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HH6702 22nd Sep 2021 20:53

Could we be about to see TK launching from NCL ?

jensdad 23rd Sep 2021 18:41

I wouldn't know. Do you know something we don't? It would be a strange move at this moment in time. What are their passenger figures from Edinburgh and Manchester like these days?

SWBKCB 23rd Sep 2021 19:06

From the Turkish Airlines website - cock-up or...

Turkish Airlines flies to five different locations in United Kingdom: Edinburgh, Birmingham, London (two different airports), Manchester and Newcastle.

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) is regarded as the busiest airport serving in United Kingdom with the number of 76 million passengers per year. The second busiest airport is Gatwick Airport (LGW) which is also in London, serving to 43 million passengers each year. Manchester Airport (MAN) reaches the annual passenger number of 23 million as the third busiest airport countrywide.

Direct flights by Turkish Airlines from Istanbul Airport (IST) take four to four and a half hours in average. The points of destination vary as Birmingham Airport (BHX), London Gatwick Airport (LGW), London Heathrow Airport (LHR), Manchester Airport (MAN) and Newcastle International Airport (NCL).

Jamesair1 25th Sep 2021 16:20

I wonder if Easyjet basing more aircraft at PALMA, MALAGA and FARO in 2022 might mean a re-introduction of flights to any of these destinations from NCL next year. .... any rumours been heard?

LiamNCL 30th Sep 2021 15:30

Seem to be starting ORY-NCL from 04/11/21

VY8146 ORY-NCL 0655-0730 Thu & Sun
VY8147 NCL-ORY 0815-1100 Thu & Sun

ukchris82 1st Oct 2021 09:24

Wonder how AF will react to a direct competitor to Paris.

Would much prefer to keep AF for connections.

ash666 1st Oct 2021 09:41

At a guess I would say AF are more reliable and more likely that the NCL-Paris and Paris-anywhere could be ticketed together.
More connections at CDG I would also guess.

ukchris82 1st Oct 2021 09:43

I agree.
Wonder what the thinking behind veuling is to launch this route?

CabinCrewe 1st Oct 2021 09:48

If the Vueling numbers /fares are good and they increase frequency, AF I suspect would ditch. How many are using AF to connect over CDG that couldn't go to AMS?
VY have a habit of not sticking with routes for any length of time and often donít compete well so very early days to worry about AF dropping.

SWBKCB 1st Oct 2021 10:07

EZY competed with AF on CDG for many years. There's a whole raft of UK flights being launched by VY from ORY at short notice, looks a bit odd with no announcements from airports at the UK end

fl dutchman 1st Oct 2021 10:15

I believe it may be something to do with slots AF have had to give up.

Derry321 1st Oct 2021 10:42

Worse than useless for a weekend city break UK-Paris - 0655 from ORY would mean leaving your hotel in Central Paris at 03:30 more or less.
I can't see the French leisure market being too keen on a 06:15 check in either.
New routes are great but genuinely can not see this lasting

SWBKCB 1st Oct 2021 10:46

The Orly departure board would suggest otherwise.

GrahamK 1st Oct 2021 15:57

Can't see Vueling causing AF much threat. AF has been strong at NCL for for few years, heck NCL even sees more frequency than EDI, and was due to go double daily mainline + 1 Daily Hop pre covid.

HH6702 2nd Oct 2021 16:44

Shall we be seeing more from Easyjet next week

extra aircraft for Summer 2022 being based at


all the above routes were busy

SWBKCB 2nd Oct 2021 17:27

Presumably next summer rather than next week! :ok:

Haven't Jet2 and RYR picked up any slack? If they were that profitable (rather than busy), couldn't they have been served in reverse since the base closing like BFS and BRS - and with BFS and BRS weren't these the majority of the NCL based operation?

GBYAJ 2nd Oct 2021 17:47

you might be right but given they shut the base after the first lockdown in hindsight it was probably a wise move given how the last year has panned out. If they did start again in 2022 the travelling public probably won’t have missed them given very few have travelled over the 2 years.

while it was great that EZY were the first low cost carrier at NCL, is EZy the right operator for Ncl on these routes? it was quite poor how ultimately they couldn’t defend their position and were beaten back to an also ran by an operator that started a route to murcia to fill the daytime gap in its 737qc freight schedule…

ukchris82 10th Oct 2021 18:35

Interesting that AF dosn't list NCL as a destination on their website for UK cities.

Unfortunately I can't post a URL in the post.

SWBKCB 10th Oct 2021 19:00

AF don't list other Hop destinations like Birmingham

tigertanaka 10th Oct 2021 19:03

I would not panic just yet, it doesn't show MAN or BHX either.

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