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EI-BUD 10th Nov 2014 19:13

The G-BUS* aircraft were turned into cans long ago.


Even G Bush?? :ok:

Flying Wild 10th Nov 2014 19:32

-300s to be around for some time yet as there are a few more having winglets added over this winter.

HOODED 10th Nov 2014 20:11

Those G-BUS* A320s were very early birds -100s if I'm not mistaken. The early aircraft had corrosion issues I believe so if they are looking at A320s they really need to be looking for cheap ones around the MSN 1000-2000 mark. The ones currently being built are in the 6000-7000 range.
They would also have to make a decision on which engines to go for too, as the CFM they have plenty of experience of is not great on the A321 should they decide to replace the 757s with them in the future. Unless they can get a deal from airbus on some traded in A320s I think they'd be better going for more 73NGs. As much as I prefer to fly on the Airbus over the Boeing and think it is a superior aircraft an most departments their experience on Boeing and the fact that they are already purchasing a fair few 738s means it would make much more sense to stick with the type.

EK77WNCL 11th Nov 2014 01:25

In 10 years I think Jet2's fleet will probably look something like:
Majority 737 800's, 20-30+
A few less 757's than now, but still 8-ish
Substantial fleet of 737 300's, specifically QC and wingletted, 10-15
Large fleet of either 737 700's or A319's, 10-20
Subfleet of A330 200/300's, 4-6

Probably around 75 aircraft in the fleet

738's are flexible, they can operate city routes, sun routes and longer routes and are the perfect size for LS' operations, they make more sense than the -700's however...
If LS want to keep up the cargo, I believe there is a 737 700QC? But not 800, so unless they struck a deal with Boeing to do some 800QC's for them then LS will run the 733's into the ground and will be more likely to go for the -700QC despite the A319 probably making more sense... I don't think Airbus will be in the market for converting 5 or so to A319QC's
757's will be a real problem to replace for Jet2, A321's are the obvious option but the older A321's which Jet2 would be buying couldn't do the canaries from NCL, LBA and would probably struggle from GLA too... I think we'll see at least 1 LS 757 flying around somewhere in 2030.
A330's will be used mainly on routes that used to be operated by 757's but with a reduced frequency and probably alongside 738's, probably for SFB and CUN as well.

Wish LS the best of luck, I'm sure they know what they're doing

Sean Dillon 11th Nov 2014 03:14

Is that so...biggest load of rubbish ever! If the company is still around in 2030 I'll be gobsmacked! But you gave us all a giggle though thanks!

bluepilot 11th Nov 2014 04:56

Sean dillon, is that so? Well you did not make me giggle! Is there something you know that we do not? Slow controlled expansion with constant good profits, I would be gobsmacked if you had a clue what you were talking about.

SWBKCB 11th Nov 2014 05:43

The 737-700QC is a very niche aircraft (Aramco, US Navy?) and isn't going to be coming Jet2's anytime soon - don't think there is a conversion programme?

easyflyer83 11th Nov 2014 07:19

There was a lot of pie in the sky assumption and wild speculation at best. Let's be honest.

ciampino 11th Nov 2014 09:14

You need to go back to the roundabout man, keep dreaming.

EK77WNCL 11th Nov 2014 12:34

Sean I was going to be polite... But then I couldn't think of any polite words, so I'll say this instead:

"In 10 years I think"

BFS Dude 12th Nov 2014 23:45

Any idea when Jet2 will release their 2015/16 winter flights? Think it was around this time last year they put 2014/15 flights on sale. Thanks.. :)

EK77WNCL 29th Nov 2014 20:03

Please no flaming down, just trying to start a discussion....

I was wondering, what with the success of LS' EWR flights is there any chance that they could do anything else with their 757's?

Mainly I was thinking, is there any way that the Pakistan government would allow them to pick up the LBA-ISB route with a few weekly 757's? Or even one of these dastardly A330's they may or may not get one day.

The other two possibilities I thought of are:
- Could they make 3/4 night shopping trips to Dubai work? Operating into DWC or SHJ?
- Could they strike up an agreement with Canadian affair (or do it in house) and restart Toronto flights from places like Newcastle and Leeds.

Some may think the lack of premium class/entertainment etc. Could be a stumbling block, but of the above mentioned I can't think of any where there would be REAL demand for premium, if people wanted premium service vs low cost and BoB etc. They could use another airport/airline.

Finally, I promise... What's next? Tunisia is back, could we see Egypt come back? Bulgaria seems to be a hole in their network, a gradual creep into Morocco and Iceland could work for them, I think the Greek islands still have a little more to give long term and some potential (quite specific) oddballs, Cape Verde, Lisbon, Madrid, Bilbao, Athens, Naples, Sicily, Istanbul, La Palma and the return of Valencia . I think Israel is gone for good.

Quite a wide range but some such as Bulgaria, Istanbul, Sicily, Madrid, Naples and Lisbon could be pretty much network wide hits, Valencia, La Palma and Bilbao would probably work from MAN, GLA, LBA possibly EMA and NCL, Cape Verde I can see being MAN, although GLA no longer has a service since TOM pulled and I'd like to see them offered from NCL but I don't know if the North East has enough high end potential customers.

And to bring back some past rumours:
- What's happening with the 737 700's they were looking at?
- 767's seem off the cards, A330's could be on
- Aberdeen and Liverpool bases?

And a personal question, how would Coventry work for them? I sense it would be foolish to ask about MME, with NCL and LBA in such close proximity I don't think they would be interested. Same with DSA and LBA/MAN

Anyway, I hope this may start some friendly discussion, please be open minded, I'm confident Jet2 and jet2 holidays have a bright future.

AIRPORT66 29th Nov 2014 22:26

A lot of these destinations would work well from Bfs you forgot to mention that base jet2 do very well from there.

EK77WNCL 29th Nov 2014 23:13

Yeah I was thinking of some from BFS when I said network wide. BFS is one of the smaller bases but it seems to do ok for itself.

I could probably see Bulgaria, Madrid, Naples from BFS, along with some of the further afield ones like Greece and Turkey which there is quite a distinct lack of. Maybe New York for next year from Belfast?

mikkie4 30th Nov 2014 00:09


EK77WNCL 30th Nov 2014 01:13

LS doesn't have the brand awareness down south that it does up north, Jet2 is a household name up here and does/did pride itself on serving the north, even if it does have bases in Manchester and East Midlands. And going up against Easyjet on their turf would be very silly of them. Easyjet must have close to 100 aircraft based at the London airports.

SWBKCB 30th Nov 2014 06:58

pride itself on serving the north, even if it does have bases in Manchester
Manchester not in the north - you looking to start a fight?? ;)

And you've suggested Coventry? Does it have the infrastructure? Also, re MME, don't think Peel would be interested unless it was a base rather than the odd flight

EK77WNCL 30th Nov 2014 18:00

I'm not sure if CVT still has it's temporary terminal but if it does I assume that could be used? I'm sure permission was granted to build a permanent one but I don't know if Jet2 would be willing to take on another Blackpool-esque job. Same with MME, I agree a base would be necessary and even then they would probably turn down a one aircraft base. What were Bmibaby and Flyglobespan's routes and how did they do? Not that I can see it though unfortunately, unless they could ensure NCL and LBA wouldn't lose out.

Anyway Coventry is way way way too far south for Jet2 to serve!!! ;)

Flying.Penguin 30th Nov 2014 19:19

What about LS at CWL?

EK77WNCL 30th Nov 2014 19:49

Same problem as SEN and their LGW failure

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