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fa2fi 21st Feb 2013 09:04

I'd happily put up with the lack of IFE and the seats. Anything is better than having to change planes and faff about. Besides most people have a personal means of playing media through their phones or tablets. And the return flight is overnight where I would be sleeping and not watching anything. I for one think its well worth it.

Flying Wild 21st Feb 2013 15:50

Originally Posted by purplehelmet (Post 7706855)
i thought jet2 had IFE on some of the longer routes? for a fee they had a small screen that hooked onto the seat in front. think it was 10 per flight.

The IFE devices have been removed from service due to poor uptime and serviceability from the kit.

purplehelmet 21st Feb 2013 16:36

The IFE devices have been removed from service due to poor uptime and serviceability from the kit.
http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ser_online.gifhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ons/report.gif thanks for the update.

GayFriendly 21st Feb 2013 16:51

Oh dear, no on-demand entertainment for a 7 hour flight to JFK. The world ends. Of course, each to their own but I pity those who can't manage a few hours without needing to watch some Hollywood drivel or playing repetitive computer games. Whatever happened to reading a book, listening to music or shock, horror talking to the person next to you.....I would agree with comments made about the food though, after my last Jet2 'meal' I now take my own on board. i'm sure Jet2 will do well with these flights, lack of IFE and bad food notwithstanding

Charlie98 4th Mar 2013 17:06

Boeing 757 gasper vents
Do Jet2's 757 fleet have gasper vents? I've got to fly with them this summer and I do like to have some air flowing towards me, to be honest ill be lucky if I don't get a 16 hour delay :yuk:;)

Drive4it 4th Mar 2013 18:18

Banjul - The Gambia

Anyone know of Jet2 flying into Banjul The Gambia as of Winter 2013/14?

I would imagine to possibly replace TCX.


goldeneye 4th Mar 2013 18:58

TCX are not dropping BJL, flights are almost always full and is quite a moneymaker.

Maybe LS wants to get in on the action, or could be ad-hoc for someone like the Gamiba Experience.

Drive4it 4th Mar 2013 19:39

Would be great to see LS give addition to Gambia, and possibly a few different UK departure points.

righthandrule 5th Mar 2013 09:14

Banjul has been rumoured to be a new winter destination to keep the 757's busy but nothing has been officially announced.

Just an FYI, summer aircraft based as follows;

LBA - 4x 757, 8x 737-300, 1x 737-800
MAN - 4x 757, 4x 737-300, 5x 737-800
NCL - 2x 757, 4x 737-300
EMA - 1x 757, 2x 737-300, 1x 737-800
GLA - 1x 757, 1x 737-300, 2x 737-800
EDI - 5x 737-300
BFS - 2x 737-300
EMA - 2x 737-300
ALC - 2x 737-300

Total 51 aircraft. This includes 1x Titan 757 (MAN) and 2x Travel Service 737-800's (MAN & EMA) along the following standby aircraft.

LBA 1x 757 & 1x 737-300
MAN 1x 757 & 1x 737-800
ALC 1x 737-300

757 Speedbrakes 5th Mar 2013 10:11


Yes, the 757 has 'gasper' vents overhead as well as vent panels on the floor.

The APU will need to be running with at least one air conditioning pack on - but if you're somewhere warm, it will be.

They are switched off during engine start as the air is required to spin the engines up. Always makes me smile when I'm sat in the back and all the pax start fiddling with the gaspers during engine start and start complaining (whiney voice)'my blower doesn't work....'

As for a 16 hr delay, you'd be extremely unlucky. I can assure you if it starts getting towards a 2 hr delay that looks like it could go to 3 hrs, the airline will be doing everything it can. Of course I should say, in fairness, the airlines do try hard not to have any delays at all........

Johnny [email protected] Pants 5th Mar 2013 11:19

Right Hand Man
You appear to list EMA twice my friend, suspect the 2nd time it is listed should be BLK, not EMA:ok:

ematom1 5th Mar 2013 11:28

Isn't ema 2 737-800's and 1 737-300?

jethro15 5th Mar 2013 12:17

With the arrival of outstanding a/c, and including the three leased additions, shouldn't the fleet total 53 for the summer?

Charlie98 5th Mar 2013 15:24

Thanks 757, I know the 752 quite well as for start up etc and I've probably been a bit critical of Jet2, thanks again though

dwshimoda 6th Mar 2013 02:39

757SB / Charlie98...
...though there is one airframe (AD I think) which doesn't have gasper vents. All the others do.

Charlie98, as 757SB alluded to, Jet2.com are probably one of the airlines least likely to experience big delays!


righthandrule 6th Mar 2013 21:37

Johnny [email protected] Pants - well spotted, it was BLK not EMA!

jethro15 - fleet is 51 (52 including the freighter)

757 - AA AB AC AD AE AG AH AI AJ AK AN & Titan (11)

737-800 - FC FD FF FJ FP FR FV & 2x Travel Service (9)


I think this summer Jet2 will be one of the most punctual airlines in the UK, last year only one standby 757 which was usually the one that was due maintenance at the particular time and consequently not able to actually act as standby. This year 5 standby aircraft, two based in ALC to bring back any stranded flights. No more putting 230 people up in a hotel cos of a tech delay, those ALC 737's will be hopping all over to bring holidaymakers home.

The96er 6th Mar 2013 21:46

I think this summer Jet2 will be one of the most punctual airlines in the UK
Jet2 have struggled all winter on a daily basis with tech delays, from MAN at least. Even with spare A/C and crews on standby, I don't think that will have much impact on what will almost certainly be a punishing summer schedule.

goldeneye 6th Mar 2013 22:11

I take it the ALC base is to help minimise EU261 claims.

TSR2 6th Mar 2013 23:51

I think this summer Jet2 will be one of the most punctual airlines in the UK
Looking at the punctuality stats for 2012, there is no doubt that Jet2 punctuality was greatly improved compared with previous years. However, they still only made 5th position out of 6 UK Low-cost Airlines. It should also be noted that the Jet2 stats are based on analysis of only 53% of their flights, so their overall final ranking could well go up or down.

Still a long way to go but heading in the right direction.

JO27 7th Mar 2013 07:03

Jethro is right. Fleet is 53 for S13. Including the Titan, there are 12 752s, plus the 9 738s and 32 733s (including freighter 'LW)

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