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cooldamir 10th Jan 2013 10:42

ATC Trainee interview on Monday
Hi guys, I will be attending an assessment centre on Monday and I gotta say I have no idea what my chances look like to get this position and I was hoping I could get some replies from hopefully both successful and unsuccessful applicants to let me know where they draw the line... Any advice or helpful preparation tips would be enormously appreciated!!!

j-mo 11th Jan 2013 04:49

Further agreeing with Hempy and Fuji, except less experience being rated (1 year), the more you know of your AIP the better, espeically when during a sim run or exam your instructor questions you about something and you are able to quote a reference explaining how you are doing it. Even now being rated, working at a 1-man tower I often read through the AIP during lull's, it is probably the most important document for us, along side MATS of course.

Also, once you are in field training, your OJTI will contstantly be asking you where a rule comes from or what the pilots should be doing and makes it alot easier if you are familiar with the documents.

stevep64 11th Jan 2013 05:24

You shouldn't need to pay for anything up front, the DAME and DAO will bill it all to Airservices. In fact, Airservices booked my DAME appointment for me. If there's any problems someone at Airservices will get in touch with the DAME/DAO to reassure them that they're footing the bill. The Medibank Health Solutions thing is for your drug and alcohol test and my DAME was able to do that as well.

If you do end up paying for it yourself, I think you're looking at about $700 all up.

thequestor2000 11th Jan 2013 21:47

Medical costs.
Things have changed a little bit Steve, we now pay for everything and get reimbursed when we start. Ruth, my costs came to a total of about $500.

cadetkid 12th Jan 2013 00:12

I paid for my things myself knowing I would be reimbursed because I had such a short time frame to get my medical and everything done before I started the course. By the time they rang and asked whether I had done the medical yet and offered to pay for it on their account it would have been too late for it all to be completed and get everything back from CASA.

Ruth, it depends on which doctor/DAO you go to, some are more expensive than the others. My costs came up to around $700, but Airservices had that paid back to me the week after I started without any issues.

Hempy 12th Jan 2013 06:16


They don't advertise it this way, but if you think of it like this it may help you understand where you are at (from the organisations perspective)

ASA consider that you have essentially applied to go to college for a year and study for a Tertiary qualification. Like any Tertiary courses it has entry requirements, and because the ATC course (Dip.Av.) is both vocational and federally regulated it has a medical as well as an aptitude/educational entry standard. They will meet your costs but they don't consider it their responsibility to organise anything.

ASA is not the ADF. You haven't been given a job so much as been given an opportunity to train for which you will get paid. After you pass the theoretical and practical competencies required to satisfy both the Diploma and Licensing regulations you will be offered permanent employment.

The course is hard...4-5/10 smart, fit people with aptitude either fail or withdraw. A lot of self motivation is required to get you through it because you WILL face personal challenges that will have you asking yourself what the hell you are doing there. Trainees draw that motivation from various places; love of aviation, the money, the uniqueness of the environment... whatever it is, if you don't have enough of it you will not succeed. ATC is a responsible job, you CAN kill people if you have a bad day...possibly a whole lot of them. Ask yourself if you have that motivation now, because if you don't you may as well stay at home.

747-438 18th Jan 2013 00:28

Hi Ruth, just wondering when did you attend the assessment day?
Thank you!

stevep64 22nd Jan 2013 02:53

So, only one move instead of two :ok:

Make sure you keep onto CASA about your medical. If you don't have it by your start date, they won't let you start.

alatron 22nd Jan 2013 05:46


I'm still waiting on the outcome from my assessment day the suspense is killing me!

airpac13 22nd Jan 2013 23:55

Pre-Employment Medicals
Hi, would anyone know of what would the Airservices Australia Pre-Employment Medical Check and Police Checks entail? This is in regards to positions (Support) other than ATC or ARFF. What type of tests would designated doctors carry out?

Need your help please....:)

stevep64 23rd Jan 2013 00:28

You'd have to ask someone at Airservices, Ruth.

alatron 29th Jan 2013 09:23

Just got my 'application outcome' email no ATC for my future it seems. Oh well, on to the next thing!

Thanks everyone here for the very useful information and supportive messages.


WhichWayIsNorth 29th Jan 2013 10:04

Anybody heard anything regarding the experienced ATC positions? My status online still says "Application under review" but i have had no communication.

left290 29th Jan 2013 10:38

I did the online tests mid december and haven't heard anything since for the experienced controller positions.

waxo 30th Jan 2013 08:21

Hey bud just to let you know. So far all the SA guys that I know off that applied has been rejected except one who had a connection that side. It's weird I'd say. Hope you come right mate. Let me know.

left290 30th Jan 2013 10:18

I know a few guys who have received the rejected email, my application still says "application under review".

Haven't heard if I passed the tests or not!

WhichWayIsNorth 30th Jan 2013 17:56

Thanks for the info waxo, that's very strange indeed.
I have yet to even do the online testing, I assume/hope they are processing the applications in the order received as I applied in the last week. I will let you know if there is any progress:ok:

phildan89 30th Jan 2013 18:42

Wow its taking a while for some people to hear back!!

I had my online testing and interview before christmas last year. At the time I was told to expect a call back in mid-february once the interview stage was complete. There were over 200 applicants for the experienced positions so it maaay take longer than they thought!

Here's hoping people hear back in the next month or so.

arnhem flyer 31st Jan 2013 00:42

Course dates 2013/2014
Hi All,

first post in this forum! Thinking of making the switch from flying to ATC. Does anybody know what the course dates are for 2013/2014? not saying ill actually get on but I need to see out my contract and dont want to get ahead of myself...

CanuckInOz 31st Jan 2013 05:50

For those that are starting the course in February and asked about accommodation, there is a room for rent in the house that I am in. You'd be sharing with me currently 3 months into the academy and a professional female who works in the city.

Anyone who is interested feel free to PM me. Rent is $120/wk +bills but, bills arent very much and the house is kitted out pretty nicely. Suburb is Westmeadows, quiet and a 10-15 min drive to college.


skyfall78 31st Jan 2013 16:12

no news at all... still waiting

Tom 86 1st Feb 2013 05:39

Movement Monitors
Has anyone had any feedback as yet regarding these positions?

WhichWayIsNorth 1st Feb 2013 07:46

Nope.... Some have done online testing and telephone interviews and others have heard nothing yet...... (Apologies, i see you are asking for the movement monitor positions, have no idea about those)

jcr737 2nd Feb 2013 05:50

Movement Monitor
Hi Tom 86,

I received an email form Airservices on 21 January as per below:

Thank you for your application to the Movement Monitor roles.

Due to the holiday period the evaluation process has been delayed.

The applications are currently being shortlisted.

We appreciate your patience and we will be in contact shortly.

Kind Regards,

National Recruitment Team

Hope this helps.

sunnySA 4th Feb 2013 06:04

Some have done online testing and telephone interviews and others have heard nothing yet.
I understand that a dozen or so interviews will be conducted over the next couple of weeks so I'd guess those applicants have been contacted.

Tom 86 4th Feb 2013 06:33

Movement Monitors
Thanks jcr737

Same message rcvd by me, nothing heard since then.

jcr737 4th Feb 2013 06:45

Movement Monitors

Same here. Fingers crossed something soon. :)

Elias.K 5th Feb 2013 03:21

Tower or Enroute??
hi everyone,

I am in the process of completing my application for ATC. One question i didn't expect at this stage is whether I would prefer a role as a Tower or Enroute controller. I am aware of what the differences of the roles are, but I haven't been able to find much info on which role is more enjoyable. Has anyone had any experience on both to shed some light please?

le Pingouin 5th Feb 2013 13:06

I've only worked en-route but I don't think you can really say one is "better" or "more enjoyable" - it comes down to personal choice. And that's why there is no info. Which is better, shiraz or stout?

Some points to ponder:-

You aren't locked into one or the other for the rest of your career. A bit of extra training and you're ready to change streams. No guarantee you'll get your preference or you might opt to take the next available course regardless.

With en-route you're choices are Melbourne or Brisbane (plus approach units), but then you can get a change of scene by moving between groups in the same centre.

With tower your choices for location are more varied, although that does mean you could end up being sent to any one of 27 towers. And if you want a change of scene it could mean moving a considerable distance.

Controlling a primary capital city tower is very different to controlling a procedural tower, which is very different to controlling a GAAP tower, but they're all tower controllers.

Controlling arrivals is very different to controlling a large procedural or oceanic sector, which is very different to controlling low level sectors, but they're all en-route controllers.

Each has it's good and bad points, challenges and rewards. But what those actually are comes down to each individual controller.

Nookie2nite 5th Feb 2013 14:48

no online test for experienced ATC
A mate of mine received an email today stating he did not make the short list...thanks for applying....didn't even get to online testing :eek:

le Pingouin 5th Feb 2013 15:33

For better or worse Australia can be quite particular about who it lets in to work. If you don't meet those criteria no amount of suitability for the job will help. Not saying this was the case with your mate but it's a possibility.

Elias.K 6th Feb 2013 00:07

Hi le Pingouin, thanks for your take up. You make some good points. I suppose in either there is scope for a change of scenery which is good to know.
I know that with enroute you're locked into one location for the first 5 years. Would you know with tower controlers how long people wait to be transfered to a preffered tower? Im guessing this may be a 'how long is a piece of string' type question, what have you seen in your experience?

In_Transit 6th Feb 2013 03:23

You'll still be looking at 5 years. And then to be able to move on, there has to be enough other controllers at that tower for you to be released. I also work en-route and love it. I guess one of the other big differences is, with enroute there's a good chance you'll never see the planes you work with. I'm lucky that I do arrivals into Melbourne so I can sometimes see my sequences come in to land.

Silicon 6th Feb 2013 13:27

hey guys,
I have received an email yesterday, about the experienced controller which told me that I have not meet ASA's requirement.
I have working as a tower controller at an airport which has 700+ landing and take-off, using Euro-cat, 4 years working experience.
And I just wandering, why not even let me attend to online test?

Nookie2nite 6th Feb 2013 13:49

Silicon r u a saffer?

Just curious.....

waxo 6th Feb 2013 13:55

Airservices Australia Psychometric Testing
Silicon I have 13 years working experience and worked at various airports that use eurocat and that are busy. I have a commercial pilots license and an instructor rating for both jobs and 600 flying hours. And I also didn't get it. I suppose with so many applicants for not that many posts they can pick and choose as they want hey! Sorry to hear hey. Maybe next time!

arthurlee880806 6th Feb 2013 14:54

Medical Class 3
Hi all!
I've just recently applied for the Air Traffic Controller.

Should I wait for them to inform me to get the Class 3 Medical Certificate or I should just get one first just so it doesn't delay any other application?

And can anyone let me know what is my next step after the application lodged.

Thanks :)

CanuckInOz 7th Feb 2013 05:59

ArthurLee- I'd go back through this forum and have a read. Its been asked and answered pretty recently.

skyfall78 7th Feb 2013 08:33

the same email i got today mate....:O i thought that they'll give us a chance to get the online test. but i wonder that the quota been enough at the moment.:ugh:

Nookie2nite 14th Feb 2013 03:08

Skyfall....check ur mail over next few days...they have come back again and offered tests to my mate who was previously told he didn't make the short list....maybe just tidying up? Good luck!

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