 20th. This is probably one of the most asked questions here, but can anyone advise of what to expect by way of questions, subjects etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

kiwi chick 15th Dec 2012 05:03

It is one of the most asked questions here - therefore, if you go back through this thread you'll find all the answers you need. :hmm:

Pauloswindon 15th Dec 2012 09:59

WhichWayIsNorth or any other Experienced Air Traffic Controller applicants for Sydney and Perth.

I know that the majority of applications sumbitted near the deadline went under review around the 6th of December. I was just wondering if anyone falling into this category had received any contact from AirServices since.


WhichWayIsNorth 15th Dec 2012 10:32

No haven't heard anything further yet. Application status changed online to "Application under review" on the 3rd but haven't had any communication. Are you also awaiting a reply from ASA?

missy 15th Dec 2012 13:31

With a Xmas/New Year break approaching then applicants for SYD and PER shouldn't expect to hear anything until at least the 8th January at the very earliest, most likely 14th January. Its just the way it is...

skyfall78 16th Dec 2012 02:18

kinda like that.....everybody left for holiday :rolleyes:

VH-ALX 16th Dec 2012 21:24

Online assessment
Can anyone tell me the duration of the initial online assessment test? I plan to do it tonight as completion is required by the 20th.

phildan89 17th Dec 2012 19:53

I'm still all go with the experienced ATC position stuff; my interview is in two hours!!

VH-ALX you could probably bash out the online testing in 2.5-3 hours if you went for it, but I slowed it down and had a break between each test to "try" and stay as fresh as possible-ended up taking half a day on it.

VH-ALX 17th Dec 2012 20:42

Thanks Phildan,
I appreciate your reply. . . . Did u find it difficult? Anyway best of luck for your interview . . I hope you progress yo the next stage.

phildan89 17th Dec 2012 21:12

Didn't find it too bad-personally found the calculation one at the end the hardest. I got into a nasty habit at one point of working out the answer, typing it in and then running out of time so I couldn't hit submit! Ahhh well.

Cheers, should be good fun. Don't have a clue what they're going to ask so here's hoping.

Are you applying for the experienced positions or an ab-initio one??

VH-ALX 17th Dec 2012 21:28

I am applying for ab-initio

canadiangal75 18th Dec 2012 04:39

will finally get my feedback 4 months after my assessment centre.. Oh well, better late than never... Am almost at the 12 month deadline to reapply if the 12 months is when you initially applied that is... haha. Do I dare torture myself again? Will have to see what the feedback is I guess :)

kiwi chick 18th Dec 2012 10:00

I think that's a good idea to wait, Canadiangal... it may or may not be something you can change or improve on.

And if it IS something you can change - forewarned is forearmed! :ok:

VH-ALX - have you done the texts yet? Unsure if it's changed, but when I did them, taking a break inbetween was not an option ;) It was pretty full-on. Good luck!

VH-ALX 18th Dec 2012 20:49

Doing the tests this morning Kiwi, will post when I have completed them. I was cramming some numerical problems prior so that at least all the equations are clear before I attempt them.

kiwi chick 19th Dec 2012 03:50

Haha, I'd like to see your thoughts on that once you've done the test - and make sure you have a calculator!! I didn't and it made for some very interesting times, interspersed with quite a few swearwords. :}

canadiangal75 19th Dec 2012 08:56

The funny thing is Kiwichick, somehow I managed to be able to get in and do a job that is quite similar in Canada... air traffic services, flight service specialist... same selection process as Air traffic controllers etc.. And I was very good at my job :) But somehow, I managed to screw up at the assessment centre in Australia! :) Will see what they say.. I have my money on the spatial reasoning test.. Computer was a bit glitchy during that one.. They experienced computer problems all day during our assessment...

skyfall78 19th Dec 2012 09:00

application update
just received this email :

Thank you for your interest in a position as an Experience Air Traffic Controller with Airservices.

We have received a very high number of applications and are still in the process of assessing and shortlisting the applications to determine those who will progress to the next stages.

Our office is closed from 5pm Friday 21 December for the holiday season. Our office will reopen on Monday 14 January and we anticipate that we will be in contact soon afterwards.

We appreicate your patience during this time.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday and new Years season.

Kind regards

Kind Regards, National Recruitment Team Airservices Australia

i should be more patience For the best result :)

stevep64 19th Dec 2012 09:21

It'd be nice if those of us going for blippy jobs got the same kind of email. :ugh:

WhichWayIsNorth 19th Dec 2012 09:39

Skyfall, i got the same email this morning, at least now i dont have to keep checking my online status everyday. Hopefully we get some good news soon after 14 January

canadiangal75 19th Dec 2012 10:49

totally agree Steve64.. nothing yet on the sim support officer job, eh? I'm still waiting too...At this rate, I'll probably already have another job before they even tell me if I scored an interview or not... Oh well... it's all a big waiting game :)

VH-ALX 19th Dec 2012 12:13

Kiwi chick

Have completed the online tests today. I heeded your advice and had a calculator at the ready. It would have been tough without it. I am glad they are over and it was a relief to answer the final question and see the message on screen . . . . Assessment complete!

All that is left to do is wait.

Pauloswindon 19th Dec 2012 17:15

WhichWayIsNorth I am applying for the experienced controller positions. I am yet to receive the Xmas e-mail (maybe i'm out because i'm a POM). I thought you might be out after South Africa beat Australia in the cricket :-)
Does your application still say under review?

Anyway lets all enjoy Xmas and recommence in the New Year :-)

WhichWayIsNorth 19th Dec 2012 17:42

Haha, i also thought after the cricket they might just lose my application. Yes still says ''Application under review'' online but some peoples applications who applied very late near cutoff are still saying ''Application received''

phildan89 19th Dec 2012 18:05

I had my interview for the experienced controller positions the other day and they shed some light as to why it might be taking people a while to hear back-they've had over 200 applicants! Somehow I don't think they were expecting that many...

On that note as well, apparently I'm one of the younger ones that have applied and it seemed from what they were saying they're after people with more experience. :{ Ah well, I guess I'll find out in the new year!

Have a good christmas folks!!

VH-ALX 20th Dec 2012 00:45

Same time next year.
Unsuccessful on the online test ....... Disappointed yes, but try again this time next year. Best of luck to all in whatever stage you may be at ...... Happy Xmas to all.

stevep64 20th Dec 2012 02:25

Just got the email to say I was unsuccessful for the SSO job. I didn't fit the selection criteria apparently.

craigieburn 20th Dec 2012 02:35

Steve, I am not surprised at all by that. The blippies seem in some way to be like the docks of old, that is, there is no way that you will get a start unless you know/ are related to someone.
Seriously, how can they tell you that you don't fit the selection criteria to be a blippie, yet you fitted the selection criteria to be trained as an ATC?
One of the 2 criteria is clearly wrong.

jcr737 20th Dec 2012 04:48

SSO job
Hi Steve,

Me too. Didn't meet the criteria. HUH??? Aviation experience..check, work well in a small team..check, committed..check, proactive..check, communications skills..check, solution-focused..check. WTF??:ugh:

Friends in Airservices..:(

Merry Christmas to all.

kiwi chick 20th Dec 2012 06:03

Hey jcr737, steve64, canadiangal75... Dare I add my two cents worth? :bored:

Yes, OK, I will. :\

Firstly, Steve64 sorry to hear you didn't get it :{

We blip, as well as learn how to be controllers. The blipping side - at this stage of training - is almost as hard as the controlling side.

My aviation experience only helps with the phraseology. That's it.

The rest is as much manipulating a computer with a fairly modern software package as well as doing the "three-dimensional" or "spatial" thinking that they look for in controllers. Perhaps, if this was an area of your weakness, this might be why you weren't successful?

Canadiangal75 obviously I can't answer without seeing your feedback - and I don't for one moment profess to be an expert - but from my experience (living with an Air Traffic Controller for three years) there's quite a step up from Flight Data/Flight Service.

Flight Data/Service is the phase we're on at the moment, after three months of training. Once we get rated to do that, we still have another nine months of training to be controllers.

I guess my advice would be to find out where your weaknesses were, make them your strengths if you can, then give it everything you've got next time :) :ok:

Craigieburn, not so - I think you'll find a fair majority of the SSOs are ex trainees.

jcr737 20th Dec 2012 06:55

Two cents worth
Hi kiwichick,

Thanks you for your descriptive post re the SSO (blip) role. One question though, we received an email informing us of the outcome, other than a vague reference to not meeting the criteria for the role no other information was given, so where is it that we failed?

We cannot strengthen our supposed weakness without knowing what it may be. We did not get an interview, do any sort of test, receive feedback or any pointers to future endeavours. We applied wholeheartedly, believed we met the stated criteria and now are left wondering just what our perceived weakness is. As for Steve he is an ex-trainee. :confused:

As for feedback I attended an assessment day for trainee ATC in Brisbane on September 10th, was unsuccessful as I posted here back in November, am still waiting on the requested feedback.

I know you cannot answer for Airservices, just getting disappointment, again, off my chest. Good luck with your further training.

canadiangal75 20th Dec 2012 06:55

thanks for your input kiwichick... I'm not sure you know what a flight service specialist actually does in Canada... My training definitely was not only 3 months long. I sat in a tower and did vehicle control service, relayed clearances, issued advisory service...basically ask the pilot rather then tell him what to do, and you know what? that can be quite difficult when they decide they are going to not follow your instructions... Also do all weather obeservations, issue notams, deal with emergencies etc....Yes I realize it's not exactly the same, but, it is a little more similar than say someone who works in a telstra call centre, wouldn't you say?

Anyway, I haven't gotten the negative email for SSO as of yet, but expecting it shortly as my application now says application outcome.

stevep64 20th Dec 2012 07:09

it is a little more similar than say someone who works in a telstra call centre, wouldn't you say?
Haha! That's what I used to do :p

Duane 20th Dec 2012 09:02

Well to give you guys some idea, as far as I know, they only have 2 people in HR for controllers applying, 1 works part time and does experienced ATC's and the other person works full time and does ab initio.

As you can no doubt tell from the length of this thread, there are a lot of applicants, and not many people to process them. I myself applied Waaaaaay back in march, and only this week did I receive my formal offer (signed etc) thats a lot of time to screen, vet and assess someone that is already doing the job, but as I said there are only 2 people doing the job, and given they get somewhere in the vacinity of 4000 or so apps a year, testing interviews and finalising of contracts, job offers, travel and general liasing....well you can imagine that the HR ladies have their work cut out for them.

@kiwichick there is so much difference between flight data and controlling. previous aviation experience will help you immensely. knowledge of general aviation procedures, documents such as AIP, knowing acronyms etc just gives you that much more breathing room when you are learning to control, and people without that knowledge will struggle whilst learning what you already know, and at the same time trying to learn how to control at the same time.

kiwi chick 20th Dec 2012 10:48

@kiwichick there is so much difference between flight data and controlling
Duane, that is exactly the point I was making... I was referring to my aviation knowledge not helping with the SSO job, not in my position as a trainee controller :ok:

Canadiangal, everything you described is what they used to do in NZ, and is what we're doing at the moment. To the best of my knowledge, when we finish this module in a couple of weeks we will be rated as (equivalent) Flight Data/Flight Information officers and could technically go out and work in Class G airspace (as you said - asking the pilot instead of telling him). I didn't intend to offend you - if I have, I apologise.

jcr737, indeed, I definitely cannot answer for AirServices - I'm only trying to give some constructive advice from my point as a trainee. I understand your frustrations with not getting feedback, and I guess if I was in the same situation I'd keep asking until I got answers.

As Duane said, I understand they are very very busy with over 4,000 applicants per year. I don't envy them one bit :bored:

le Pingouin 20th Dec 2012 12:58

I suspect the Class G part leaves the trainees rather "underdone" because it's one area they consistently struggle with. But then I may not be a totally unbiased observer as I'm ex-flight service.

Way back when, the flight service course was six months and covered pretty much what canadiangal mentioned. These days it doesn't need to cover a lot of the stuff that's not specifically traffic related, but I think those extras provided more rounded training - better able to cope with the weird stuff you inevitably get in G. It built a broader base.

Hempy 20th Dec 2012 14:36

Pingouin....don't get me started!!

canadiangal75 20th Dec 2012 15:18

I accept your apology kiwichick.. you may not realize it, but you are still a trainee and have a lot to learn. Even when you will get licenced... Going off babbling saying you can do what someone else took 1 year of training to do within 3 months is extremely rude and disrespectful. especially when you have never done the actual job yourself.

As Le Pingouin said, and thank you very much for backing me up on this, your training is designed for air traffic controller, not FSS. Even if you think FSS are not worthy of anything, the work they do is a whole different challenge to being a controller.. You certainly get a lot of strange things in the job. Just the fact that you cannot tell the pilot what to do makes it a huge challenge. As a controller, you have a plan and you make it happen.. As a FSS, you have a plan and have to constantly change it as some pilots do not wish to land on the same runway as everyone else, they don't care about the 6 aircraft landing on runway 26, they want to land on runway 08!

Next time, think before giving your 2 cents, ok?

As for my feedback, I was on JCR's assessment day on September 10th in Brisbane and have yet to receive it. So I understand his frustration as I am in the same boat.

Just remember, just because you made it to the academy, does not guarantee a licence. So understand a lot of hard work is required.

Good luck everyone, no matter what stage you are at, and I think most of us agree that HR have a difficult task with the selection process because as the track record has proved, they are wrong about approximately 50% of the trainees they put through. That could mean that they may have been wrong about the ones they didn't put through.

The proof to my final statement is that some people get in the second time around and actually get licenced just as some people who get in the first time, don't get licenced.

VH-ALX 20th Dec 2012 20:51

Well said Candaiangal. In particular I agree with your HR comment about being wrong 50% of the time. I know that when I reapply next year I will put away thoughts of aviation related mathematics and study the financial times instead to see what company trends from year to year are. ....... :E

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