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Check Mags On 25th Oct 2014 14:37

Runway 01 at Dalaman is not a VOR/DME approach it is an ILS.
Runway 19 has a very tricky approach and there are many airlines, mine included that will not allow night landings on 19.
If it is night and the tailwind is as it was the other night 22 knots gusting 34 knots, you are not getting in.

Cloud1 25th Oct 2014 15:55

The weather has been bad for the last 2 days - both TOM and ZB have been diverting to BJV, AYT and even RHO. With a varied mix of aircraft does this now put to bed the debate about aircraft ages and why it is perceived as only Jet2 diverting.

alasdair1 25th Oct 2014 16:32

When we were their i was told its a kavack1G vor/dme visual approach on to r-way 01 by the captain or radar vectors ive recently baught a jeppsen dalaman book with approach plates very interesting.
bjv has the same i frequent these airports alot bjv with the high ground on the approach to r-way 10 ,
which airline do you fly for?
I do love the hard landings in turkey due to the.difficulties you mention also the kekik 1 uniform dep from dlm is fab the tight turn after take off steep climbs due to high ground its fab.
Just wouldnt like the 4hr transfer to bjv from dlm,I have done twin center fly dlm back from bjv to visit both marmaris and turgutreis nr bodrum
I fully accept the weather was bad ,
Just some crews felt safe to fly though the weather my fiancees freind arrived early hrs this morn with tcx from dlm to abz it was bumpy going up but that was all.

I am however interested in these airports emensly collectingpax figures for my private study on the aviation movements from ema,gla,ncl,abz&edi its for my own information only and ls are doing well as the figures are going just wish i could get individual pax numbers per sector if anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated
Finaly will the pax diverted be classed as gla-bjv or gla-dlm and or bjv-gla,dlm-gla?
and ema vise versa ?

Hogg 25th Oct 2014 17:04

Alasdair, its already been explained to you by Check Mags On.
And Ive also operated very frequently into those airports myself.

Im having difficulty understanding what your waffling on about.
Crews do use their expertise and are very aware of safety and commercial demands.

End off.


CabinCrewe 25th Oct 2014 18:35

yip time to muzzle the waffle

DADDY-OH! 25th Oct 2014 19:04

Me thinks Alasdair1 is an armchair PC Pilot.

JonnyH 25th Oct 2014 19:41

Embarrassing. :ugh:

silverknapper 25th Oct 2014 21:15

Not the foggiest!!!

alasdair1 26th Oct 2014 01:18

Dear all,
Will the A330 opperate to greece,turkey etc
Is this a new era for Exs/Ls flying airbuses ?
Does anyone know if their is any truth in a titan A320 at Gla next summer?
Kind regards

EK77WNCL 26th Oct 2014 01:57

More than likely
Why not?

I came to ask if there has been any more about LS getting the MON 757? That's gone a bit quiet and there's nowt on Jethros.

Sean Dillon 26th Oct 2014 05:11

It's such a pity to see PPRuNe invaded by these "spotters"...what complete tosh!

If the A330 was going to SFB next year, I'm sure those holidays would now be on sale! The company are not interested in anymore aged B757's, the Monarch 757 rumour is just written about on here by yet another spotter!

But you spotters should keep a look out for the new registrations across the fleet...coming soon!

Lord Spandex Masher 26th Oct 2014 06:20

Will the A330 opperate to greece,turkey etc - No

Is this a new era for Exs/Ls flying airbuses ? Slim chance, I hope not

Does anyone know if their is any truth in a titan A320 at Gla next summer? Yes, I'm pretty sure somebody knows

ericlday 26th Oct 2014 10:11

Surely its now time for thread in Spotters Corner for Jet2

pallan 26th Oct 2014 20:58

I agree ericlday, along with one for NCL and TCX would be useful:ugh:

jet2impress 28th Oct 2014 14:05

A quick browse over the history of Jet2 and you'll see this isn't the first time they've operated wide body airbus aircraft.

Mr Angry from Purley 28th Oct 2014 14:30

Yeah but the commercial difference to flying a A330 vv A300B4 freighter are i suggest a little bit different.........:\

Fox Four 28th Oct 2014 15:58

Low cost carriers / more risk to passengers?

Incidents for airline Jet2 | AeroInside

Friendly low fares, but at what cost?

janeyTA 28th Oct 2014 16:15

So you're saying lowcost carriers put passengers lives at risk, and that non lowcost carriers don't have any incidents/accidents?

fa2fi 28th Oct 2014 16:17

It would be interesting to see a comparison to a network carrier. That Wordpress blogblog is clearly anti LCC as with anything you can manipulate results and data to back your opinion. The aeroinside web page is a little more balanced but have a look at the incidents and all airlines have their fair share of them. Take a look at AvHerald and you will not see any correlation between LS and it having a higher than average rate of incidents.

Incidents of varying natures happen every day sometimes involving a full service airline, sometimes a LCC, sometimes an airline with aircraft of a certain vintage, and sometimes with brand new aircraft. Things happen. LS are an extremely safe airline, and I wouldn't hesitate to fly them.

LAX_LHR 28th Oct 2014 16:20

Take a look at AvHerald

It looks like the Aeroinside article is a copy and paste from AvHerald, so already highly selective in reporting.

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